Author's Note: All these drabbles are separate stories. They are composed of either original scenes, character thoughts, and/or based on specific scenes from the show. The challenge lists 100 prompts to base the drabbles from, and each drabble will have a different prompt I used. I'll note the prompt, along with any spoilers, POV details (like if a fic is from Amy or Bruce's POV, rather than 3rd person), and format (poem, song, things like that).

The prompt for this drabble: Lunch.

Amy grimaced at the selection of soggy salads and limp sandwiches the cafeteria had to offer. She turned to grab a bag of chips.

"Choices scary as always?" a deep voice said behind her.

Amy dropped the bag, startled by his presence. "Geez, Bruce. I can't sense you standing there."

"Sorry," he chuckled. "Just thought I'd find you and ask if you'd prefer lunch elsewhere."

Amy smiled. "That'd be great."

"This was not what I had in mind," Amy said.

"It's 'elsewhere,' isn't it?" Bruce laughed, and Amy threw one of her chips at him from across her desk.