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Title "The Morning Before"

"K 106.7 in the morrrrrrrrrrningggggggggg" that popular tune was the sound of Terri's alarm as she woke from her slumber. It was 6:45 in the A.M. and she wished her alarm came with snooze but unforntionutly her old, brown, dusty alarm wasn't quite technical enough. She sat there thinking for a second. Thoughts like ' I wonder what kind of talent these new people are going to have' and 'Today's the day!' She stood up and did a little stretch then slid on her monkey slippers.

"Terri!" yelled her mom angrily. "Terri Fletcher! If you don't come down here and get your breakfast you will be late!"

"For a very important date?" Terri asked jokingly. She half-tripped down the stairs and stood staring her mom in the face. "Mom, chill, I have like 2 hours before I have to be at the train station."

"Not anymore, they changed the departure time to 7:45 and it's already 7:00 and it takes 15 minutes to get there so…" Before she could finish Terri interrupted.

"Mom, is this a cookout?"

"No, we're going…"

"Then why are you all up in my grill?" Terri snapped. "I'll get there, but not under pressure…Kay, thanks!" Her mom was too tired to respond and didn't really care if Terri had an attitude. Karma.

Terri rushed to the kitchen cabinet and grabbed the first box of cereal she could find, Cheerios, her favorite. She stuffed the cereal in her mouth without milk. She was too excited, and it kind of sort of had something to do with the fact that she had to leave in 30 minutes.

She rushed up stairs and got ready, it took her about 15 minutes. The other 15 minutes was wasted with the usual singing in a hairbrush pretending to be a rock star. After primping and prepping she was ready to go.

They hopped in the car and they were off.

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BOOM...BUMP...BOOMP! That was the sound of Jay's morning wake-up. As he fell out of bed he whispered to himself "Ouch, bugger!" He stood up and looked at his alarm, which obviously hadn't been working. 7:45. He woke up late and his train was leaving in 20 minutes! He rushed over to his bathroom and took out his extra strength styling gel. He hadn't had a hair cut in a while so he look like a skater with spiked hair trying to rock it out. He knew he looked funny but really didn't care. His cell phone rang. I can't handle this jay thought. He grabbed the phone and pushed talk. "Yeah?" he said it in a play full but seriously, busy kind of way.

"Hey, it's me" Cooed a familiar voice.

"Who is me?" Jay said impatiently while trying to zip his pants and button his shirt all at the same time.

"The bird..."

"Robin?" Jay asked. "How in the world did you get this number?"

"I have my way's. Now tell me what classes you have so I can revise my schedule."

"I fout uh wuh gonna skip dis yuh at bistol himans" Jay spat out. He was trying to eat a muffin, drink milk and talk all at the same time. All in all Robin could here the concern in his voice.

"Well I thought I would go for that scholarship one more time, maybe with you."

"Robin, I told you we are over and always will be. It's me and Terri now so just deal with it. I don't want you interfering with our relationship!" Jay shouted into the phone. He hung up and started to pack his carry on bag. He was rushing as fast as he could but somehow it didn't seem fast enough. He was ready so he jetted out of the house.

"Where are you going with no shoes on Jay?" Asked his next door neighbor, Mrs. Fenterbug.

"Oh thank you Mrs. F!" Jay ran back in the house and rummaged around for his tennis shoes. He grabbed them and AGAIN left the house.

7:57. He knew he had to hurry, and he did.

"See, now if we hadn't rushed we wouldn't have gotten you here!" Her mom sounded tired.

"Mommy..." Terri sounded worried. "I want you to call me at 7:00 tonight so I can tell you all about L.A. for the second time.

"Don't sound worried dear, I will. I will have your father call you as soon as I get back to the house and I believe Aunt Nina is going to call you when she wakes up too."

"Thank you mom, I love you" With that Terri stepped on the steel staircase that led to the passenger seats on the old train.

"Your welcome, I love you and have a great time" Her mom walked away slowly, wishing she wasn't going.

Terri stepped up from the staircase and walked through two trains before she found a seat where she was alone. She wanted to be able to talk to jay and practice her music before she got there. She threw her bag on the seat in front of her and plopped down. She took out a diary and started to wright...

He looks at me close

I don't feel alone

I can relate to his touch

I finally realize

He is my own

She got tired and put away her diary. As she fell asleep she could here someone boarding the train. IN HER SECTION. She was to tired to look and dozed off.