It's Not Always About You

Post Never Again

Chapter 1

Scully held the petal between her fingers. The dried petal crumbled. She looked up at Mulder. "Well, I guess I'd better get to work."

"Right," was all he said. He stood up on his chair to grab a pencil from the ceiling and went straight to the paperwork that was sitting on his desk. Not everything is about you, Mulder. The words still went around in his head. Not only the words, but the tone she used.

She gave one last look at him before heading out. "I'll be at my desk if you need me." She left without looking back.

He only glanced briefly at her as she walked away.

She sighed and placed her back against the wall next to the elevator. "Mulder, why do you do this to me? Why do I let you?" She closed her eyes.

Mulder was literally counting down the hours till 4:00. He breathed a sigh of relief when the time finally came. He packed up his stuff.

Scully nearly collided with him as he came out of his office. "Mulder!"

"Sorry," he murmured an apology. "See you Monday."

"Wait." She said softly.

He stopped and turned around.

"Have you seen my cell?" She patted her coat pocket where it lay snuggly. Just do it, Dana.

"No..I don't think so. You can go take a look if you want to." He handed her the key before pushing the button for the elevator.

"Mulder, want to go get a drink?"

"Can I take a rain check? I got a flight to catch."

Her face fell. "Sure…fine...whatever." Then she looked up with cold blue eyes. "On second thought...just forget it." She brushed passed him and headed toward the stairs. If you want to act like an asshole, Mulder, I'll treat you like one.

"You're getting a nameplate and a desk on Monday, Scully. Just thought you'd like to know."

She kept walking. "I won't be here on Monday, Mulder." Or ever again.

"Good. You need to get away from me anyway." He sighed as the door closed behind her. He heard the beep of the elevator as the door opened.

Scully was too pissed to cry as she jammed her key into her car door. "How dare he? Who does he think he is? After all I've been through for him...the nerve."

Mulder emerged from the opposite side of the car park.

He kept walking past her and got into his own car, glancing at his watch. He reminded himself not to look back at her as he pulled out and drove to the airport.

Scully held the phone to her ear as it connected to his cell. "Answer the fucking phone, Mulder."

"Yeah, Mulder."

"After everything I've done for you, you can just walk away?"

"I'm not walking away, Scully. I really do have to catch a plane," he said softly. He sighed. "'re pissed at me because I keep dragging you into my stuff. If you really don't want to be around me, don't be."

"Mulder, it isn't that and you know it." She had to control her temper. "Where are you going? And don't give me any of that its personal crap either."

"It's a case. UFO crop circles actually."

"Get me a ticket."

" need some time off. I'll see ya." The phone clicked off.

"Mulder, damn it!" She threw her phone across the car. She did a u-turn and went back to the J. Edgar Hoover Building. Walking into Skinner's office. "Where is he going?"

Skinner looked at her over his glasses. "I'm assuming by that comment you mean that Agent Mulder left without telling you again."

"Skinner, just give me his location." She was almost in his face.

"Denver. Flight 345." Scully was out the door without another word.

Scully missed that flight but was on the next one. She booked a rental car and drove around to all the hotels within the FBI budget looking for him. She found him at the last one. She knocked on his door.

"Yeah, who is it?"

"Open the damn door, Mulder."

Mulder sighed. Great...another ass chewing because I didn't take her...I can't win. He undid the chain and opened the door.

"I'm upstairs. Give me a call before you head out in the morning." She turned and headed up the stairs.

"Nice to see you too, Scully." he muttered. He closed the door again and went back to his case file.

In her hotel room, she lay on her back staring at the ceiling. How did we get this way? She fought the urge to go downstairs to him.

Mulder left his room and went down to the lounge for a drink.

Scully tried every way she could to fall asleep. Giving up, she put on her running clothes. She jogged passed the window to the lounge. She spotted him, but kept on running.

Denver probably wasn't the safest town to be running alone at night, especially if you were a woman.

Growing concerned about her, Mulder went to find her. He didn't find her till she was halfway toward town. Seeing that she was alright, he turned around and started heading back, but she saw him first.

"Mulder, hey!" She jogged to catch up to him. "Mulder, please wait. We can't throw away four years as partners...not with what we've been through." I feel, Scully... that you believe... you're not ready to go. And you've always had the strength of your beliefs. I don't know if my being here... will help bring you back. But I'm here. His words echoed in her ears. She never told him that she heard him.

He stopped and waited for her. Partners… that stung but he didn't show it.

She caught up with him slightly out of breath. "I want to talk to you."

"Want to walk for a bit instead?"

"Sure." She slowed her pace and finally was walking step by step beside him. "Why did you ditch me?"

"You said it yourself...I always think it's about me."

"Mulder, I was talking about me getting a tattoo. Nothing more, nothing less. I was just having a bad few days." She swallowed. "You have bad days, I don't ditch you."

Hurt flashed in his face. "Look...I just thought you wanted some time to do whatever you wanted to."

She was silent for a block or two. "Mulder, what were you going to say? It's my what?"

"Doesn't matter." He shrugged. "You had a point."

"Please...just tell me." She sighed when he remained silent. "Fine. So what time we meeting the local police?"

"I'm meeting them at 9:00. You're doing whatever you want."

"Mulder, please stop it."

Forget it, Mulder...she doesn't want the wounded puppy act. Suck it up.

She stopped him and turned him to face her. "Cut the crap, Mulder. I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself." She moved closer to him. "If you keep this up, I'm gonna belt you one right across the mouth." I kicked my brothers' asses plenty. I'm not afraid of you.

Mulder gave her a curiously sad smile. "Wanna meet for breakfast tomorrow?"