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A Word

I thought that you loved me

I guess I was wrong

What did I do to drive you away?

All I did was love you.

Was that such a crime?

If I knew that it would be like this would I have done it anyway?

Of course.

The saying goes that it is better to have loved and lost rather then to have never loved at all.

That must be true.

Even now that you are gone

You remain in my heart.

Even as you go into the light

And I into the dark

I have to say that you deserve the peace

I thank you for letting me go because you let me see

That when you love something

Let it go, if it's not meant to be

If anything I learned that

So for that, am eternally grateful

Authors Note: I hope that you enjoyed it. It might seem rough. I came up with it in 5 minutes.