Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer. The poems belong to me.


If I ran would you follow?

If I fell would you catch me?

Would you be my kite string if I were your kite?


If you ran I would follow

If you fell I would catch you

I would be your kite strings if you were my kite


If I were to describe you in one word

Perfect would be it

You are always there

And are quite fair

If I were to sum you up in one word

Perfect would be it

To Bella

You may be clumsy

You may be shy

You may be smart

You may be quick

I know you're lovely

I know you're mine

I know that you are quite divine

Now what I need to know is this

If I left would I be missed

I know you love me

I know that you do

But there must be something that I can do

Loving is dangerous

Especially with me

One wrong move and it is the last you will see

I could break you head with a flick of my wrist

But that is not what I fear

For what I fear is much greater

You trust me with your heart

And that by far is the most precious thing of all

To Edward

I want you to change me

And make me like you

I want you to love me

Without fear of what you could do

I want you to keep me

And hold me tight

But most of all I want you to stay here

And promise me it will be all right

One day you will leave me

All alone

And when my heart shatters

I will chill to the bone

For you would have left me

Alone in this place

Why would I stay here?

Without you too keep me safe

Authors Note: Hope that you enjoyed it. Read my fanfic Without You if you like the writing style. People tell me that it's good.