"M-master Gawaine…you're lying…"

"I'm sorry, Avin…but its true…Mile is dead. His bell was found, soaked in blood where his body lay before his abduction…"

"No…not Mile…I can't believe it…"

Avin awoke with a start, panting wildly. A thin layer of sweat covered his body, making his clothes stick uncomfortably.

"I can't seem to forget that day…," he whispered to himself, grabbing the red bandana as he sat on the end of his bed. He tied the bandana around his forehead, and began towards the door.

A quiet moan stopped him in his tracks. Looking behind him, he noticed Rutice sleeping soundly in the bed next to his. Her features seemed most calm when she slept, almost as if she finally made peace with herself. Avin heard her mumble in her sleep.

"Little brother…"

Avin suddenly thought of Emielle. Frowning, he looked away.

"I cant believe its been three years since she and Mile were taken," he thought sadly.

Quietly, he snuck out of the room and out of the Inn.

It was a quiet night in Valkd. Much quieter than usual, due to the fact that Douglas was keeping watch. He probably fell asleep again.

Avin walked down the empty streets, the only sound was from his own footsteps and breaths.

He suddenly began to think about Rutice.

"I've never met anyone like her before…," he thought. "I feel somewhat guilty by thinking of her more than just a friend…"

A sudden voice in his mind snapped him out of this thoughts.


Avin turned around, but no one was there.

"W-who is it?" he asked the darkness, but there was no answer.

"Must have just been my imagination…," he thought, sitting against the entranceway to the Chapel. His head fell back, softly hitting the concrete and brick.

Avin, Rutice, and Douglas ended up postponing their journey, due to a sudden monster attack. Rutice was hurt to the point of death, so Avin decided to care for her. He didn't want to loose another close friend. Unfortunately, time passed by so quickly that Avin almost gave up hope about finding his sister, and possibly Mile. He had himself convinced that they were both dead.

Avin sighed.

"I can't believe myself…I hate myself…"

The voice interrupted his thoughts once again.


"Can…you hear…me…"

Avin stood up, clearly hearing the voice. He looked around franticly.

"I can hear you…but where are you?" he called out, almost manically.


Avin nodded, racing towards the south exit of Valkd. His footsteps echoed through the silent town, pacing himself like a fast-paced metronome.

He finally reached the exit. The path leading away from town was dark, swallowing anything that entered like a black abyss. He heard the voice again.


The voice was clearer, and much louder now.


Avin looked down the path a few feet, noticing something laying on the dirt path. He squinted his eyes, but the figure was still to dark to notice any features.

Running over, he kneeled down over the figure. The smell of blood was strong. Avin reached out to turn the figure into the dim light, but as his hand touched, he jerked it away. The figure's clothes were soaked in blood.


Avin's eyes widened. The voice coming from the wounded figure sounded too familiar, like a haunting dream from the past.

Turning the figure into the street lights coming from Valkd, Avin gasped.

The bloody, mangled body who was calling for him was Mile. He was covered in dirt, his clothes torn to the point of rags. His once-beautiful golden hair was now a dirty blonde, covered in filth and patches of blood. He reeked of monsters.


Avin took Mile's broken body into his arms, cradling it.

"I can't believe it…your alive…," he whispered.

Mile's eyes opened slightly. Avin expected the glow of his sapphire orbs, but they were now a dull, shadowy blue.

"A-Avin…I'm so glad…I reached you…"

"Shh…," Avin whispered. "Don't strain yourself…I'll take you back to Valkd…"

A small, sliver of a smile passed Mile's face, but disappeared once his consciousness was lost.

Before Avin carried Mile back to down, he combed his hand through his old partner's hair.

"You don't know how much I missed you…"


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