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Note that this takes place after Voldemort is defeated. Also note that Percy, in this fic, has made up with the family and still drops by. That's why he's in here. Harry and Ron are both training to be Aurors and Hermione hasn't spoken to them in a while because she's extended her schooling. (typical Herm) And yes, I do believe that Ron will be a total hottie when he's grown up.

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So Sick of It
Chapter 1

Ron woke up feeling rather refreshed. Not much had happened the past few months and he was glad that today had finally come. It was his birthday, and the first one he would have at home since he left for Hogwarts. He got out of his bed and almost hit his head on the ceiling in his tiny room.

He had gotten much taller since he was a child. In fact, he was even taller than Bill now. He roamed past the many Chudley Cannon collecter items in his room to the full-length mirror on his door. He shook his thick, red hair until he was fully awake. He examined himself as his first day as a nineteen-year-old. Any baby fat on him had melted away in his puberty. His voice was deeper, he was taller, and his bright blue eyes had developed a unique, breath-taking shine to them. He had to admit to himself...he looked pretty good.

Before long, he could smell his mother's amazing cooking downstairs. She would be cooking quite a bit today. It was one of the rare times when all nine Weasleys were at the Burrow again. They were all visiting for different reasons. Fleur had come along with Bill. Unlike before when he'd do what he could in hopes of getting a kiss on the cheek, Ron would just usually roll his eyes at the newlyweds' lovey-dovey antics. He decided he'd might as well get used to it since they were staying another two weeks.

Ron finally got fully dressed and ready to start his birthday. He didn't expect much, but it was always nice to hear "Happy Birthday." That was usually all he got. But maybe, just maybe, this year would be different.

"Mmm, breakfast smells good Mum!" Ron announced as he came downstairs. Everyone else was already eating.

"It's alive," George mumbled apathetically with a mouthfull of food.

"Very funny," Ron retorted, though still smiling a little bit. He promptly sat himself down at his spot and happily said to his mother, "So, what delicious items are on the menu today?"

"Someone's in a good mood," Charlie chuckled with a slightly confused look.

"Why shouldn't I be?" Ron smiled even more.

"You're so weird sometimes," Charlie shook his head and returned to his own meal.

"Here, Ron, eat up," Mrs. Weasley casually gave Ron his breakfast.

"Hey, Mum, where are Bill and Fleur?" Ron asked, suddenly noticing the pair was missing.

"Already at work," Ginny replied first, "Something about having alot of paperwork. Percy's already gone, too."

"Oh! That reminds me!" Ron lightly slapped his head, "I still have that mountain of work at my job, too!"

"Is Ronnie feeling all tired out?" Fred teased in a baby-ish tone.

"Shut up! Training to be an Auror isn't easy! More paperwork than you'd expect..." he mumbled at the end. He tried to shake it off, though. He wasn't going to let little things like that spoil his nineteenth birthday.

"Well, all this talk about work makes me want to get to work!" George suddenly announced and stood up. Fred did the same, "Yes, unlike some people, we actually enjoy our job!"

The twins hurried outside and immediately apparated away. Ron was slightly annoyed, but decided that the twins never much cared for his birthday anyways, and Bill and Fleur could be excused, being happy newlyweds and all.

During his thoughts, he almost didn't notice Ginny and Charlie get up.

"Thanks for breakfast, Mummy!" Ginny called as they went outside to apparate.

"It was delicious!" Charlie called right before the 'pop.'

"Oh my!" Mr. Weasley suddenly realized the time, "I'd better hurry off to work, myself!" He kissed his wife on the cheek and followed the same pattern as his children. Ron was left sitting at the table on his own.

He lost his appetite completely. Getting up, he frowned. Everyone left so suddenly. Not a word was even mentioned of his special day.

"Ronald! You'd better hurry too!" Mrs. Weasley said next to him. Ron was at least a foot and a half taller than her now. She continued, "You won't pass as an Auror if you're late, now will you?"

Ron looked at her in disbelief and finally said, "That's it? That's all you have to say to me?"

"What are you talking about?" she asked confusedly, "Why is today any different? Come on! Time to go!"

Ron scrunched his eyebrows together and gave a few empty, almost painfull, chuckles, "I...don't believe this..."

Without warning, he grabbed his coat and rushed out the door in a rather disgruntled manner.

'They actually forgot...' he thought bitterly to himself right before he apparated.

"They actually forgot?" Harry gasped after Ron told him the story.

"That's right," Ron leaned up against the wall as if he was hurt, "Why did I think this year would be any better. Instead it's actually worse! I not even remember at all..."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better," Harry said awkwardly, "I remembered," he handed Ron a wrapped box.

Ron took the present and smiled sadly, "Thanks, Harry. At least I've got one good friend."

"Actually, you have two," Harry handed him another gift, one that was slightly smaller, "Hermione remembered too."

"Hermione?" he took the present curiously, "I don't think I've spoken to her in six months..."

"That shows she's a friend," Harry told him wisely, "Even after so much time, she's still thoughtful of you."

"Even when your own family can't remember your name half the time..." Ron added sadly, "Sorry, I don't mean to be so selfish, it's just depressing is all. Thanks for the gift."

"Open them. I think you'll like it."

Ron opened Hermione's gift first. It was a small, moving action figure of the Chudley Cannon's keeper. Hermione always was very thoughtful. Ron had to admit, he missed seeing the girl's bushy hair and her deep brown eyes. Heck, he even missed the bickering they did so often. Ron shook his thoughts and turned his attention to Harry's gift. He got a great surprise. It was brand new Quiddich gloves.

"I remembered you said your old ones were beginning to fall apart," Harry said sheepishly.

"Wow, Harry! Thanks a lot! Man, it almost...almost makes me want to go back to school so I can play with these!"

"Who's to say we couldn't play on our own sometime?"

"Sorry, Harry, but you and I both know we can't. Work's gotten so busy lately, what training to be an Auror and all."

"I know," Harry sighed, "Don't worry, though, you're not the only one having a hard time with this job."

"Let me guess," Ron chuckled, "Paperwork the hardest part?"

Harry gave a knowing smile.

"Damn, break's over," Ron sighed, noticing his watch. They both downed the last of their coffees and headed towards their respective offices.

"Good luck with the rest of your non-existent birthday," Harry teased good-naturedly.

"Oh, thanks a lot," Ron replied sarcastically before slipping into his office.

Work was not much better than home. Ron thought he was going to die in his office right there as another stack of papers were brought in. This was turning out to be a really crummy birthday. Ron might have even said it was worse than his seventeenth birthday when he was enchanted by love potions and poisened within an hour. At least people remembered him that day...Ron ran his fingers through his hair. He shouldn't think like that. Afterall, Harry and Hermione remembered. He'd just do what he did almost every day: grit his teeth and bear it.

Ron had to work overtime that day. It was past dinnertime when he could finally apparate home. Then again, he wasn't in the greatest rush to get home, either. He hated feeling uncomfortable in his own home.

Was it really his home anymore? Hermione once told him that home was where the heart was. Every day that went by, it seemed that his heart was less and less in the Burrow. He even started hating living there. Fred and George had a place of their own as did Bill and Fleur, Charlie, Percy, and even Ginny was talking about moving out. Ron often contemplated moving out, too. The problem was, like it so often was, money. He had no where near what it took to get an apartment. Everyone else used the money before he got the chance. Everyone had always beat him...That's how his life worked. He always seemed to be last in line...

Ron was never more unhappy to see his home when he popped in front of it. Thunderclouds had formed in the sky and threatened to break loose any second. He could hear laughter inside, probably from after-dinner giddyness. He didn't plan on getting any leftovers. He still wasn't very hungry.

"Look what finally showed up!" Fred laughed as Ron came through the door.

"Yeah, even Percy got home before he did!" George laughed as Percy frowned slightly.

The whole family, minus Ron, was sitting in the living room in a circle, all having a great time. Ron began to rush to his room. He really didn't feel like being around anyone at the moment.

When Ron finally reached the top of the stairs to his room, he entered as fast as he could. Immediately, he banged his head on the top door frame. He cursed loudly, but not loud enough for it to be heard downstairs. He bitterly ducked and fully entered his room. It seemed more cramped and cluttered than ever. The violent orange color of the room almost seemed to mock him as he rubbed his forehead. This room really had gotten too small.

Ron made up his mind. The very second he got his hands on a few Galleons, he would leave and find his own place. He refused to be left behind anymore.

He suddenly noticed he was still wearing his coat. Sighing, he started to head back downstairs so he could hang his coat by the door. The trip downstairs was much slower. After the faintest gulp, Ron passed the living room where everyone was still seated.

"Where are you going, Ron?" Ginny called from the room, drawing everyone's attention to him.

"Yes! Come back Ron!" George mocked in a high voice, "We need someone to torture!"

Ron quickly hung up his coat as well as his wounded pride. It would take all self-control he had to make the final trip back to his room.

"Come back Ron!" Fred dragged his little, though taller brother into the living room, "What's the hurry?"

"Let go, Fred!" he shook him off. He never felt more embarrassed in his life, standing in front of his entire family like some puppet they could taunt. With red ears he growled, "I'm not in the mood, okay!"

"Ronald-!" his mother tried to scold him.

"I'm not Fred! I'm George!" he put on a fake, hurt face.

"I couldn't care less who you really are," Ron spat and craned his neck to look Fred in the eye, "But I know for a fact you're Fred because George has a mole on the side of his neck. You don't. Therefore you are Fred. I repeat, I'm not in the mood."

The room got considerably quieter. Probably the most irritating thing to Ron was the fact that no one knew why he was so irritated. Ron's brilliant blue eyes began to have a sharp glare in them.

"Just what is your problem?" George, who was still seated, crossed his arms.

"Don't even bother," Ron mumbled as he turned away, fully intending on storming up to his room.

"What was that?" Fred didn't stop teasing, "What did you say, Ronniekins?"

Ron immediately stopped. His neck and jaw became immensely tighter and his breathing stopped altogether. His shoulders went back slightly and his head slightly down.

"Ron?" Ginny whispered cautiously.


Ron had spun around and punched Fred square across the jaw. He hit him with such force that Fred flew back and landed on the table in the center of the room, breaking it completely. All hell broke loose. Everyone shot up and began yelling things at the same time. Ron on the other hand, didn't move for several moments. Almost everyone rushed to Fred, who was close to unconscious on the ground.

Deciding he'd had enough, Ron spun around and headed for the door. He could only faintly hear Ginny call after him as he grabbed his coat once again and flung the door open. As he stormed outside, he found out it had begun to rain.

"RON!" she finally caught up to him outside, "Get back inside! We have to-"

"NO!" he spun around, "Forget it!"

"What do you mean 'No?'!" Ginny yelled through the rain, "What the hell happened to you?"

"You wouldn't understand, Ginny! You're a girl!"

"What?" she screeched.

"You're the only girl! You don't have to worry about going on unnoticed. I, on the other hand, am a different story."

Ginny looked helpless as Ron turned to face her. She gasped when she saw his eyes. They were still blue alright, but they had a certain shine to them. Ginny thought that his eyes could've cut right through her if she didn't know better.

"Ginny," Ron began, "You've probably been the nicest out of my siblings to me in my life, but I'm afraid not even you can help this time."

"Ron, wait!" she tried to stop her brother, but he apparated before another word could be said.

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