Chapter 10

Raven lay in the hospital bed, thinking about the plan she and Wisdom had worked out. Beast Boy still slept, his hand where Raven had decided it should be... right where it had been. And her hand was on top of his as she thought. I really hope this works, she thought, smiling.

The shapeshifter behind her squirmed, then relaxed again with a small sigh. Must have had a dream, the girl thought. She glanced at the clock. It's been fourteen hours since I healed him. He's rested enough by now. She decides to wake him. "Beast Boy, wake up."

"Nnnnnngh," is the changeling's reply, snuggling his face into her neck. This action sends a shiver down Raven's spine, a pleasant sensation, she decides.

"No, wake up. You've slept enough, now you're just being lazy."

"Nnnn... huh?"

"Wake up, you goofball."

"Not... a goofball," he mutters, still half asleep.

"Yes you are, now wake up before I smack you awake."

"Nnn... gah, mean female..." Beast Boy tries to force himself awake, and barely succeeds. "I'm 'wake now."

Suddenly, Raven gets a devious thought, and grins evilly. "Beast Boy, why is your hand on my breast?"

"Wha...?" He's confused and feels around with his hand, before with a burst of surprise and fear, he discovers she was right. Of course, the movement of his hand causes Raven to experience some pleasure she'd never felt before and causes her to draw in a breath sharply. He doesn't notice this as he snatches his hand away, much to her disappointment, and starts apologizing profusely. "Oh crap, I'm sorry Raeven, please don't kill me, I'm sorry:

With a sigh, Raven turns over in bed so she's facing the green guy, and puts her hand on his chest. "Beast Boy, it's ok. I don't mind." Her hand slides around his side, and she snuggles into his chest.

"Uh, I thought you wanted to get up," Beast Boy asks, confused again.

"No, I just wanted you to wake up." She moves back a bit, and looks up at him. "I was tired of laying here awake, and you still sleeping." And much to Beast Boy's surprise, she props herself up on an elbow and leans forward to plant a kiss on his lips, and it's not a peck. He doesn't mind, though, and enjoys it, kissing her back.

After several moments, she breaks the kiss, and smiles at him. "I liked doing that. I think I want to do it again." So, she does.

After she pulls back from this kiss, she gazes down at Beast Boy, her expression suddenly serious. This gaze unnerves the changeling, and after a couple moments under her scrutiny, he begins to squirm. "Um, what is it?"

"Just thinking." Her voice is kind of... distant.

"About what?"

She doesn't answer right away, just looking at him. Without any change in her facial expression, she puts her lips to his briefly before pulling away, her expression transformed into the biggest, brightest smile he has ever seen her wear. "Of how much I love you."


"You... love me?" Beast Boy can't believe it. He thought she was just being a close friend.

"Of course." She tilted her head slightly. "Why do you think I slept in this bed with you tonight? Why do you think I kissed you?" And she demonstrates. "I love you, Garfield. I have for a while, now."

"Man, why didn't you tell me sooner!" Beast Boy is all excited now, close to his younger happy-go-lucky self, before he realizes she's looking down at him expectantly. Oh yeah, this is where he has to tell her how he feels. He grins his bright toothy grin, and nearly shouts, "I love you, Rae!" He kisses her, lifting his head to do so. But that doesn't feel like enough, so he puts one hand behind her head and pulls her down to him. He then shows her how much he loves her by using the longest, most passionate kiss he has ever even heard of.

The kiss last several long moments, and by the end of it, both of them are running out of air. Raven pulls back from it, her eyes closed and face flushed. She tries to speak and fails, swallowing before trying again. "I think I'll let you get away with that nickname this time." She opens her eyes, to find his green eyes looking back at her. There is an interruption in their gazing contest as her stomach growls. Beast Boy's stomach growls immediately after hers, almost as if arguing. "Decisions, decisions," Raven mock-mused. "Should we go get something to eat, or should we keep kissing?"

"I for one vot for-mmmph" Beast Boy replies, getting cut off when Raven kisses him again.

It's unanimous, the violet haired girl thinks.


The rest of the day passes without much excitement, other than the amorous pair making out whenever they meet in the tower. Which is almost constantly. The only point of interest came when Raven announced their relationship to Starfire, and received a bonecrushing hug.

The rest of the week passes almost the same way, the pair spending their nights in Raven's bed, due to the fact that Beast Boy's is too small even for lovers, and his room is still a mess. Finally, a day of interest arrives, Beast Boy's birthday. The day dawns on our pair, cuddled up together in bed. They sleep in their customary positions, Beast Boy pressed against Raven's back, his arm over her, his hand... there. A few things had changed over the last week. First, Raven began sleeping much much later than normal, as long as the changeling did in fact. Second, she no longer meditated. She always felt calm and content, even if she and her boyfriend were bickering over something, which they did as often as they kissed.

A knocking comes on the door, a voice shouts, "Hey, come on! Get up! It's one in the afternoon and it's time for the party!" The voice belongs to Cyborg.

"Okay, okay, I'm up!" Beast Boy opens his eyes, and frowns. Raven slept on, through the shouting. Man, I wish I could still sleep that deep. Little does he know, she can only sleep like that when she's with him. "Hey, Rae, wake up. It's time for the party," he said, shaking her shoulder.

"Mmm... you can go ahead, Gar... We'll go out and stuff after the party is over..." She had also turned into a really difficult person to make get up.

Beast Boy didn't mind that really. If she wants to sleep, she can. I know she loves me, some little ice cream and cake party ain't gonna change that. He leans over, and plants a kiss on the side her neck, which always makes her squirm, awake or asleep. "Ok, Rae. I'll come back after the party." He kisses her neck again, getting the same reaction. "I love you."

"I love you too..." she murmurs, before falling back asleep. He smiles down at her, and gets up to get dressed.


The party wasn't anything special, on to the interesting stuff.


He opened the door to Raven's room, expecting her to be asleep still, even if it's three in the afternoon. So he was surprised to find her awake, standing at the end of her bed in her cloak with her hood already up, and watching him silently. That's strange. She hasn't worn that cloak since she told me she loved me.

He stepped into the room, and shut the door. "Rae, everything alright," he asked, his voice concerned. He jump when a small box wrapped in the black power zoomed towards him and stopped right in front of him.

"Take it, it's yours," Raven said, her voice monotone.

"Uh, ok..." He reached out his hand to take it, the power fading as he got a grip on it. He noticed it was wrapped, and light. He glanced at Raven, wondering why she was acting so weird, then decided she wanted him to open it. He ripped the paper off, then simply stared at what was in his hand.

There was a faint rustle of cloth, but he didn't notice. He was simply too stunned at what was in his hand. "Garfield, I love you. Happy Birthday." Her voice had changed from monotone to something low and... seductive?

He was able to drag his eyes from his present, and look at Raven, but he was stunned once again. She stood before him, her cloak in a puddle of cloth at her feet. She was nude. Completely. Her skin tinted pink under his awestruck gaze, and she smiled softly. He didn't know what to say, what to do, even what to think. All he could do was go on simple reaction, and that's what he did.

His present fell from his hand as he stepped to her, and just kissed her as passionately as he knew how. While they were kissing, Raven grabbed his shirt in one hand, and started to pull him back to the bed. When the back of her knees hit the bed, she simply fell backwards, pulling him down on top of her.

They stopped kissing long enough to get his shirt off, and then went right back to it. Raven pitched his shirt away before she could forget she needed to get rid of it.

The shirt flattened out in the air, and drifted softly to the ground, covering the forgotten box of condoms where they had been dropped..


Well now, that's the end of Bitterness. But, like I said, the story isn't over yet, there will be a sequel. What will happen after this night? Who knows, right?