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He didn't hate the mutt; far to the contrary, in fact. Why else would he spend so much time on a half-breed? He was training the pup, obviously. Otherwise, his half-brother would be dead and the Tetsusaiga would be his. He didn't even really want the sword anymore.

He wasn't about to lie, and claim that he had never wanted his father's sword, but it wasn't an all-consuming passion anymore. Not now that he had Tokijin, made from the fang of Goshinki that had shattered his father's blade. Although the new Tetsusaiga was supposed to be more powerful, he doubted it, forged from the half-breed's fang.

Tetsusaiga just wasn't worth what it once had been, not now that it had been contaminated by the half-ling. True, he didn't despise the pup.

But that didn't mean his views on half-breeds in general, and this one in particular, had changed at all.