I hate everything about you, why do I love you...

Drip, drip, drip. If I hear that godforsaken dripping much longer, I'll go completely insane! It was dark and damp. It smelled of blood, sweat and tears. I'd reasoned that I was indeed in a basement. Underground, like a rat! That too, was nothing new. Chained up, he always preferred me in chains. I don't know why. Maybe it was that he liked me in chains. Or maybe he was afraid that if I got the chance I'd run. Would I run? Even as I questioned myself, I knew the answer. No, I would not run. Despite it all, I loved him, I belonged to him. I'm him, and I always will be. I heard soft thumping upstairs. The telltales sign that he was home. Maybe he'll come right down this time. It was only a matter of time. The door creaked open. Oh god, here he comes.

"William? Are ye ready my boy? Not that it matters, I'm coming anyway." His voice floated down to me. It sent shivers down my spine. You would think after all these years I'd be used to him. But n, I was still the scared childe I was seven years ago when I came into his possession. He called it training me. In reality, he was breaking me. There was once a time that I would laugh him in he face, or mock him. At the very least try to get away. Now, all I did was sleep and wait. Just as I would heal, I'd be broken again. What's the point? You love him, you won't fight him. It was sad, but true. I, William the Bloody, was now only a hollowed out shell. His whipping boy. His toy. His William.

"Ye must be hungry." He said mockingly. Sure, he fed me, but nothing I'd care to eat. Today, my meal was a dead dog. Wonderful. I opened my mouth and allowed him to pour the cold blood down my throat. Despite my attempts to stop myself, to stand strong! I felt my body giving way to the desperate hunger inside. I hadn't fed in two weeks. This dog tasted damn good! I leaned in and sunk my fangs in around the dog's throat and drained it for all it was worth. Or, I tried. Just as I was getting somewhat of my fill, I felt the all too familiar blow of his hand connecting with my head. "Enough! You deserve no more." He never let me get my fill. I guess I deserve it. I don't even remember why he's mad at me. I choked back a whimper, too late, he heard it. He laughed at me. More of my dignity lost. Not that I had much left to lose. Then I saw it. The item of many of my nightmares. A little capsule. Filled to the brim with acid, better known as holy water. He opened the vital, and tipped it over just enough to keep the deadly liquid inside. One more centimeter and it would scorch and burn my flesh. "Do scream for me, Willy."