1Title: A Short Conversation

Author: Dayrunner145

Pairing: Carl/Dracula

Rating: R to be safe

Summary: Carl meets Dracula for the first time

Warnings: Some explicit language, slash

Disclaimer: I own nothing relating to VanHelsing or it's entities. This fic is for entertainment purposes only.

A Short Conversation

Carl was scared out of his wits as he stood trembling before Vladislaus Dracula.

VanHelsing and Anna had left him alone in the library of Castle Valerious while they searched for Dracula. Little did they know Dracula was searching for them when he came upon Carl.

"Well, well, man of God. We meet at last." Dracula purred as he circled the little friar curiously.

Carl closed his eyes tightly and started to pray. He was sure he was going to die, but if he was lucky, maybe he would just be dinner. He wasn't sure which, but he knew he should be prepared for the worst.

"So, it is you who befouls Gabriel's mind." Dracula said as he leaned in close to Carl's face.

Carl was sweating profusely and Dracula could not resist a taste. He caught a salty droplet that ran down the friar's cheek and licked it slowly away, sending a chill down Carl's spine.

With all the bravado he could muster, Carl pulled himself up to his full diminutive stature, but Dracula still towered over him. He could only manage a squeak.

"Are you going to kill me?"

Dracula threw his head back in a hearty laugh. "You might beg me to before I am finished with you." was his ominous reply.

VanHelsing, where are you when I need you? Carl thought to himself.

Without warning, Dracula pulled Carl to him and ran his tongue over Carl's rosebud lips that were so inviting. He kissed them hard as Carl closed his eyes and shuddered.

"Look at me!" Dracula ordered. Carl raised his eyes to look at the vampire's face.

"What is it that is so special about you, little one? Do you fulfill Gabriel's every dark desire? Do you know how to please him as I do? Does he beg you for release as he moans your name before he comes? Or, are you celibate, content to pleasure yourself when you think he doesn't see?" Dracula spat out out to Carl.

Dracula's words stabbed Carl deeply. How could he know him so well that he could dredge up his secret desires for VanHelsing? He had never met Dracula until this night, but the vampire knew him intimately. Carl was crushed.

"Perhaps I should kill you now before you try to worm your way into Gabriel's heart, hmm?"

"Perhaps you should." was Carl's quiet reply as a tear ran down his cheek. Better to be dead, he thought, than to be rejected by VanHelsing and tormented by Dracula for Gabriel's attention.

Dracula's lips parted into a sneer and Carl saw the glint off the vampire's fangs. He closed his eyes and prepared to die.

Dracula ran his tongue over Carl's lips once more. Slowly, sensually, he traced their outline. One fang pricked Carl's lower lip at the corner, drawing a drop of his blood. The vampire let the droplet fall into his mouth...

Carl's head jerked up from the book he had fallen asleep on when he heard the commotion outside the windows of the library.

He padded over to the glass to see thousands of pygmy vampire creatures filling the sky. When one crashed before his face, he was startled and afraid. "That's not good." he said as he whirled around and headed for the door.

As he hurried past the desk he had been sitting at, he didn't notice the single red drop glistening on the yellow page of the open book. He ignored the stinging and swelling of his lips and the strange, unnerving dream he had been awakened from.

He went into panic mode. "Must warn somebody..."