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Chapter 1- The End

The pouring rain had lifted, but the night had not. Many black vehicles surrounded the scene, shielding it from the public eye. Men in black suits filed out of those vehicles and were met with sights that they were never meant to see. Hundreds upon hundreds of bodies were scattered about. And to add insult to injury…the bodies were clearly not human.

Stepping forth out of one of the vans came two federal agents, Agent Jones and Agent Smith. They both looked on with a disgusted wonder at what lay before them. Some of the bodies sported horns, others claws, and some both. And they came in all sort of colors…everything but normal human skin tones. Green, blue, purple, red. Agent Smith removed his dark glasses and sighed.

"What the hell is this? How did so many aliens arrive on Earth, unnoticed?" he asked, kicking lightly at one of the larger bodies. "And how did they die? It looks like some sort of war was going on here."

"Beats me. Do you think that this could be a possible foothold situation?" Agent Jones inquired.

Agent Smith replaced his glasses and began to walk slowly in between the corpses. He was followed closely by Jones.

"No, I don't think so," Smith said, looking on as other agents began to load up the bodies. "They all look dead to me. Some of them looked as though they had been hacked up."

Jones opened his mouth to reply, when suddenly another agent ran up to them. "Sirs, come take a look at this."

Jones and Smith exchanged looks and followed the somewhat excited young agent. He led them pass a few of the more unusual bodies until finally, he came to a stop standing over one of them. But this one seemed different than the rest.

It was female and, out of the rest of the corpses, was the one that most closely resembled a human. However, her hair was streaked with blue and her face surrounded by the color. What wasn't blue was very, very pale. The young agent bent and motioned to her body. It was covered in a thick, deep purple-colored armor. It was the color of a bad bruise. The young agent knocked on it.

"It's like a shell, sirs. And take a look at this, it's got writing on it. I've never seen writing like this before," the young agent said.

"Son, are you sure this thing is dead?" Agent Smith asked.

"Yes, sir. I checked for breath and pulse several times. All times were a negative," the agent replied.

"Smith, maybe we should send this to the SGC. This is their forte, as it were," Jones suggested.

Smith's eyes narrowed, which went unnoticed behind his glasses, and said, "I suppose you're right. Take its armor off. Send that to Doctor Jackson and send the body to Doctor Fraiser."

"That's, um, not going to work, sir," the young agent protested.

"And why's that?" Smith inquired.

"I've looked at this armor pretty closely and…it's stuck on it. Like I said, it's like a shell. It's apart of this thing."

"Fine. Then send it to Doctor Jackson first. After that, he can send it along to Fraiser."


Even after dying, Ascending, and coming back, Doctor Daniel Jackson still found it a bit unnerving to have a dead body packed up in a crate in his office. Odder still was the fact that it seemed to not even be decaying. Going on this, Jackson had decided to save the work on the armor for awhile, while he translated some scrolls SG-13 had brought back from their previous mission.

Once immersed in his work, Dr. Jackson became blissfully unaware of the presence of the crate. Having almost finished translation, Daniel put his back to the crate, typing in some notes on the computer. However, a sudden knocking noise caused him to look back at the it.

"Hello?" Daniel said, looking intently at it. Of course, he immediately realized that this had been a stupid thing to say. Dead bodies didn't answer back.

Then, quite suddenly, the top of the crate flew off. Daniel jumped back. Then, from within the crate, the blue tinged body sat up…and blinked.


Where was she? This place was not where she had been. She looked around desperately, trying to recall her last memories. She remembered fighting side-by-side with the vampires known as Angel and Spike and with the dying human named Gunn. She remembered as each member of the team separated and lost themselves within the fight against the horde of demons the Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart had raised against them. Then…what?

"Uh…um…Hello, I'm Doctor Daniel Jackson," said the human occupant of the room.

She turned her attention towards him. He was nothing extraordinary. Just another human. A human she did not recognize. Looking away from him, she noticed the peculiar placement of herself. She appeared to be in a large, wooden box, with a cushioning of straw under her.

"Do you understand? I'm Daniel. That's my name," the human said, motioning to himself.

She looked to him again. Then, she graced him with acknowledgement.

"You are irrelevant. Are you my captor? Are you a minion of the Senior Partners?" she asked, climbing out of the box.

The human who called himself "Daniel" seemed taken aback by her words. Blinking several times, he said, "I, uh…no. You're not a prisoner or anything like that. We just thought you were dead. I don't even know who the Senior Partners are."

She looked around. Then, turning towards the door, she said, "Then I take my leave of you. I must retrieve those of whom I fought alongside."

As she began to leave, Daniel moved to stop her. "Um. You're not a prisoner, per say, but you can't leave."

"It is my will that I leave."

"I'm sorry. You can't."

"Then truly, I am your prisoner. But you are weak. You will not stop my escape!"

With that, she reached out and lifted Daniel off his feet. With seemingly no effort, she flung him across the small room into a shelf of things equally as useless to her. Then, she merely walked out the door.


Daniel groaned and rubbed his head. It was very lucky for him that he had not lost consciousness. Standing quickly, he grabbed his phone and shouted a warning to the first person who picked up. Then, he was out the door, trying to track down the mysterious being.

That didn't take long. A couple of corners later, Daniel found her. She was standing in the middle of the hall…and she had Colonel Jack O'Neill by the throat, raised above her head. Jack was tying to kick at her and pry her hand from his neck…with no success.

"Please! We mean you no harm!" Daniel said.

She turned her head towards him. "This one…he is precious to you?"

"Yes," Daniel said. "Please. Just…put him down. We can talk this out. Nobody needs to get hurt."

"Daniel…" choked O'Neill. "Do…something! Shoot…her…will…ya?"

Her eyes drifted for but a brief moment up to O'Neill. Then, she looked back at Daniel.

"What is this human's life worth to you? What debt will you owe me?" she asked.

"Please. I only want to talk to you…learn about you. For example, who are you? What planet are you from? How did you get to Earth?" Daniel asked.

Soon, the halls around Daniel, the mysterious being, and the choking Jack were filled with soldiers, their guns aimed at the being. Major Samantha Carter and Teal'c were among them. The being laughed.

"Your weapons will do nothing. I am Illyria, God King of this World…but no longer. When I was young, your kind was but an ooze, seeping out of the earth itself. I am not from this world…nor any within this dimension. I was summoned here," the being said.

Then, with a seeming reluctance, she sat Colonel O'Neill down on his feet. Daniel stepped closer to Illyria as Jack stepped away.

"Be careful, Daniel Jackson," Teal'c said.

"We just want to talk. For instance, could you explain what you meant by what you said?"

Illyria turned toward Daniel. "I no longer wish this world any harm. That time has long passed…long before I was brought here. Do not treat me as a lower demon. I will exchange information with you if you will do the same."

Daniel nodded and motioned to for everyone to lower their weapons. They did so reluctantly.

"Let's go. Shall we?" he asked, motioning for Illyria to follow him.

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