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Rutice and Douglas made their way back to Valkd Inn. Douglas immediately walked out when he noticed Avin and Mile.

"I don't feel like messing with a bunch of kids…," he muttered. Avin was half-fallen on the floor with his legs still on the bed, and Mile had taken all the blankets and was huddled into a little ball. A small trickle of drool fell from Avin's mouth onto the floor.

Before Douglas completely exited the Inn, he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Wait…bunch of kids…Mile…Mile..! Mile's back!" he shouted, running back inside and tackling the ball of blankets.

Mile snorted, walking up with Douglas on top of him. His eyes widened with shock, and immediately kicked him off the bed.

"Get off of me…," Mile said, smiling at Douglas.

"You seem to like kicking people a lot…," Avin muttered, rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

"Good morning, Avin," Rutice said. "Couldn't decide whether to sleep on the floor or the bed?"

Avin snorted. "I fell off, is all."

"Y-you fell off?" Mile asked, laughing.

"Shut up…," Avin muttered, getting up and slinking outside. Douglas smiled, offering a handshake to Mile.

"I wont ask about the 'why's' and 'how's', just wanna' say welcome back."

Mile smiled and stuck out his hand.

"Its nice to be-" He froze. He had stuck the infected hand out. Douglas and Rutice studied the pulsing blob of blackish purple before he could quickly pull away to switch hands.

"Eheh, sorry about that…," he laughed nervously. "It was just a bad bruise."

Douglas and Rutice exchanged glances, but Douglas returned the handshake.

"Its good to have you back," he said.

Yawning, Mile directed his attention towards Rutice.

"I have a question…," he started. Rutice eyed him carefully.

"W-what is it…"

"When I regained consciousness last night, what were you and Avin doing? I could have sworn you two-"

"No, nothing happened at all! Nothing! Haha…nothing at all…," she stammered before walking outside. "You were just imagining things."

Douglas watched Rutice carefully, grinning.

"So something did happen!"

Rutice's eyes widened. "No! Nothing happened! Leave me alone!" she shouted before running away.

"Get back here!" Douglas ran after her.


Mile slumped back into his bed, sighing. I wonder if something really did happen… he thought.

The sound of boot steps snapped Mile out of his thoughts. A shiver of cold ran down his spine.

Boot steps…boot steps…cold…prison…hallway…echoing boot steps…

Memories from three years ago surged through his mind. His hands few up to the sides of his head as he doubled over. He could feel the wound throbbing in his hand.



Mile jumped, breathing heavily. He saw Avin standing in the doorway with worry written across his face.

"Mile…are you okay?" he asked, walking over to his friend. He sat on the bed next to him, putting one hand on his shoulder.

"I-I'm fine…really, I am…" Avin could tell this was a lie. Sweat dripped from Mile's forehead, and a look of terror glazed his eyes. Suddenly, that look turned to a lifeless gaze. He slowly slumped towards Avin, climbing onto his chest. The weight of Mile caused him to fall back onto the bed. Even though Mile was laying on top of Avin, something didn't seem right. Mile's face was inches away from Avin's, so close that their breath seemed to mingle.

"Help…me…A…in…Av…in…Avin…," Mile whispered in a possessed voice, struggling to make out the words.

Avin's eyes were wide with shock as Mile's lips brushed his. This was serious, but even so, Avin felt the heat rise to his cheeks.

Before Avin could respond, Mile's eyes widened then shut. He fell limp.

Now it was Avin's turn. Laying his head back, he let out a long breath.

It seems like he's passed out…that's good, he can get more rest…he thought, closing his eyes. Although it was over, his cheeks were still burning red. He tried pushing it away, but he still couldn't get rid of the thought that he actually wanted to kiss him.

Why is my heart pounding like this? he thought. Sure, he worried me and all, but still…I sort of wish he didn't pass out…


Rutice walked in the room with her arms crossed. Douglas was following after her, pouting like a child.

"Come on, tell me what happened."



"No! I wont tell you-"

She stopped dead in her tracks with Douglas crashing into the back of her.

"Why'd you stop like that?" he asked annoyed, peering over her shoulder. He gasped as Rutice stood in shock.

There lay the two boys, Mile on top of Avin. Avin's eyes were wide with surprise and horror as his two friends saw him.

Before anyone could react, Rutice passed out.


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