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"Goooood morning Amity Park! Today is January 26 and it is 6:30 so if you are not already stuck in morning traffic get up! Speaking of traffic we have Joe with us over here… so Joe, how slow is it?" Danny Fenton groaned and rolled over to smack the snooze button on his alarm clock. He really didn't care much about what Joe had to say.

He was about to fall back asleep five minutes later but it came on again. "… and it looks like it is going to be another cold day out, so make sure to put on you coat before you go out! The high today is 28 with a low of 12." Danny covered his head with the pillow, hoping to block out the sound, but it didn't work.

He sighed and slowly got to the sitting position. He rubbed his eyes and finally got up and started to get dressed with his trademark jeans and white tee shirt while listing to the radio. "For local news Danny Phantom was spotted again last night fighting a robotic looking ghost. We have John Borg on the phone and he said that said he saw the whole thing… " Danny, who was in the process of leaving his room stopped half way out the door and sat back down on his bed. Sure his alter ego was on the news a lot but last night he didn't think anyone was around besides Sam, Tucker and himself. Then he remembered… he just transformed while he was still in the middle of the street… "John can you here us?"

"Yep" Said a guy that sounded like he could have been a surfer in California if he wasn't stuck in Amity.

"Can you tell us what you saw last night?" Said the radio announcer.

"Yea, umm, I was walking home from this, like, really crazy party that was, like, really… crazy… yeah, but anyways I heard yelling and crashing, and so ran towards it and when I, like, turned the corner, there was this girl, I think she was gothic… yeah but anyways she was, like, in this glowing cage on the ground and I saw the ghost kid fighting it out with some robot looking guy. Yeah and he said, "That's it!" and then, like, a lot of gun looking thing came out of the robot looking dude and he shot them all at the ghost kid.

"He got hit and hit a building and I was like 'ouch that must have hurt' right, but he just got back up I heard him yell, "now!" and the robot thing's arm beeped and he started to do jumping jacks… yeah… then the Danny Phantom dude sucked him in to this thermos looking thing and yeah." He finished. Danny winced… it took him a while to decipher through all the likes, dudes, and umms.

"Is that all?"

"Umm… no but that was the end of the exciting part. The ghost kid like freed the girl and they were like talking and she wasn't running away or anything… weird… yeah and this kid in a dorky red hat-- that's the only thing I remember about him… came out of the shadows and they were all like chatting. Then they starting walking away and there was this big flash of light after they turned the corner. Yeah… but when I went over there later, they were gone." Danny sighed in relief. Good, his secret was still safe.

"Wow, sounds like you had quite the experience last night. So you are saying Phantom saved the girl?"

"Well yeah that's what it looked like…" Danny chuckled and thought back to last night…


Danny, Tucker, and Sam just finished fighting the box ghost and were heading home while Sam tested them for tomorrows English test.

"Who wrote The Raven?" She asked looking at Danny's notes.

"Umm…" He knew this but he couldn't put his finger on it… "Umm… Mark Twain?"

Sam shook her head… "Edgar Allen Poe."

"Ugg… I knew that!" Danny said. "Hurry, ask me another one while I'm still on a roll."

"Danny… you were never on a roll, you haven't gotten one right so far…" Tucker said.

"I know but I almost got the last one!" He exclaimed.

Sam sighed. "Fine… who wrote—" but she was cut off when Danny's ghost sense when off. Danny turned around, but he didn't see anybody. Suddenly Sam was blasted back by a pink ectoplasm that swallowed her up and turned in to a cage, she was trapped.

"Sam!" Danny said turning back to her. Then a claw shot out at him and clamped on to his chest. He looked down at it in confusion, but then he realized what it was. Suddenly he felt waves of electricity serge though his body. He yelled out in pain, and collapsed on the ground, but it didn't stop. Finally Tucker saw what was going on… Skulker was out for Danny again and was trying… and succeeding in weakening him. Tucker quickly took out his PDA and entered in "Break dance." After he pressed "enter" Tuckers old PDA on Skulker arm beeped, he looked down and read it, did a face palm and started to break dance. Danny coughed and tried to get up, but collapsed again. Tucker loyally ran to his side and helped him up. "Are you okay man?" He asked.

"Yea… I'll be fine." Then Tucker helped Danny over to Sam.

"Are you okay?" Danny asked.

"It's a little crammed in here but I'll be fine." She said. Nobody knew that Skulker had been updated to a point where he could fight the PDA after a while. Slowly Skulker stopped, panting because of the energy it took to control himself.

Danny noticed the noise and turned around. "Whoa… since when was he able to override the PDA?" he asked, even though he knew he wouldn't get an answer. "I'm going ghost!" he yelled and two blue rings appeared around him and one when up and one went down. Soon Danny Fenton was no longer there, and Danny Phantom stood in his place.

He jumped up and flew up to Skulker level. "Can't I get in a good study session just once?" He asked. "I have a test tomorrow and you've just locked my question asker away!"

"The test will be the least of your worries after I am done with you whelp," Skulker said and fired two small rocket from his arm. Danny flew up to avoid them, but to his surprise, they followed him.

Danny, now slightly panicked, turned and flew away from Skulker with the two rockets hot on his heals. Suddenly he dived down trying to shake them off, but as he did so, his arm scraped the edge of a building. He cried out, looking down at his arm, it was bleeding. A drop of greenish red blood leaked down his arm and fell to the ground.

Remembering the rockets Danny looked behind him and zoomed off. Suddenly he heard an explosion and looked behind him. One of the rockets had exploded in the spot on the building where he scraped his arm, and the other one went down and blew up street, where his blood had dripped. Danny blinked. He never knew that being klutzy would save his life! In fact he thought it would end it! Laughing to himself, he went invisible and flew back to Skulker.

When he got there Sulker was talking to Sam.

"Hey, could you let me go? I'm not the one your after here." Sam said as if she was talking to her neighbor.

"Oh- I'll let you go… just as soon as that pesky ghost child is a pelt on my wall… you have no use to me." He was saying.

Danny quietly flew behind him, and charged up a shot. Suddenly he went visible and said "Hey Skulker!" Skulker turned around and his face went from his normal scowl to surprised as Danny threw the shot. "Take that!" He yelled.

It hit him right on the chest and he flew down and hit the ground hard. Skulker rubbed his head and flew back up. "That's it!" He yelled and fired up all of his weapons at the same time. Then resounding bangs echoed around the abandoned street. Danny went intangible, but he knew that it wouldn't save him from all of them, so he tried to dodge as many as he could.

Then when he was trying to dodge one, one that he wasn't paying attention to hit him, and he was thrown back in to the already blown up building, hitting his head.

Stars burst in front of his eyes. He shook his head to make them go away and he looked down at Tucker. "Now!" He yelled at him. Tucker put in "jumping jacks" in to his PDA. Skulker' arm beeped again. He groaned and flew to the ground and started doing what the almighty PDA commanded him to do.

It wasn't quite what Danny meant, but it would do.

He took the thermos off of his back and sucked Skulker inside it. He put the cap back on as he flew down. "Phew… glad that's over." He said. Then he went over to Sam, freed her, and helped her up.

"Ask me a question!" He said urgently.

"How can you just…" She sighed, shaking her head. "Okay… who wrote Huckleberry Finn?"

"Argh! I seriously know this! Umm… Edgar Allen Poe?" He asked hopefully.

"Nope… Mark Twain." Tucker said coming out of his the shadows.

"Darn it! I am so doomed tomorrow aren't I?" Danny said starting to walk back towards his house before the police came to see what all the noise was.

"Yep." They both said at the same time as they rounded the corner. Before they got back out to a more populated part of Amity Park Danny changed back to normal.

-End of Flashback-

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