Chapter One


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Megan Parker sat on her bed, watching her brother and step-brother in their room on her TV.

"My favorite show," She smiled evilly, "Boob and Boober." She watched as Drake Parker threw a pillow at Josh Nichols. It hit Josh, but when Josh threw it back at Drake, Drake just ducked and it missed him.

"Evil! Evil!" Josh yelled, and Drake laughed as Josh threw another pillow at him.

"Hey, I'm gonna go get a drink." Drake said, "Want one?" He asked, getting off of his bed.

"Sure." Josh replied.

"Oh, well, get one yourself." Drake opened the door. All of the sudden, a bucket filled with honey and oatmeal poured all over him.

"Megan!" He yelled, covered in the sticky substance.

"Yes, Drake?" Megan asked sweetly, smiling at Drake as she appeared in the doorway.

"You little monster!" He glared at her.

"What happened? Why was Drake yelling?" Audrey and Walter hurried up the stairs and stopped in shock at the sight of Drake covered in honey and oatmeal.

"What did you do, Drake?" Audrey asked.

"It was Megan! She's to blame!" He said, pointing his finger at the eleven-year-old girl.

"What's Drake talking about? He's scaring me, Mommy." Megan said in a small voice, trembling as she cowered against her mother.

"Drake! How dare you blame this mess on an innocent young girl! I'm ashamed. Now, you clean up this right away. And then go take a shower!" Walter said, and he, Audrey, and Megan left, Megan glancing back with an evil smile playing on her lips.

"I can't believe Megan! She gets away with everything! It's unbelievable! Mom and Dad just think she's an angel! She's a witch in the body of a child!" Drake looked at Josh as he began to clean up the floor.

"Yep. I say it's time we pay her back. We'll have to come up with something really evil though."

"Ohh, ohh, I've got it!" Drake said excitedly. "We drug her, put her in a box labeled 'live animal', and ship her to the San Diego Zoo!"

"We'll see who goes to the zoo." Megan laughed as she continued to watch Drake and Josh.

"Ohhh, I like it, but don't you think Mom and Dad would be a little suspicious when they wake up and she's gone." Josh stared at Drake.

"We could say she went to visit one of her friends." Drake said.

"Yeah, that would work until they called her friend to find out why she hadn't come home." Josh stated. "C'mon, I mean something better than that."

"Ohh, we wait till she's outside and spray her with the hose!"

"That dumb boob!" Megan shook her head disbelievingly. They'd have to be smarter than that to beat her.

"Ohhhhhhhh…" Josh groaned.

"So, you have a better idea?" Drake asked, hands on his hips at he stared at his step-brother. He'd just suggested sending her to the Yucatan when Josh had interrupted and stated none of those plans were going to work.

"Drake, you don't even know where the Yucatan is, do you?" Josh asked.

"Of course I do! It's… somewhere… umm… on the Earth?"

"Come on, Drake, do you honestly think we could send her to the Yucatan? She'd probably throw us in one of the stupid bags she knit and send us to Cuba!"

"So, what's your plan?" Drake raised his eyebrows at Josh.

"Well, I was thinking…"

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