Read now, we'll talk later...

The morning came to find Wilson not so well-rested. After House's departure, it had taken him quite a long time to fall back asleep, tossing and turning around, thinking of a hundred ways of coming clean to his wife and discarding them all a second later.

He ate an insipid breakfast and started gathering his few things. Julie was to come and pick him up during her lunch time. He sat on his bed and watched General Hospital, discovering – to his great embarrassment – why House liked it so much. There was a definite charm to it. At some point, Cuddy came by to chat with him and ask if he planned to work on Monday.

At around half part eleven, House limped into his room. Wilson eyed him warily. "What are you doing here?" he asked, suspicious.

"Depends. Did you tell her?" He looked around the room, as if it would give him the answer.

Wilson sighed. This was really getting tiresome. "House, not everyone likes to have life-changing discussions in the middle of the night. She didn't even come here since yesterday. In fact," he glanced at his watch, "she should be here any minute now."

House nodded and leaned against the wall opposite the door. "Oh then, I might as well stay here and wait for her with you. This is going to be a difficult moment for you, and I want to be by your side. To provide moral support, you know," he smiled sweetly, and Wilson could tell this was a bad idea. "And that discussion does concern me so I feel I should be a part of it."

"House," Wilson warned, getting slightly irritated and a bit scarred, "I think you should leave. This is going to be difficult enough without you making it worse." He sighed. "This is my wife we're talking about, and I don't want to hurt her more than necessary. I'll tell her, in my own time, and without your help, thank you very much," he finished with his hands on his hips.

"How about now?" House asked with a smirk, and nodded toward the door behind Wilson.

Wilson turned to find Julie standing in the doorway, a small, confused smile on her face. "Hi James, Greg," she waved to House, still against the wall behind Wilson. She looked between the two of them. "So...tell me what?"

House let Wilson blush, and stutter, and fumble for an explanation for a few seconds before he took a few steps forward toward them, muttering about taking it off in one swift pull, and grabbed Wilson by his shirt's collar and kissed him. Hard. And Wilson didn't push him away, because, well, it was too late anyway, and House's mouth was forceful and unforgiving on his, and oh so good and Wilson knew he would never have enough of it. He didn't even care about Julie anymore; this was what he wanted, and he wanted it badly.

House pulled away after a few moments. They still had something to deal with. With one last nip at Wilson's pouting bottom lip, House turned to Julie. He was smirking, though the effect was a bit ruined by his flushed cheek and swollen lips.

Seeing Julie red-faced, wide-eyed and biting her lip, House couldn't help it. "Oh come on! Did you seriously believe it would work?" he asked, eyebrows raised. "This is this guy's third marriage, or do you believe that third time's the charm?"

Wilson was just coming out of the haze the kiss had put him in, and was too astonished by House's biting sarcasm to interfere. The man could really be mean sometimes. He was about to apologise and give an explanation to Julie, but he was taken-aback when she suddenly burst out laughing.

Now, both House and Wilson were gazing at her with surprised and confused eyes. Maybe the pain caused by the revelation had made her lose her mind. But when the laughter had died, Julie gazed lovingly at her future ex-husband before turning to House, "Even when we were making love in the first months of our marriage, I never could create that glazed, lust-filled look in his eyes. You must be a really good kisser, because it sure isn't your sunny personality that draws James to you," she said after giving him a once-over.

And she was still smiling like it was a beautiful day, and her husband wasn't going to leave her for a crippled bastard. House was the first to catch up. She wouldn't be so happy and unconcerned unless... "How did you know?"

Julie smiled even wider, though there was a mocking edge to it now. "You should've seen your face, Greg. You looked so self-satisfied. So full-of-yourself for being able to shove your victory in my face. It was hilarious," she finished, and giggled some more.

House didn't particularly like being laughed at but he really wanted to know how Julie had come to know their secret affair. After all, it had only been going on for what, three days? "But how? Did Cuddy tell you?"

Wilson was a bit of a passive element at this point of the conversation. He was still trying to figure which God loved him enough to make everything fall so perfectly. But he too wondered how she had come to be part of the secret so he paid a bit more attention to what was going on.

Julie shook her head. "No, Dr. Cuddy didn't tell me anything. But it was pretty obvious anyway." She turned to Wilson. "Our marriage had been a bit rocky for months, now. I can't even remember when the last time we had sex was." House raised his eyebrows at that while Wilson blushed like...well, like a blushing maiden.

"And also, when I came back the night you were unconscious, I found Dr. House over here," she gestured to House while Wilson frowned, "sitting by your bed, threatening you with all sorts of terrible things if you didn't wake up, all the while holding your hand and caressing your hair softly," she finished with a smile, obviously thinking it very sweet and beautiful, while Wilson stared at House with a gob-smacked look and House examined the ceiling like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

"But anyway," Julie continued, while Wilson tried to get his balance back – it was like the whole world as he knew it had shifted on its axis – "it's not like the two of you were very subtle, from what I heard. Every single person in this hospital has something to say about it. Doctors huddle in the hall to elaborate theories on how it happened, the janitors all pretend they always knew there was something more to your of the nurses is even taking bets on how long your couple will last,» she laughed at the two men astonished faces. She was obviously having the time of her life.

Wilson shook himself. "So you're okay, then? With everything?" he asked, a bit sceptical.

But Julie smiled and nodded. "Yes, I really am." Then her expression turned serious again. "And I hope you were going to tell me soon, James. There's no point in waiting and lying," she told him sternly.

House smirked and turned to Wilson. "Hey I never knew your wife could be so cool. You really sure you want to divorce her?"

"I don't know, maybe I should take more time to think about it" he joked back. Julie watched them interact with a small secretive smile on her lips. They really were cute together.

"Well, I have to go. I still have to work this afternoon," she interrupted. "Are you coming back with me at home or are you staying here?" she asked Wilson, and it really was his choice.

Wilson turned uncertainly to House who shrugged and said "Go. If I don't complete my clinic hours this afternoon, Cuddy said she would castrate me, and I'm sure we can think of a better use for my favourite bits than decorating Cuddy's office!"

"Okay," Wilson agreed. He had a few ideas of activities for House and him to do later and they wouldn't be possible if either of them was an eunuch. "I guess I'll see you tonight, then."

House nodded, and so Wilson went home with his wife, like they had done a million times before but, somehow, everything felt different now. Better.


In his living room, Gregory House was sitting at the piano with a glass of expensive alcohol by his side. But he wasn't playing. And he wasn't drinking. He was staring at the clock on the wall. And waiting.

After work, he'd gone home and had a quick dinner of canned soup and scrambled eggs. Then he had taken a long shower from which he had come out wrinkled as a prune but cleaner than he'd ever been.. He hadn't shaved because he honestly thought he looked better with his everlasting three days' beard. Then he had put the same clothes back on, to look as if he didn't care about his appearance. He had changed the bed sheets and done some cleaning in the living room, but not too much because he didn't want to look too nervous or excited.

And so now there he was, sitting at the piano. And waiting. He'd tried playing for a bit but he kept hitting the wrong keys and messing all the tunes up. He momentarily regretted not setting a precise time for Wilson's arrival. He could be there the next minute but it could also take hours. He looked at the clock. It was broken. He thought it was weird that he hadn't noticed it before but then again, how often had he been waiting impatiently for the knock of his new lover?

He got up and turned the television on. But as he skipped through the channels, looking for the weather forecast, he heard someone knocking at his front door. Immediately, he turned the television off. Before the door, he stopped and waited a few seconds – so he wouldn't seem too eager. He put on his emotionless mask and opened the door wide.

Wilson stood in the doorway, with his bag at his feet and his hands in his pockets, looking shy but also confident and incredibly hot – or so House thought.

Without a word, House gestured him to come in. They stood there for a moment, looking at each other without speaking, both really glad to see the other but too self-conscious to say it.

"Do you want a beer?" House suggested to break the not-totally-uncomfortable-but-still-somewhat-awkward silent. They headed for the kitchen but Wilson still had his bag of clothes with him. After a second of hesitation, he just left it in the hallway at equal distance of both the living room and the bedroom, and followed.

House handed Wilson his beer. They sipped their drinks silently for a few minutes, both of them wanting the same thing but not quite knowing how to get there. House watched Wilson from under his eyelashes, his mind unable to admit that he finally had the delicious, charming man just for him.

When Wilson lifted his eyes from his bottle and looked directly at House, with that small, incredibly cute smile of his, House lost it. In seconds he crossed the room and pushed Wilson against the wall, conquering those smiling lips with his own. They kissed like that for a few minutes but it could've been hours, it was so good.

Hands grabbed at collars and shirts, trying to get as much clothes off as fast as possible. Mouths and tongues and lips fought each other. It wasn't even a kiss anymore, it was pure need. Need to touch, need to feel. Wilson was pined against the wall by House's warm and strong body, and it was a bit uncomfortable, and he never wanted to leave this place and a rough pair of hands grabbed his ass and he ground his pelvis against House's matching hardness. And everything was so hot and so good and he moaned into House's kisses.

When House tore his mouth away, Wilson gasped for air. They tugged at each other's clothes and Wilson heard some fabric ripping but he couldn't care less because now their chest were naked and it was skin on skin and House was licking and biting at his collarbone and Wilson knew he would come really soon if they didn't slow down.

"Don't you..." Wilson gasped as he felt a warm, devilish tongue circle his nipple. It was really hard to concentrate on words when House was doing that. "Don't you have a bed, somewhere...ah!" he managed to formulate before words evaded him again as House licked and nipped and bit lightly at his right nipple while he pinched and rubbed the other one.

House nodded and took Wilson's lips in another searing kiss. He drew back with Wilson's bottom lip between his teeth, and with a last brushing of lips, went into the bedroom. Wilson took a second to try and get his body under control again and then followed House beyond is bedroom door.

He found House opening the bed covers for them. When House heard him come in, he looked up, his blue eyes bright with excitement and pure lust. Wilson shuddered. But it wasn't from cold. Seeing House's eyes roam hungrily over his naked chest, Wilson quickly tossed off his shoes and took off his pants and socks, only standing in his boxers now, which were tented by his rather noticeable erection. He walked toward House, breath short with excitement and anticipation.

He put his hand on the other man's naked chest and gently pushed him on the bed. He kneeled down and took off House's sneakers and socks. His hands climbed back up until they found the clasp of House's jeans. Wilson had known him long enough to know he was slef-conscious about his leg. He also knew shame and hesitation had no place between them. Wilson wanted and loved every single bit of House, from his annoying smugness to his hairy toes, and he definitely intended to show him. He tugged the pants down, kissing House's crippled thigh and smiling up at him, showing everything was okay, and he was beautiful, and oh god how he wanted him!

Wilson pushed House flat on his back and climbed on him, straddling his waist. He bent forward and let House claim his mouth again, tongues fighting a battle for dominance neither of them really wanted to win. They ground their boxer-clad erections together, moaning as pleasure shot through their spines.

Wilson felt House tugging at his boxers so he just took them off and threw them away. Then he did the same with House's shorts. He looked at House's erection and felt his ass muscle clench. He wanted that in him. He knew it might hurt, and he knew neither of them had ever done anything of the sort before, but he wanted him so much it almost hurt.

Lowering his face to House's, Wilson whispered, looking into the bluest eyes he'd ever seen, "I want you. In me." And when he saw House's eyes slash with lust and want and need and love, Wilson knew everything would be alright. Better than alright.

And it was. They took it slow, preparing Wilson carefully, even though both their bodies were screaming to just get on with it. And when Wilson finally took him in, with House's hands on his hips and those blue eyes burning into his, both of them felt like they had finally arrived. They were home. And then pleasure overtook everything else and they came together, crying out each other's name in that moment of pure delight.

After a while of just breathing in the warm and husky smell of his now official lover, Wilson lifted his head from House's chest with a contented sigh. He felt the arms around him tighten a bit then slacken their hold again, as if remembering they weren't supposed to care that much. Wilson smiled peacefully. Who would've thought House to be the cuddling type? Not that Wilson complained. He rather liked to be held like that.

He gazed at his lover's sleepy face and brushed a strand of hair out of his eyes. "You know, because of you, now, Cuddy has officially given me the role of the gay best friend every woman needs." House chuckled, listening to Wilson's soft voice with his eyes closed.

"I wonder", Wilson continued quietly, "why is it me? Why aren't YOU the gay best friend?" He traced House's mouth with his finger, making the man smile slightly despite himself.

"Well, I'm too scary, she wouldn't dare approach the subject with me." He said in a sleepy and contented voice, still not opening his eyes. "Besides, that's the least you can pay for having such an amazing lover as me." He paused. "Sometimes, I think you don't quite realize how lucky you are just to be with me," he said quietly, smirking a little.

Wilson bent forward and brushed his lips softly against House's. "Oh, I do realize it. I really do," he whispered against his lips.

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