The Boy Who Lived, Loved and Saved-Not Only the Wizarding World, but the Muggle World as Well

By Raekitty13

Declaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters or any other ideas created and copyrighted by JK Rowling.

A/N: I haven't read the 7th Harry Potter Book… so far nobody has. This story is meant to take place a couple of years after the 7th Harry Potter Book assuming that Harry defeated Lord Voldemort but he was left with yet again another loop hole and was able to come back. I am also assuming that none of the characters I'm using in my Fan Fic have died, disappeared, been harmed in such a way they couldn't do the things I have them do… etc. I hope you enjoy the story!

Chapter 1- Voldemort's Return

"Harry? Harry why do I have to leave? Please don't send me away!" Ginny was begging Harry not to send her away.

"Ginny, you know I have to. Please don't look at me that way," Harry's voice was soft and full of emotion. He didn't want to send her away, but he had to. He had to make sure she'd be safe. "You know it's the only way to keep you safe."

"Harry, please! I could help you! Don't send me away! What if Voldemort finds me and you're not there to protect me?" Ginny had been clutching onto Harry's clothes, but now she was being pulled back by some invisible source.

The scene changed. It was black. There was no sound save for a small far off hiss. Harry didn't think anything of it… until the hissing grew louder. The noise began to make his scare tingle. The tingle began to cause more pain, as the thing making the noise grew closer.

Soon Harry couldn't even tell the noise had started out as a hiss. His scare was burning so bad that he became disoriented. He hadn't even noticed that the sound that was causing his pain had changed from the sound of a snake to the evil sound of Lord Voldemort laughing.

Harry sat up in bed. The only sounds that came to his ears were his own screaming and a baby's cry. He was covered in sweat and felt like vomiting. Nothing like this had happened to him since he was in his fifth year at Hogwarts. He had mastered occlumency so it wasn't that Voldemort was reading his mind. Yet he'd been having strange dreams the same as this one night after night.

"Harry, mate, could you keep your screaming down? You woke up the baby again." Harry's best friend Ron asked groggily.

Ron's question didn't even phase Harry. He simply stopped screaming and turned his head to look over the side of his bed and threw up all over the floor.

"Ronald! That's no way to treat Harry! You know he's had it bad for a long time!" Hermione scolded, cradling the crying baby.

"I'm sorry, Hermione, but it's not my fault that I haven't gotten any sleep in the past three months! It wasn't my idea to send Ginny to live with Lupin and Tonks!" Ron shouted.

"You haven't slept for three months! I haven't seen you lift a finger once to take care of our daughter during the night!" Hermione screeched. "And it wasn't Harry's fault! He thought sending Ginny away would protect her! Unlike you who came up with the brilliant idea of living with your rich brothers!"

"There's nothing wrong with Ron living with his rich," George started.

"Not to mention good looking," Fred added.

"Older brothers." The Weasley Twins finished together.

"It's nice to see even though you two are married," Fred started.

"You still fight as much as when you two were in your fourth year." George finished.

"You OK, Harry?" Fred asked. The twins had been standing in the doorway but as soon he noticed how pail Harry looked he walked into the room Harry, Hermione, Ron, and their baby, Beth had been sharing.

The three friends were living with Fred and George above their Joke Shop. Ron and Hermione were married last year and blessed with a baby girl three months ago. Fred and George had a point; the couple fought as much now as they did in their youth.

Harry had come to live with his four best friends last year. He had planned to live in the House of Black with Ginny as his wife after he had defeated Voldemort once and for all. But just last year there were reports of Death Eater attacks and the sighting of the Dark Mark was becoming more frequent.

Harry knew Voldemort must have found the loophole in which he could return once more. And now he was planning a second revenge. This time he wouldn't let Harry get away. Harry's only weak spot was the Weasley family. He managed to send Ginny to live with people he knew were capable of protecting her, Tonks and Lupin. (They had gotten married a couple of years ago but Harry and the rest of the gang still called her Tonks and she didn't seem to mind. "Better than my first name!" She'd always say.) But the rest of the Weasley's weren't about to be bossed around by The Boy Who Lived.

Ron and Hermione weren't going anywhere. They had told him that at the end of their sixth year and Hogwarts and Harry knew they meant it. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley told Harry they could take care of themselves but in the end had gone to live with Ginny and the Lupin family. Well Charlie, Bill and Percy were independent and wouldn't heed Harry's warning either. And then of course, Fred and George had offered his little brother, wife, child and best friend a home.

"Harry, mate. What was your dream about this time?" George asked.

"I keep having the same dream." Harry said. " I keep reliving the moment I told Ginny that she had to live with someone else. The day I had to tell her, again, that we couldn't be together."

The room was silent for a while. Then Ron tried to cheer Harry up. "It's only guilt, Harry. You miss her and all."

Harry just shook his head. "But it's not. The dream suddenly changes and I'm left in the dark. There's this hissing noise, real quiet at first. But as the noise gets louder my scare starts to burn. By the end of the dream I can hear Voldemort laughing and my scare hurts so bad it fells like my heads going to blow off or something."

"Bloody Hell," Ron said. "I believed you when you said he was planning to come back. But it sounds like he's already back."

"Yeah." Harry said weakly. "What are we going, what are we going to do if…"

George noticed that Harry was having trouble finishing his sentence, "If he finds Ginny and harms her?"

"Yeah." This time Harry's voice was so weak his friends in the room could barely hear him.

"Harry, you know Lupin and Tonks will take care of Ginny." Hermione said calmly. Beth had stopped crying and was asleep once again. "Lupin knows how to protect against the dark like nobody else and Tonks is an Auror."

"Yeah." Ron added. Walking over to where Hermione was standing next to the crib. He took his daughter from his wife and cradled in his arms, a loving look in his eyes. He looked back up to add, "I heard Mad Eye was heading out that way for a while."

"I still don't want to believe the Ministry is half and half, you know?" George asked.

Harry groaned. "Don't remind me. I don't see why we can't just get rid of all of the corrupted members!"

"Then what would they have left?" Hermione asked. "Good Heaven's, Harry it's two in the morning. Couldn't we try to get some sleep, please? I know you're worried but we'll be able to think better when we're away and not half asleep!"

Fred and George nodded. "We'll be of more help to you in the morning, Harry. Plus we're opening early tomorrow."

The twins left the room as Ron placed Beth back in her crib. "You know, Hermione, I think she looks as beautiful as you when she sleeps."

In the dark Harry saw Hermione and Ron holding each other. He knew it must be hard for them to raise Beth while worrying about Voldemort, Ginny and Harry himself. These were the last thoughts that left impressions in Harry's mind as he drifted off into a fitful sleep.