Chapter Five

The Grand Finale

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Saturday morning, there was a knock on the front door. Audrey and Walter had just left and were going to be gone for the weekend.

"Megan, will you get that?" Drake asked. "I'm busy."

"Oh, you look very busy watching … Drew & Jerry." Megan replied.

"Just get the door."

"Make me, boob."


"Oh, whatever." Megan rolled her eyes and walked past Drake, flicking him in the back of his head.

"Ow!" Megan smiled at Drake as she opened the door.


"Megan Parker, you are under arrest for threatening the peace of our great city." Two police officers stepped inside.

"What? I never did such a thing! Drake! Josh!" She yelled.

"What is it Megs?" Drake and Josh appeared behind her.

"Did you set me up? I warned you not to –"

"What are you talking about?"

"We're here to arrest Megan Parker for threatening City Hall. We have evidence in the letter she sent."

"What? Megan! I told you messing with governmental authorities wasn't funny." Drake shook his finger at her.

"But – but, I didn't send any notes! It was them!" Megan pointed at Drake and Josh.

"We looked for fingerprints on the letterand envelope and all we found was yours." One of the police officers said. "Now, put your hands behind your back." Megan did as she was told.

"Oh, and we'll have to search your room."

"And why?" Megan asked.

"We have a search warrant."

"Follow me." Megan said, leading the way to her room and opening the door. The police officers looked for about ten minutes and were about to give up when they found a box, sealed tightly and labeled Top Secret.

"We'll have to open this box, Mrs. Parker."

"Go ahead."

The police cut open the box, and all the sudden a horrible stench filled the air. The box was filled with manure. Drake and Josh could barely keep from laughing. It was a good thing they'd put the box in there.

"Megan Parker, I'm afraid we're going to have to take you downtown."

"What? No! I haven't done anything! I didn't have this box in here! I didn't even know what was inside it! Really! I'm innocent!" She continued pleading as the officers put her inside the police car.

Once the police had left, Drake and Josh burst out laughing.

"I can't believe it! It worked! Megan's really scared!"

"I know. I feel kind of bad for her though. I mean, she's really nervous."

"Josh, look what she's done to us! She put hair remover in my shampoo!" Drake still hadn't gotten over that.

"I guess. But still, she's really scared."

"So? She'll figure it out soon enough."

"True. So, want to get popcorn and watch a movie?"


Two hours later, Drake's cell phone rang.

"Hello? You're releasing Megan? She's innocent? Oh, you're still investigating? You're bringing her home now? Okay, we'll make sure we keep a better eye on her." Drake said, and then he hung up.

"Josh! The police are releasing Megan, but their still investigating. They're bringing her back now."

"Okay. So, the rest of our plan has to wait till she's sleeping. Well, I'm going to go watch Oprah – I mean hockey." Josh said.

"Yeah, whatever." Drake laughed.

Megan glared at Drake and Josh as she came in.

"I see you were trying to prank me again."

"No, Megs, we weren't. Honestly, we didn't know anything about this."

"Okay, Josh, if you call me Megs one more time you will not wake up to see the sunrise again."

"Yes, Megan!" Josh said.

"Now, I'm going up to my room and I'd better not hear a word from either of you!" She commanded.

Drake and Josh waited until it was midnight and Megan was sound asleep to finish their prank.

Josh carefully put bubble wrap next to Megan's door.

"Okay, one, two, three!" They whispered, and then they both started jumping on it.

Megan woke with a start. Machine guns! She thought wildly, doing the first thing she could think of. She flung open her window and jumped out.

Drake and Josh suddenly flung Megan's door open, ready to lunge into her room, when they realized she wasn't there.

"Where is she?"

"I don't know. Hey, her window's open – her window's open!" Josh yelled, running down the stairs and outside. He ran around the side of the house, followed by Drake, and stumbled into Megan.

"You stupid boobs! Get cover, quickly! There are machine guns going off!"

"Megan, we didn't hear anything. Are you sure you weren't dreaming?" Drake asked quickly before Josh could say anything.

"No! I wasn't! I heard machine guns!" With that she ducked back under a bush.

Drake and Josh looked at each other.

"Megs," Josh began.

"Don't you dare call me Megs!"

"Megan, are you sure you aren't crazy?" Drake asked.

"No, I'm not. You two are. Couldn't you hear the guns going off?"

Drake and Josh tried to keep a straight face, but they couldn't after a few more minutes.

"Ha, ha, ha! We got you good!" Drake laughed.

"What?" Megan snapped.

"Megan, there aren't machine guns going off. Look, we set this all up. You getting arrested and all was part of the plan." Josh explained everything to her as quickly as possible.

"You boobs set this all up? I should have known. But I didn't think you were smart enough to set this all up." She glared at Drake and Josh.

"Well, I guess we're smarter than you thought. But do you see how some pranks aren't funny?" Josh questioned. Megan nodded.

"Okay. I'm sorry we had to scare you so bad, but we just wanted to you stop and understand what it felt like." Megan nodded again.

"Now, let's go back inside the house and we can all go to bed."

Drake and Josh helped Megan back up and the three of them all crawled into their warm, cozy beds.

The next month, Drake woke up earlier than usual and rolled over. It was Monday, and he really should get up and get ready to go to school.

He went and got dressed, thinking about how nice his life was now that Megan had stopped booby trapping them. She had been really nice to them ever since they'd pranked her. He smiled, and then went to brush his hair.

"Megan!" He suddenly yelled.

"What do you want, Drake?" She asked.

"Okay, tell me why my hair's lime green." He commanded.

"What's wrong?" Audrey and Walter ran upstairs. When they saw Drake's green hair they sighed.

"Drake, don't try to blame your sister. We all know you're just trying to get her in trouble. Now get ready to go to school." Walter said as they went back downstairs.

When Audrey and Walter weren't looking, Megan sent Drake an evil smile that said, did you actually think I was going to stop pranking you?


Well, my evil, crazy little story is now over. cry I liked writing on it and posting it so much! I hope you enjoyed it.