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Chapter Three: Tala's claim

Immediately, Kai pulled out of Damian's shocked grip and straightened his clothing.

Tala scrutinised the situation.

"So, i see you've been...busy...with Dranzer, Kai." He raised a brow and took a glance at the black-clad bit-beast morph to Kai's right.

Damian snarled in an outright feral manner and glared at the obvioulsy amused wolf.

"How dare you call me Dranzer!" Damian scowled as Kai stealthily made his escape...ofcourse, not without Tala noticing. Damian, meanwhile, was too busy glaring at the new guest in the Kinomiya domain.

"Damian, you're really annoying me and Wolborg," A bored, drawling voice came from the now-open living room door and Gabriel nodded in greeting to Tala...who, strange as it sounds, smiled in return.

Muttering obscenities under his breath, Damian stalked past Gabriel and into Kenny...who shrieked and fainted...under the wide-eyes of the blade-breakers...bar one.

Gabriel silently closed the living room door.

"Oh, Kai..." Tala all but sang as he loped in a very wolven style up the hallway, towards the bedroom of his old teammate.

Silently, Tala pushed the door open and stared at the sight on the bed. Kai...bar his top...and arm protectors...and scarf, laying on his front on the bed, seeing to a claw wound left by Damian on his shoulder.

"Oh, poor, baby" Tala grinned as Kai's head snapped up and eyes widened marginally. "Did the bad, bad birdie hurt the poor little cub?"

The bluenet gulped as Tala advanced on him predatorily, but he still managed a smirking reply as he sat up.

"Since when was I the cub, Tala."He chuckled nervously a little, but none of these words reached the stalking wolf as his eyes roamed over Kai, imagining what fun it would be just to...take him.

Kai watched his old teammate warily, heart thumping loudly in his chest as he watched the gleam in Tala's eye grow as barely visible fangs were licked with a playful tongue.

"Kai," Tala growled lustfully, finally crawling onto the bed and pushing an unstruggling sin-eyed 16-year-old to lay on his back as he planted a butterfly kiss to the corner of Kai's rosebud lips.

With a shuddering breath, Kai looked into the eyes of his oldest companion and near-gasped at the wild and...wolf-like shine in his amazingly ice-blue eyes.

"Tala...w-what are y-y-you doing here?" Kai wondered aloud, shiving when the wolf licked his neck in a long, luxurious tease.

"I've come to claim what was mine from the beginning..."He smirked, eyes dancing over Kai's, then a sudden darkness shot through his eyes and he began to mutter angrily "how dare that ugly bird think he can take what is mine...Wolborg knew...Dranzer knew...Black Dranzer shouldnt have come...hes mine..."

Kai watched him curiously, suddenly noticing the light dimming through the window, till suddenly, the wolf began to laugh hysterically, sitting back on his haunches, grinning madly and revealing elongated fangs, his face splitting with that much more animalistic quality that Kai began to scoot away, eyes wider at his friend when suddenly black eyes turned on him.

"You're mine, aren't you, Kai? You'll tell him, won't you,cub?" Tala was suddenly anxious his voice strange and unreal to Kai, crawling faster towards the bluenet as he scooted off the edge of the bed, and, in horror, tore for the door.

His heart beat increased in panic when the doorknob wouldnt budge.

"Kai..." the voice was purred in Kai's ear and it sounded like nothing Tala would say...the bluenet froze.

With a gasp of pain, a bunch of his hair was used to wrench Kai's head to the side, leaving the silky smooth, china-white skin of Kai's neck visible to the creature behind as it's claws raked up Kai's hip bone teasingly.

"You're mine, aren't you, Kai? " The creature hissed once again, licking Kai's neck and making the young bishounen melt into the creature behind him.

"Good...I love you, Kai..." With that, Kai screamed in pain as a pair of hypidermic needle length incisors crashed into his neck.

With a shudder, Kai's kneese buckled and the young teen feel to the floor...in a puddle of leaking black blood.

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