Title: Otherworld

By: Kokuryuuha018

Warnings: Yaoi, yuri, language, hinted 'rape' and OOCness.

Summary: Silent Hill x Naruto crossover Other than Itachi, Sasuke knew he was the last living Uchiha. But what if one had died in a specific order, with a specific mark? The numbers 15121…

Stori: Not much to talk about for this chapter, as I'm just starting things off, but I can give you the designated pairings:


Slight Kakashi/Sasuke,


Tenten/Sakura, and…


These pairings are not up for discussion, and I will not change them unless I feel it will benefit the plot line.

As for a timeline… I guess you could say this fic is slightly AU. It doesn't quite fit anywhere in the actual storyline, but still revolves and takes place in Konoha.

And finally, you DO NOT have to have played Silent Hill to understand this fic, as everything will be explained in detail as it progresses. But, if you are a fan of the Silent Hill series, you will find many references to scenes, characters, and different endings and outcomes of the different games. So keep your eyes open for character cameos, settings, as well as a certain pink rabbit!

()()()()()()()()(): Flashbacks

(O)(O)(O)(O) Scene Change (O)(O)(O)(O)

ooooooooooooooooooooooo: Meanwhile

Chapter one:


It's being invaded by the Otherworld. By a world of

someone's nightmarish delusions come to life.

- Harry Mason

Silent Hill


"What was that?"

Dark ebony eyes rose from the ground they had been so mercilessly studying, only to meet one of steel, "Hmm…?"

"What was it you said, Sasuke? You were too quiet, we couldn't hear…"

He had said something? Sasuke's eyes darted from Kakashi, to Naruto, to Sakura and back again. All but the blonde were staring at him expectantly, "…I… Didn't say anything…" He muttered, leaning back against the metal railing of the bridge.

Sakura smiled at him, seemingly satisfied. But Kakashi… The man just continued to stare, unwavering, his visible eye suddenly even more emotionless than normal.

His gaze was unnerving, and Sasuke swore the temperature had just plummeted to zero… He growled in annoyance as he had to force down the shudder that shot down his spine. How long had it been since someone had looked at him like that? Gods, it felt like forever… No one had questioned his word as strongly as the silver haired man was now for quite some time, and Sasuke, to his dismay, couldn't hold back a second shiver.

"What's wrong, Kakashi-sensei?" A clearly female voice questioned, as Sasuke sighed silently. He usually couldn't stand it when Sakura butted in with aimless questions, but she couldn't have picked a better time to do so… He felt as though he could kiss her, but shook it off as he envisioned the outcome of such an action.

"Ah… No, everything is fine, right Sasuke?" The jounin smiled behind his mask, inevitably reassuring the girl, but Sasuke could still trace a hint of unrest radiating from the man.

And that bothered him to no end.

What if he knew? What if he knew about the dreams he'd been having lately? He had thought he'd hidden it well enough. Yes, he had been coming to their meetings later, but he always got there before Kakashi and Naruto.

No, he didn't know… he couldn't. Sasuke had been extra cautious. And even if he did, why would Sasuke be worried? He shouldn't be. It was just a dream. A really dark, morose, messed up dream that involved a certain silver haired jounin… But that's normal, right?

Yeah, totally normal….

Sasuke's eyes wandered down the road, trying to find anything that would take his mind off the uncomfortable subject it had drifted into.

It wasn't that Sasuke hadn't ever had a nightmare before. It was just that he had never had one that left him as disoriented and light headed as this one did. He couldn't stand up on his own for an hour afterwards and even now he still had that splitting headache.

The air in his dream had been so undeniably heavy… And his apartment had been… Gods, his apartment was in ruins! It was in such bad shape he could hardly tell it was his own. All rusted and bloody, he couldn't even make out the doors from the rest of the wall. And worst of all, IT had been there…

Sasuke almost shuddered at the thought of that thing… IT had pulled itself from the wall, out of that swirling, bloody abyss. And the moment IT emerged, the room had been overrun with the smell of sulfur.

That in itself was odd. Can you even smell anything in your dreams?

Sasuke snapped himself out of his thoughts, realizing that his team was now Kakashi-less, and he was being stared at expectantly by Sakura and glared at by Naruto.

He sighed softly, his cold demeanor still intact, and after returning the blonds glare with one of his own, began to walk in the opposite direction. He ignored Sakura's consistent requests to get something to eat, a skill he had developed with a lot of practice. He was focused on getting home and doing the one thing he knew would get his mind off things; training.

His pace quickened to a jog when he was out of the pairs sight. He needed something to take his mind off that dream, and what better way to rid oneself of unwanted thoughts than to work yourself to such exhaustion that your brain doesn't want to function anymore?

The soles of Sasuke's sandals slapped the ground as he sped up and began to run, throwing all discretion to the wind as he did so.

But, with his mind set on his plans for the long, excruciating night ahead, he didn't see the slender figure that stumbled out of the alleyway, directly onto his path.

Hitting the pavement with a slight thump, he cursed himself for not paying attention. Now he'd either have to put up with someone's complaints or concern, something he didn't have time for at the moment.

Looking up quickly, Sasuke found himself staring up at ivory eyes shadowed by dark bangs.

He thought it was Hyuuga Neji, but… it couldn't be. That guy wouldn't be caught dead looking like this one did, especially in public. The markings across his forehead were visible due to the lack of his forehead protector, his hair falling in front of his face. His eyes were bloodshot as if he'd been crying, or not slept for a good couple of days. The latter was probably the most plausible explanation anyway, because Neji didn't cry, ever (1) Other than the fact that his clothes were rumpled and dirty looking, everything else was fine… well, except for his right thigh…

'Neji's' shorts had been rolled up as high as they would go, almost touching the hip. The bandages on his right thigh were charred in some spots. The design carved into his upper thigh formed the number 161, which was then scratched out and covered with a circular insignia… Looking beyond the burned bandages, Sasuke could see the skin underneath beginning to bubble and blister.

"You're burnt…" The raven haired boy mentally slapped himself, "What the hell was that? Stating the obvious my ass, that was just plain stupid…"

The older boy's lips curved into a small smirk, "It's… still not… hurting…" He managed to choke out. Purplish bruises were scattered about his neck, and there were dark red marks under his jaw that were almost luminescent against his pale skin, "Something's wrong…"

Sasuke gasped as Neji pitched forward, landing awkwardly on top of him, "What the hell happened to you…?"

Debating whether or not to leave the unconscious teen in the middle of the street, his eyes wandered back to the mark branded into the others upper thigh. He would leave him there, but he was captivated by those numbers and that design.

He'd seen it before, in his dream…


"God… My head is pounding…"

Neji's eyes felt as if they were glued shut. His body was numb… The only thing he could feel was a dull throbbing emanating from his thigh.

A soft groan passed his lips, as he attempted to shift his head to the side and away from what felt like a hand ghosting across his face.

"Wait… a hand?"

His own hand shot up, grabbing the one that had once again passed over his forehead, only to cry out as a sharp, stabbing pain resulted from the movement. His wrist, as he could now feel, was badly sprained and his arm was in no better shape.

"For Christ sake kid, keep still!" Great, just… lovely. He was now at the severely limited mercy of the fifth Hokage… And better yet, he still couldn't open his eyes, move his right leg, or even remember where he was.

"Ugh… Huh?" The Hyuuga could barely contain a sigh at his less than coherent response, "Yes Neji, very productive, very not pathetic…'" The boy continued to mentally chastise himself, seeing as he wasn't in the best of mindsets at the moment.

"Good, that's good" Even with his eyes closed he could feel Tsunade's smirk, "Now try to move you're lips and you'll do fine."

If he could manage to get any air passed his severely bruised throat, he would have told her to shut up. Instead it just came out as a strangled groan. Just twenty seconds of being conscious in a room with the woman and he was already holding back the urge to either kill himself or try to kill her, the latter he knew would end up a lot like the first.

Testing his right arm and seeing that all was more or less well, Neji slowly raised his hand to his eyes, rubbing them in an effort to pry them open.

Eventually succeeding, although his vision was blurry, he could still make out that he was definitely not where he wanted to be.

By scanning his surroundings, the ivory eyed boy could gather that he was in a post-op recovery room. The walls were painted a dull beige so as to emit a calming atmosphere for those coming out of anesthetic induced unconsciousness. Tsunade was sitting at his side, flipping through a pile of reference books stacked on the bedside table. The one thing that really caught his attention however was that Gai, his normally happy go lucky teacher, was standing behind her, looking rather somber.

"Neji," The man spoke slowly, trying to force something down. His voice was close to cracking, another definite change in his character, "Do… you know where you are?"

That wasn't the question he was going to ask. The boy knew he was going to ask something else. Something was very wrong. Gai had never been quite like this, not even when he acted his age and rank and was serious. It was frustrating, it was nerve racking, and it was fucking scary (although he'd never admit it out loud, he was Neji Hyuuga after all).

"Neji, answer him." Tsunade demanded. She was staring at him as intently as his teacher, her eyes set like stone, "Do you know where you are…?"

He shook his head, still trying to figure out what was wrong. He had absolutely no clue where he was, and the fact that the only others in the room were both frighteningly unemotional didn't help his mood.

He tried to sit up, but he could feel a dull throbbing beginning to form at the base of his spine, causing him to cease all attempts at movement. He had never felt this helpless before. He hated it.

The woman sighed, running a hand through her bangs, "Okay… Although I should have known that you wouldn't have ever been here, it would have made things a lot easier." Light brown eyes shifted to Gai, glancing towards the door quickly, before returning to her gaze to the boy on the bed.

As Gai walked to the door, Neji met Tsunade's eyes, "Just… tell me… where…" His throat was raw, clenching with each syllable. It hurt to breathe, much less speak.

The sound of a chain being lifted and a very final click signalled that the door had been locked, blocking any entry, or escape. Gai appeared behind Tsunade again, folding his arms over his chest.

"Fine," The woman reached out a hand, tracing her fingers along the Hyuuga's in an effort to reassure him, but only serving to make him even more uncomfortable, "You're in the sexual assault ward of the Konoha hospital. We have been given reason to believe that you were raped last night…"

Neji blinked once. Then twice. Suddenly the pain from his thigh, his wrist, and his lower back seemed to fade away, all being replaced by a dull throbbing in the back of his head. "I… I was…? I can't remember a thing… How did I…?"

"You were brought in by Sasuke Uchiha. He said that he'd found you on the street, and that you seemed delirious before you collapsed… It's a miracle that boy brought you in at all." Tsunade sighed, bringing her hand up to massage her temples.

"..H-how…?" The voice sounded so foreign, so much so that the owner could barely recognize it. Neji's head was starting to pound harder, almost to the point he could barely keep his eyes open.

"We don't know… We can't even confirm where this took place. That's one of the reasons why we need you. To fill us in on all that really happened." Slender fingers curled around the spine of a heavy looking book, bringing it to rest in the woman's lap.

Gai turned his attention to the blonde head in front of him, "One of the reasons…? There's another?" She hadn't mentioned anything other than the rape when she'd sent for him the night before.

That in itself had scared the shit out of him. He had just dropped Lee off for the night when a messenger had stopped him and said that the Hokage requested to see him. He was about to ask why when a piece of paper was shoved in his face, stating that something had happened to Neji Hyuuga blah, blah, blah, and that his presence was mandatory and required immediately.

Naturally, he had left as soon as he'd been called, but there was absolutely no way he could have prepared for what was about to happen. How could he? There was no way he could even think about such an atrocity befalling one of his students.

"Yes, there is another…" The Hokage flipped through the pages of the heavy suede covered book, "That marking on his thigh… It seems to be occult… If that is the case, than we may have some sort of mass suicide or new religious group on our hands, and those are never pretty. That and the fact that our rapist is supposedly part of this 'cult', and we are assuming that he left that mark as a sign of it, suggesting that this was part of a cult ritual or some other crap like that…" Brown eyes shifted from the book in her lap resting on the boy in front of her, "And that is not enough to excuse a crime such as this." She raised an eyebrow at the lack of response from the Hyuuga.

"Neji?" Tsunade's expression fell into one of concern as the boy still did not answer her, his eyes wide and now glued to the blistered insignia on his thigh.

Neji flinched slightly and moved away as Tsunade attempted to place a comforting hand on his shoulder, "I was… They really… Oh god, I remember…" He held fistfuls of the white sheets in a death grip, his eyes wide as he began to hyperventilate.

"Whoa, whoa! Calm down, just… breathe." Tsunade's fingers curled around Neji's shoulder as Gai— who had moved to the boys side at the first sign of trouble —attempted to calm him down.

"What's wrong with him?" Gai rubbed his hand in small circles against Neji's back, watching him intently as Tsunade tried to get him to breathe into a paper bag.

"He's freaking out. I take it you didn't remember anything until I told you, so…" Tsunade frowned, deciding to shut up for the moment. It didn't last very long, "You okay now?"

"Okay?" Neji snapped, "Do I look okay to you?" He was not going to cry. He was already stripped of most of his pride, he wasn't going to just give up the rest. He couldn't believe this was happening to him…

"Hey!" Tsunade snapped back, losing her cool for a second. She didn't care just what the kid had been through, he needed to calm down for the moment. There were a lot of questions that needed to be answered.

Neji instantly shut up, regaining momentary control over himself.

"Thank you. Now I need you to answer a few questions Neji. Can you do that?" Tsunade couldn't stand having to stay all cool and collected in front of the kid, but she wanted her answers. And if she pissed him off she wouldn't be getting a word out of him.

Neji nodded slowly, careful not to nock his neck out of whack again.

Tsunade smiled slightly and, taking a seat next to the bed once again, began her interrogation, "First of all, why the hell were you wandering about in the dark, especially when you had absolutely no missions?"

Taking a deep breath (as deep a breath as he could get past his bruised throat), he sat back, letting his recollections transfer into words and flow from his lips.


"You want me to what?" Kiba asked for the umpteenth time, staring raptly at Shizune who had the honour of presenting missions in Tsunade's absence.

"I said, you are to track Neji Hyuuga for this woman here," Shizune huffed as she handed him the photo, "You should be happy. It's just a simple tracking mission, nothing big. Just write a report about his day to day activities, and follow any other instructions from the client."


"What is it now?"

Kiba looked up from the mission outline, his brow furrowed, "It says here that Neji was kidnapped from this woman… how? She's clearly not a Hyuuga, and Neji clearly is. And besides," Kiba looked back down at the picture in his hand, "She really doesn't look that trustworthy."

Shizune sighed, "I know it looks suspicious, but the Gondaime approved of it. Even if it isn't a solid mission, it has to be of some importance if the Hokage thinks it's worthwhile."

Kiba shook his head as he turned to leave, making sure he was out of the room and hearing distance before looking back down at the report, "I don't get it… What's so special about him anyway?"


Gai was sitting beside the window, trying to block out the trying conversation that was being passed between Tsunade and his student. His pupil… Neji. He felt as if he was going to be sick. The words coming out of that boys mouth, recalling things that no one should ever even think about… he couldn't listen anymore.

Tsunade on the other hand was listening attentively, not missing a word. She was certain that this instance was related to that woman who had requested a 'detective' to track Neji. Claudia Wolf, and whatever it was she was planning, just made the biggest mistake of all…

"So let me get this straight…" Tsunade said, "They caught as you were walking back to the Hyuuga compound?"

"No." Neji snapped back exasperatedly. He just wanted to sleep, "I was coming back from training, and I was going to get something to eat. I was starving, so I just… followed my nose?"

Tsunade raised an eyebrow, "They were cooking…?"

"No!" Neji buried his face in his hands in frustration. For the Hokage, she could be remarkably slow, "I was heading to the nearest restaurant, and that just happened to be right on the other end of the alleyway."

"And they jumped you in the alley?"


"And you put up some sort of a fight I hope."


"But they were too tough?"

"I told you," Neji huffed, "The one had a gun, the other some sort of fucked up machete, and the other…"

"That was the weird masked one right?" Tsunade asked, her rapt gaze never leaving his face.

Neji shivered slightly, nodding, "He was… odd. He was wearing a mask, but it didn't look like a mask. It looked like it was attached to his face, like it was his face, but that was the thing."


Neji looked up, still shivering slightly. He eyes were desolate, but his face wasn't. It was as if he was begging her to believe something he could never believe himself, "There was no face. Nothing. Like flesh that was just wrapped around a head. No eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth. Nothing."

"That's impossible." Gai stated from across the room, "How could he see? How could he breathe?"

Neji frowned at him, "I'm sorry, I forgot to ask him while his cronies fucking raped me."

"Neji." Tsunade stood up from her chair, walking towards the door and unlocking it, "We'll leave you alone now. To calm down a bit. You've had a hard day."

Gai joined her at the other side of the room after patting Neji on the back a couple times. He needed to get out of there. He had to get out now.

"But Neji," Tsunade added as she stepped out the door, "If you remember anything else, give me a shout right away."

Neji nodded and the door swung closed. But he still couldn't shake that face out of his head. He knew he was missing something, something really important, something… that he'd forgotten a long, long time ago.

How the hell was he supposed to remember that?


Stori: Took me a while to get this out… does anyone recognise that last line? Lol, think SH people….