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Slavery's Mind

Introduction: The Highest Bidder

"So remind me why we have to explore this planet when there are so many more out there that are so much more interesting and-"

Rose cut him off. "Less embarrassing?"

They had arrived on the planet Cherush after the Doctor had set the controls of the TARDIS wrong- again. When he had realised his mistake it had been too late. Rose wanted to explore and insisted that they both try to blend in with the local colour.

Cherush was just another colony of humans but their civilization had, in the Doctor's view, gone drastically downhill. Women ruled the planet and men were bought and sold as slaves.

However there did appear to be something good from the governing of this particular planet. There hadn't been any wars in over one thousand years and everyone seemed happy with their lot, even the majority of the men.

Everyone, it seemed, except the Doctor.

He was no longer wearing his suit and converses but instead the local slave dress code, which consisted of not much more than something that looked suspiciously like a rusty red skirt- a short skirt at that! He was considerably glad that Cherush had no winter, or any season other than summer, for that matter. Around his waist was the belt-pouch that Rose had made for his sonic screwdriver during their time in Rome, and, tucked between the belt-pouch and his bare skin, was the physic paper.

Rose, on the other hand, wore a long, heavy golden, sleeveless gown and sandals, and was laden with jewels provided by the TARDIS's wardrobe. In her hand was a riding crop that was carried by all women here to beat disobedient slaves.

Although the Cherushians had opted for a less high-tech approach to life than most planets they had visited, the women were prepared for anything. They had strapped stun collars around their slaves necks and wore the counterparts on their wrists as silver bangles. Should a slave wonder too far away, all it took was for them to click the bangles on each wrist together and a rather uncomfortable measure of electricity would dart through the collar on the slave. Both the Doctor and Rose wore these respectively, although they had been deactivated.

"Well, can we at least get away from the market place?" The Doctor hissed nervously. "I swear, you're going to get an offer from one of the women here that you can't refuse and it'll be 'Bye bye Doctor, hello enough riches and jewels to live on for the rest of your life, and then some!'" He paused for breath, then a thought stuck him. "Or chocolate! A life-time supply of chocolate! I know what you women are like when it comes to chocolate! You'd do anything for it! Even sell your best friend!" He glared accusingly at Rose as she tried to contain her giggles.

"I'm not going to-" She had been about to say, 'sell you,' but the eighth wealthy-looking woman that day began to approach them accompanied by not just one, but a troop of slaves, and Rose had to cover herself loudly, "listen to your moaning, slave!" She hit him softly, yet convincingly, with the cane in her hand.

"Excuse me ma'am."

'Here we go again,' thought Rose to herself as the woman addressed her.

"Yes, Madam…?" Rose asked as politely as she could. It was fun, watching the Doctor squirm as women tried to tempt Rose into selling him, but it got tiring after a few hours.

"Lady Ardeth," the woman replied haughtily. She was a lot snobbier than the other women who had tried to trade for the Doctor. "How much would you sell your slave for?"

'Straight to the point. Unusual,' thought Rose. Most women had tried to butter her up first.

"He's not for sale," Roses reply was blunt- she was getting sick of this. It had been funny at first- hilariously so. Now it was just the same old routine.

Lady Ardeth sniffed conceitedly then plastered an incredibly obvious fake smile on her face. "You must be new around this area. What's your name?"

The Doctor shifted slightly beside Rose and she glanced quickly at him. She could tell that she wasn't the only person who didn't trust Ardeth.

Rose smirked, "Dame Rose Tyler," she said, using the title given to her by Queen Victoria- before she had been banished. "And yes, we're just passing through town," she sniffed, mimicking Ardeth and playing the 'stuck-up, spoilt princess'.

The fake smile was still their, but it was wavering at the edges and it did anything but reach the woman's eyes. "Then let me show you around, DameRose," she began to walk, with Rose and the Doctor reluctantly following. "Like I said, I'm Lady Alexandra Ardeth- my mother is the President of this continent in Cherush and is a candidate in the election for High President of the whole planet," she said smugly as the Doctor nudged Rose, grinning. The look in his eyes plainly said, 'So that explains Little Lady I'm-better-than-you-and-there's-nothing-you-can-do-about-it!'

But the duo quickly turned away from each other as Ardeth stopped dead and spun around to face Rose again. "So like I said, what will you take for it?" The 'it' was obviously the Doctor. "I can offer you anything- anything! There must be something you want, no?"

The Doctor shifted again, but this time so he was in a position to jump in and stop anything violent happening, as Lady Ardeth's voice took a slightly menacing tone. He knew what women were like when it came to chocolate but he also knew how dangerous it could be when they started a cat fight, and he wouldn't put it past Rose not to start it if Ardeth didn't.

But to his surprise, Rose didn't react unless to cock her head to one side and considered the option. The sight disturbed the Doctor to no end and although he didn't seriously think she would sell him, he swore to ground her after this.

"Well…" Rose murmured and Ardeth physically leaned in to hear what she had to say. Then Rose shot the Doctor a wicked smile and said to Ardeth, "Nope! Sorry, he's not for sale. Sentimental value and all that."

For a moment in time, Ardeth just stood there, unable to believe the sheer cheek of being refused what she wanted. Her, being refused something- it was unbelievable! Then she plastered that sickly sweet smile on her face once again and, with as much dignity as she could muster, walked past Dame Rose. But not without hissing in her ear a short parting comment; "I will get what I want!"

With that, Lady Alexandra Ardeth, the highest bidder for the Doctor, was gone, swallowed by the sea of people in the market place.

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