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-The next day-

Sam plopped down on her bed after school, depressed. It had been a day since she told Danny she liked him. What a horrible decision that was. Before she could start thinking about how things could have gone, the cell phone in her backpack started to ring. She quickly dug through her backpack and checked the caller ID. It was Danny, again. She sighed; she couldn't talk to him yet. She put it back down on her nightstand, ignoring it. This was the sixth time he had called in the past day. As soon as it stopped ringing, the room was consumed in silence. She finally had time to think. The first thing she did was start scolding herself. Why did she tell him? Now their friendship was as good as ruined!

When they saw each other again it would be awkward, if she sat down at lunch with them it would be awkward, heck if she even walked next to him in the hall it would be awkward! Pretty soon Danny and Tucker would stop calling her to hang out and she would be left friendless, all because she couldn't keep her stupid feelings bottled up… but at least Tucker didn't know yet, or he didn't act like he knew at school.

Then her cell phone ran again. She growled. If it was Danny again she would seriously chuck her cell phone out of the window. She grabbed it and checked caller ID. It was Tucker. Relieved, she answered it.

"What do you want?" She greeted.

"Hello to you too Sam." Tucker replied without missing a beat. "You are coming to Danny's surprise party right?" Sam had completely forgotten.

"Uhh… I don't know…" She replied, slowly.

"What do you mean 'I don't know' of course you know! You are coming. That's that. Now the real reason I called is because I am debating between bringing BBQ chips or Sour Cream and Onion chips…"

"No, Tucker… I seriously don't know if I should go or not… I think it would be really awkward. I- I told him yesterday. I told him that I liked him, no I said that I loved him… and he doesn't like me back…" She said, losing herself in her own thoughts.

There was a pause over the line, but then Tucker said, "What was that Sam? I can't hear you. My phone is losing signal or something. Well you better be there, be there for Danny. Sam I ….ink I am los…ng you…" and suddenly there was a dial tone. Sam looked at the phone questionably and hung up. That didn't sound very convincing. She guessed Tucker did that purposely… he probably saw a new model of his PDA or something and didn't want to talk to her anymore.

She thought about what Tucker had said. "Be there for Danny." She laid her head back on her pillow and sighed.

It was probably that statement that somehow changed her mind, and somehow persuaded her in to hiding behind the Fenton's couch in the complete dark, which was where she was now. His sister was bringing home from the hospital. Just moments ago, Mrs. Fenton looked out the window and quickly motioned everyone to their hiding places and clicked off the lights. Danny was coming.

Soon the front door opened and Danny stepped in followed by his sister. "Where is everybody?" He asked, putting up his coat on the coat hanger.

"I told you about the new experiment. They are probably down stairs in the lab." She replied, looking around the room excitedly.

Danny didn't notice. "Well let's hope this one doesn't shock, burn, or tear me apart molecule by molecule..." He trailed off, turning on the lights.

"SURPRISE!!!!!!!!" Danny jumped and quickly turned around, already in his battle stance, but he quickly stood up right once he saw that it was just his family, Sam and Tucker.

"W-wow!" Danny said, looking around the room properly for the first time. There were banners, balloons, Sour Cream and Onion and BBQ chips and most importantly Sam. He made eye contact with her for a moment, but then Sam quickly looked away. Danny just stared at her, while his parents swept him in to a welcome home hug. This time it was gentle.

As soon as they pulled away, Jazz looked like she was about to say something to Danny except Jack yelled, "CAKE TIME," while dashing in to the kitchen, dragging Danny behind him.

Jazz looked at her mother as if she was expecting an answer. "Well I told him that he had to wait until Danny got home…" Maddie tried to explain. Jazz just shook he head and followed her father in to the kitchen. Mr. Fenton was already cutting a piece for himself and Danny was standing awkwardly behind him, plate in hand.

After Danny sat down at the table with his cake Jack asked, "Do you like it?"

"Uh, dad, I haven't even tried it yet…" Danny replied, looking at his dad weirdly.

"We made it ourselves!" He said proudly, ignoring Danny's last comment. Danny put down his fork.

"Really?" Danny squeaked in a voice two octaves above normal. He cleared his throat and asked, "Anything I should know about it?"

Jack looked around to see if his wife was listing, but when he saw she was busy getting something without dairy products in it for Sam he whispered, "Your mom and I were going to keep it a surprise, but this cake is enhanced with something called anti-ectoplasm, so when you eat it, it gets in to your blood stream and it repels ghosts for a whole day!!! So just in case you ever go to serve another detention and a ghost attacks…"

Danny bit his lip, but then put on a fake smile. "T-thanks dad! But I'm not that hungry right now, the doctor said I might feel a little sick after being in bed for a week, and now I know what he means." He lied. He didn't want to learn how it repelled the ghost, but he knew if he ate it, it would be hard to go ghost.

"More for me!!!" His dad exclaimed. When everybody was seated, they started asking what exactly happened at Starbucks, and thanks to Jazz explaining it to him a day earlier; he could make up the details, and explained how Danny Phantom saved him in the last minute.

"You know, we actually talked to Phantom right before you woke up…" His dad added.

"R-really?" Danny stuttered already well knowing what he was talking about.

"Yep, for some reason he actually sounded… civil…" His mom said, as if she was trying to find a word.

"Well it sounds like he is trying to clear up his image and become the good ghost he really is!" Jazz said quickly, kicking Danny's foot under the table and winking at him. Danny glared at her and mouthed 'stop.'

"I don't know… I bet this whole thing was a plot to ruin the RV." He dad stated with a suspicious tone. Everybody rolled their eyes at the statement, but Jack seemed to really believe it.

Maddie interrupted the disbelieving silence. "Well I am just glad you are home." She said turning to Danny. "Your dad and I just wanted to let you know how much we care about you, and that's why we planned this." Maddie paused as if she was looking for how to say her next statement. "We actually did make a break through in the lab yesterday… and I can't say I'm much of a partier… so…"

Jazz groaned in exasperation and Danny suppressed a chuckle. "You can go."

His mom smiled. "You're an angel, sweetie." She said, but then in a more serious voice she said, "Jack lets roll!"

Danny smiled knowingly as his mother and father rushed down to the lab. "Actually I prefer ghost…" Danny said quietly.

Jazz sighed. "Well, I guess you can say it's a break through… they were able to stay away from their work for a half an hour." She mumbled, going up to record it in her diary.

Suddenly it was just the three of them sitting at the table. Sam seemed to look anywhere except for Danny and Danny was just staring down at the floor. There was a silence and Tucker smiled. "I have to go to the bathroom, but don't wait up for me… this might take a while. Something didn't agree with me in that cake... " He said giving Danny a wink before running off. Now it was just him and Sam.

The silence seemed to press against their ears as they both refused to look at each other. Finally Sam spoke up. "It's been a nice party so far…" She tried, still not looking at him.

Danny tried to laugh but it didn't quite work, "So far all I've done is be surprised and just sat here trying not to give away that I'm the ghost boy they are talking about."

There was another silence. Danny sighed, and started the speech he planned out that morning. "Look Sam, you never really gave me a chance to talk about the other day..." The tension in the room seemed to thicken at that.

"Oh… Y-you mean—in the…."

"Yeah. I- I'm sorry for being so clueless." He paused. "When you said that you liked me in there I wasn't quite sure what to think. Well I knew… but it was just like my brain froze. Now I've had some time to sort out my thoughts and… well…"

Sam looked up at him for the first time even though Danny kept looking down. A zillion thoughts were rushing through his head. He took a deep breath, trying to slow down all of the thoughts of what could go wrong. "Sam… do you still like me?" He asked, dead serious.

She blinked. "W- why?" She asked. As soon as she said it she mentally slapped herself. What a stupid question.

Danny didn't think much of it though, and answered "Because… because I like you too Sam, I really do. But do you still like me?" Danny asked, afraid that she hated him for just sitting there at the hospital.

Sam stared at him for a second, to shocked to speak. So this is what Danny meant when he said his brain froze. She quickly shook herself out of it, not wanting a repeat of the day before. "Wow… I wasn't expecting that…" She said, trying not to show the overwhelming joy that seemed to suddenly break free. Danny sill had an expression that looked like he was asking her to marry her though. She thought about letting him go on in suspense for a few minutes, but she decided to end this drama fest. "Yes… I still like you." Danny seemed to suddenly breath again.

"Okay… great! I mean, wow. That took a lot out of me…" Sam chuckled, practically watching his adrenalin level go down.

"I'm still sorry about yesterday though." He said sincerely.

"Don't worry about it Danny, it's natural for guys to be clueless."

At first Danny just nodded, but then what she said sank in. "Hey!" Danny said, pushing Sam playfully.

Sam pushed him back and made him fall off of his chair. While Danny was moaning something about getting out of the hospital just to be abused again Sam interrupted him. "Shut up you whiner. I don't know about you but I'm going to see if Tucker is really using the bathroom, and then lets I am going to start a Dead Teachers marathon!" Sam said springing to her feet, her face seeming to have a new shine to it.

"Wait! I-I mean… well… what is our status? Like are we going study now… or are we just… I don't know… two people who have a crush on each other?"

Sam thought for a second. Suddenly she winced, and looked at Danny as she said, "Well… can we not tell anybody, except for Tucker maybe…"

Danny looked at her curiously. "Why?"

"Two words. My parents…"

Danny winced as well. "Oh yeah… they would probably not like this very much, would they?"

"I just don't want another restraining order…" Danny nodded then he smiled warmly up at her.

"Yeah, lets keep it a secret, for now." Sam smiled back down at him, feeling the happiness bubble up inside her again. She didn't start giggling madly like her body wanted her too though. That would be SO not gothic,

"Well, back to the Dead Teacher marathon… bet you can't beat me to the TV!" Danny challenged, getting to his feet and taking off towards the living room.

Sam smiled and yelled, "Your on!!!" and took off.

-The next morning-

"FENTON!!!" Danny sighed at the familiar voice. It was just his luck that he would run in to Dash before the first bell even rang. "Where have you been? I've gotten some crap from my Algebra teacher lately while you have been skipping school." Danny calmly turned around to face him.

"Look, Dash, couldn't we do this some other time… school hasn't even started yet."

"What makes you think you have any control over me?" Dash said shoving him in to the lockers. He seemed a bit feistier today, Danny noted. Sam was immediately in between them, defending Danny.

"Stop it! He just got out of the hospital, let him be." She demanded.

Dash just looked past her, totally ignoring her. "C'mon Fenton, do you really have to have your girlfriend fight all of your fights?"

For the first time Danny or Sam didn't protest with "HE/ SHE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND/ GIRLFRIEND!!!" Instead he just wrapped his arm around her shoulder and said, "No, you're just not worth it." Then he turned and walked away from the fight.

"What are you scared?" He said nastily. Danny ignored him. "COME BACK HERE FENTON!" Dash yelled after him, taking it as an personal insult that Danny didn't seem threatened by him. By this point they were starting to gather a crowd. Danny just kept walking though, and Sam smiled at him, knowing what he was doing was right. Dash finally snapped, running after them. There wasn't much forewarning so Danny was taken by surprise when he was suddenly punched in the back.

He crashed on to the marble floor. There was a gasp from the crowd and suddenly, he was consumed by a large shadow. He wasn't quite sure what to expect next, but it certainly wasn't being helped up. "MR. BAXTER! To my office… NOW!" Yelled Mr. Lancer from behind him.

He watched as Dash suddenly put on an innocent face and said, "Mr. Lancer! He was trying to start a fight and I tried to just—"

"No excuses Mr. Baxter, lets go." And the two of them were escorted in to the assistant principal's office. As soon as they were all in, Mr. Lancer slammed the door shut behind them. "Now what happened?" He asked in a stern voice, going around to sit on the other side of his desk.

"Well, like I was saying in the hall… Fenton was trying to start a fight, and I was just trying to calm him down before he hurt someone, and suddenly he lashed out! I was just trying to protect myself…"

"He's lying!!!" Danny interrupted, his eyes flashing green. It was too early to deal with this kind of stuff.

Mr. Lancer glanced over at Danny, seeing the change in color, but then looked at Dash with a steady gaze.

"Danny, what really happened?" He asked, the stern dropping from his voice only a little.

"I didn't start the fight! He just came up to me and starting pushing me around!" He said, glaring over at Dash.

"I assume you know what we do to fighters in Casper High Mr. Baxter?"

"Of course, detentions for a week." He replied, smirking over at Danny.

"Well then, Mr. Baxter, I will see you after school today." Lancer said standing up. "Danny you're dismissed."

"WHAT!?" Dash exclaimed. "You mean you believe Fenton?"

Lancer turned around. "Of course." He replied calmly and left the office.

"BUT I HAVE FOOTBALL PRACTICE!!!" He yelled after him, but Lancer didn't turn back. Danny was finally able to burst out laughing. Dash growled and turned back to Danny, just to find that he was already gone.

Danny, staying invisible and intangible, walked through the wall in to the hallway, and then in to his first class. He checked the room to make sure only Lancer was in there, and when the coast was clear, he became tangible and visible again. Lancer dropped all of his papers and yelled, "CATCHER IN THE RYE!!!"

"Sorry…" Danny apologized bending down to help pick up the papers.

Lancer sighed, after getting over his shock. "I guess I'm going to have to get used to that. Thanks." He said taking the papers in Danny's hand.

"I just came here, first of all because it's my first class, and secondly because I wanted to thank you for your card." Danny said, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Ah, my card. I had some extra time on my hand and so I decided to make you it. I know that you don't find poetry the most interesting thing in the world, but it's the thought that counts, right?" Lancer said, sitting down at his desk, smiling slightly.

"No, I liked it! It was better then anything I could ever do…" Danny said. Feeling an awkward silence coming on. This was the first time Danny had talked to Lancer since he discovered his secrete, and Danny wasn't quite sure how to act.

Lancer looked over Danny properly for the first time since he visited him in the hospital. He seemed perfectly fine at first glance, but Lancer noticed some small scratches and bruises on his arms. If those were from the fight just two days ago, Danny must have ghostly healing powers… or something. He would have to ask Danny about some of his powers later. It really was interesting to have Amity Park's hero sitting in your class everyday.

Before the pause could be considered an awkward silence, Lancer said, "Well now I know what you are doing in all of your free time, I think we should make some adjustments to my rules."

"Huh?" Danny said sounding a bit dim.

"Can you make your eyes change green on purpose?" Lancer suddenly asked.

Bewildered, Danny just looked at his teacher for a second, but then replied, "Yes, but sometimes it happens accidentally when I get mad."

"Okay, good. If you are late because of ghost fighting, turn your eyes green for a moment, and I won't mark it down." Lancer said smoothly.

"Really?!?" Danny asked, already overjoyed.

"Yes, and I will only mark half of your assignments late, and let you finish the rest and have you turn it in for full credit. "

Danny was to stunned to speak.

"And if you have to leave in the middle of class, just raise your hand, change your eye color again, and I will know that it really is an emergency, and let you go."

There was silence while Danny soaked it all in. "S-Sam and Tucker too?"

"Yes, I assume that Sam and Tucker help you with you 'job' too." Lancer said, air-quoting job. "But if you abuse this privilege and just skip school for no reason, then it will be taken away, but I trust you won't do that."

"W-wow! Thank you Mr. Lancer!" Danny exclaimed.

"Oh, and the rest of the people at Starbucks asked me to pass on their thanks as well." He said. "You still have five minutes before class, so you can go tell Miss Manson and Mr. Foley the news."

Danny waked over to the door, still slightly in shock and right as he opened it Lancer called, "Danny?"

"Yeah?" He asked turning around.

"Lets just keep this between you, Miss Manson, Mr. Foley, and myself, okay?"

Danny smiled and nodded in reply. Then he went back out in to the crowded hall, leaving the door slightly ajar, and Lancer smiled.


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