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Drunken Nights in Konoha

Being the Kazekage Gaara was under a lot of stress so Tenmari and Kankuro decide to take him to Konoha for the night to blow off some steam…………….

The next morning they decided it wasn't a good idea

IT all started when Jiraya bought Naruto, Gaara and Kankuro Drinks……………….

"Hit me again Jiraya" Naruto said as Gaara just stared at his glass banging it up and down on the table "I'm going broke here don't you think 21 is enough Naruto?" Kankuro burst out laughing. They were all pretty drunk, because of Jiraya….. so their conversations were a little off. "Hey Kankuro" Naruto said leaning back in his chair and polishing off his 22nd "What" Kankuro answered banging his now empty glass on the table. "Do you think Tsunade is a bitch?" Naruto said as Tsunade decided to walk into the bar to buy a drink on her way home. "What" Kankuro asked kind of loud seeing as all the drinking made him hard of hearing. "DO YOU THINK TSUNADE IS A BITCH?" Naruto yelled. Everybody stopped and stared at Naruto and the only one who wasn't speechless was Gaara. "Ha ha you're screwed" the sand nin said leaning back in his chair.

"What did you say Naruto?" Tsunade asked popping her knuckles "I said do you think I have an itch?" "Why would you ask Kankuro that?" she asked knowing what he really said. "well I got to go scratch that itch outside you know not nice to scratch an itch in front of a lady" he said getting up and trying to walk out of the bar, but he failed miserably. Suddenly Tsunade grabbed his head and sat him down in the nearest chair (so he wouldn't hurt himself). "Man she is a bitch" Gaara said to Kankuro. Now it was Naruto's turn "Ha ha who's screwed now" Just at that second Baki and Tenmari walked in looking for Gaara and Kankuro. Tsunade looked a Gaara, he was wasted. Baki would kill her for getting the Kazekage drunk, and Suna might go to war with Konoha because of it. No, no she must hide Gaara, but where? No time she thought as she shoved Gaara behind her and puffed out her chest.

Baki walked over to her. "Umm what are you doing?" "Nothing" She said as Gaara stated poking her. "Stop it" she whispered "stop what" Baki asked "and you know you standing like that is kind of making me uncomfortable" "oh sorry" she said as Gaara whispered "You know you have no bra on?" They don't make one that fits me she thought silently to herself. "Ummm Have you seen Gaara because we can't find him anywhere and we kinda need to go home" Temari asked "well you know I haven't seen him but there is a RACCOON in the TRASH and I think you need to go take him outside Jiraya" Jiraya just looked at her and couldn't understand what she meant as Gaara kept poking her. "Jiraya THERE IS A RACCOON IN THE TRASH GO TAKE HIM AND PUIT HIM OUT SIDE" Kankuro even though he was drunk was thinking way more clearly than Jiraya ,but not that clearly, He picked Gaara up like a rag doll and threw him out the window. "OMG I JUST THREW THE KAZEKAGE OUT THE WINDOW" he said realizing what he had done. "Hope the sand, hope the sand" he pleaded as everybody ran to the window. "YOU JUST THREW OUR BROTHER ,WHICH MAY I REMIND YOU, IS CURRENTLY THE KAZEKAGE OUT THE WINDOW OF A TWO STORY BAR!" Tenmari yelled at Kankuro "maybe … but may I remind you how horrible he was to us when he was younger?" "Kankuro, Kankuro do that again" Gaara yelled as he rushed back into the bar. "See Temari he's okay" Kankuro said "Hey look it is Temari" Gaara said as he rushed up and hugged her. "Yeah Kankuro He really is OKAY! He just hugged me! IT"S A SIGN OF THE FREAKIN APOCOLYPS!Gaara did you hit your head when Kankuro threw you out the window?" Temari said all in one breath. "No the sand caught me "he said letting go of her "Big brother, can you do that again please it was fun" pleaded Gaara as he jumped up and down. " hey Gaara you smell like Sake…….." Tenmari looked suspiciously at Kankuro "and you…… you smell like Sake too" " Well Tenmari see….it's a long story" " KANKURO YOU BASTARD I TOLD YOU TO STAY OUT OF TROUBLE AND TO WATCH OVER GAARA AND WHAT DO YOU DO GET HIM DRUNK !" Temari said chasing Kankuro who promptly ran out the door and down the stairs "Hey Temari cussed" Gaara said hiccupping

End of Chapter 1

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