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"Good morning Bella," his breath tickled my ear and I turned around in bed facing him.

"I don't have to go to school today, it's summer." I groaned keeping my eyes shut.

"I know but it's already 10, you don't want to sleep the whole day away do you?" he began nuzzling my neck and causing chills to run down my spine. I let my eyes flutter open and the first thing I saw was his deep golden eyes. My heart stopped along with my breathing, I still couldn't believe this perfection was meant for me. "Breath Bella, before you faint," he ordered.

"I think I forgot how," I stuttered making him chuckle.

"Time for you to get ready," in a second, he was out of my bed and offering his hand to help me up. I took it and he easily pulled me onto my feet. He made sure I had my balance before letting go. "Need a human moment?" he asked. I nodded and grabbed my bathroom things and went to get ready. I quickly took a shower, letting the hot water wake me out of my slumber and combed through my frizzy hair as much as I could. When I got downstairs, Edward had my breakfast on the table and was pouring me some milk. I pouted, why did he have to be good at everything?

"What?" he asked unable to read my expression.

"Nothing," I answered taking a seat a picking up the fork and knife.

"Bella, I know it isn't nothing. Tell me. Please?" he was using his pleading voice again. My will crumble into bits and I blurted out everything.

"Why do you have to be good at everything? Cooking was the only thing that I could do that you couldn't." I talked quickly unable to understand myself but he seemed to understand completely.

"That isn't true. You are good at many things." he replied putting down the milk next to my plate.

"Oh yeah? Like what? And don't say my blush, that is involuntary," I challenged.

"Well, you are good at tempting me," he swept my hair back behind my shoulder exposing my neck and planted kisses on every inch of skin on it. My heart started beating erratically inside my chest.

"Are you going to let me finish my breakfast or are you going to continue to give me a heart attack?" I managed to get out but my voice was unusually high. He laughed and sat himself across from me.

"Alright eat." he ordered. I obediently cut a small piece of pancake and popped it into my mouth. I ate in deep thought. No matter what it is I do, I can't shake the thought of Edward changing me. He had made his stand on this perfectly clear but I knew that as long as I was human we can't show our love for each other without caution that I would get hurt.

"Edward, you know if I was a vampire I wouldn't have to eat," he tensed and I prepared for impact.

"I thought you understood why that can't be," he muttered.

"And I thought you loved me and you wanted to be with me forever," I stated almost in tears.

"I do but not if I have to kill you in the process," his words were harsh and his eyes hard. I felt hot tears flowing down my cheeks now and I can't stop it.

"You're not killing me. You're giving me a new life."

"I'm giving you a life comdemned to darkness."

"Edward, if you don't want to change me then maybe you should leave me," I blurted before thinking. He looked shocked and hurt.

"Maybe that would be the best thing to do. Goodbye Bella," before I could comprehend his words he was gone. What have I done? I just put my head on the table and cried muffled sobs.

After what seemed like hours, I walked up to my bedroom in a trance and collapsed on the bed and fell slept.

"Bella, are you okay?" I let my eyes readjust to the light before answering.

"I'm fine dad, just a little tired," I lied. "Can you wait? Dinner's not ready yet."

"It's alright, I just ordered pizza," Charlie replied. "I'm gonna go downstairs coming Bell?"

"No, I'm feeling a little under the weather. You go ahead," I answered weakly.

"Okay." he left closing the door behind him. I rolled over and cried some more but I did it without making a sound.