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Sasuke couldn't really leave Konoha without leaving behind a piece of his heart. And the only one—even to the slightest degree—understand him, behind as well. It was a shame—the words he always wanted to whisper to her at night withered unspoken on his lips. And her….her…She was always so intent on training, improving herself, gaining confidence in herself…and running after Naruto.

Sasuke never understood why Naruto didn't see her. She was stunning—shy, with pearl eyes that looked up wonderingly, the shy, quiet, but intelligent girl that always haunted the corners like a shy ghost. And Naruto. Running after him, never gaining any closer to her one impossible goal. Hell, Naruto was her air, stars, moon, her entire universe! That irked the Uchiha the most. Besides his own brother, anyway.

But maybe, just maybe, his own infatuation with her was one-sided—him running after her, she grasping for Naruto, Naruto wanting Sakura, Sakura chasing after him. It was all just one, big endless circle of one-sided …

'Not love,' he decided, 'lust. Childish crushes.' And then, 'Love…is an abstract idea,' he mused. 'Doesn't it really…just depend? On your outlook of life?' And then his thoughts flashed to her. Sasuke continued walking, shifting his pack straps. A soft wind ruffled his hair, the leaves making the sounds of soft laughter. The pale, full moon filtered through the heavy growths of plant-life, leaves and thin branches outlined in quicksilver. It was a clear night, and the meeting area with the Sound shinobi wasn't too far away.

Then he stopped, and a soft smile spread across his face. She was here. 'A last goodbye?' He recognized the clear chakra signature—it wasn't masked. And even if it were, he'd be able to tell it was hers. Quiet, meek and distinct, just like her.

He learned to recognize it from the many times he stalked her while she was training or just wandering around the village.

Then… 'The dobe must've sent her,' he thought angrily, the smile gone, replaced by a look of rage. 'Just like him. Ask someone, anyone, to bring me back.' Sasuke whirled, and there, outlined in soft, silky silver, was Hinata.

She wore a white shirt ('Odd,' he thought, 'for a Hyuuga to wear something so simple.'), and loose, dark-colored pants. Her face was pale in the light, and she seemed nervous. She walked up to him, quickly, simple sandals making soft 'fwish-fwish' sounds against the dirt.

She stopped in front of him, and the quickly flung her arms around him in hug. Sasuke stiffened. What in the world was going on? She pulled away, a fierce flush on her face.

Then she whispered, "Go, if you must."

One last hug, and then, most surprisingly, a kiss on his cheek. Sasuke stood there, dumbfounded, watching her bound away back to Konoha.

'Love,' he then decided, 'isn't as abstract when you think about it.

And he was grateful for Hinata understanding his situation. And, as she walked away, he whispered to the empty air, "I love you, Hinata."


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