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Chapter 5- Devils You Don't Know

Illyria stood between Daniel and the woman called Carter. She was poised, listening to the clacking noises that emitted from the two humans. They were at their…computers, across the room with backs to one another, and her. She could feel the pair's uneasiness towards her, both too aware of the fact that she was in the room. But she would not leave, not until they had located information on the Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart.

"Anything?" Daniel called over her, to Carter.

Carter sighed. "Nothing, not yet."

Illyria was growing quickly annoyed at this. How could these humans be so ignorant of these things? Wolfram and Hart were not as powerful when she was in her glory, but they had still been more than recognizable. But now, only a select few it would seem knew of their existence…and hers. There was a great…void within her when she thought of how faded her kind and she was. She had only met one human who had known her in this world, had worshipped her…and Wesley had killed him. She had not cared at the time and often found that this still held true. However, there were times…Wesley had been but a learner in the ways of the Time Before Time. But it had been pleasing to her to have a human so capable near her in a world so strange. Now, she found herself surrounded with ignorance, playing the role of teacher and wise one when she was meant for the role of destructor.

"Got something," Carter said suddenly.

Instantly, Illyria was over the blonde human's shoulder, causing her to jump. Daniel was not far behind. He stared at Illyria, shaking his head, before he gave his attention over to Carter.

"What is it?" he asked.

"It's some Classified Records from the Government. More specifically, the Armed Forces and the government. It's weird," she said, tapping a few keys on the keyboard.

"What? Can't you access them?"

Daniel adjusted his glasses as he leaned closer to the screen. Illyria stood still, her eyes flying quickly over the text projected before her. Carter, it would seem, had already accessed what she was speaking of, but Illyria did not comprehend the usefulness of the words.

"Yeah, I've got them up. They're records from various trials…and not very well kept records. It seems that some details were deliberately left out," Carter said, making the words scroll up the screen.

Illyria read the rest of the records in a flash as they appeared before her. Finally, she pointed at the screen, causing the woman to jump and turn to her.

"I do not understand these records. Explain them to me," Illyria demanded.

"Yeah, I've got to agree. What's the big deal, Sam?" Daniel said, crossing his arms.

Carter sighed again, shaking her head.

"It seems that there was a joint effort of the Armed Forces and our government to shut Wolfram and Hart down, which is a law firm. But, apparently, Wolfram and Hart's records were too clean for them to be shut down. So…"

Carter turned in her chair away from the computer to fully face Daniel and Illyria.

"So…" Daniel picked up. "Why would our government and Armed Forces want to shut down a law firm? A law firm that seemed squeaky clean at that? I don't think I've ever heard of a case quite like this."

"Neither have I," Carter agreed.

Illyria huffed, stepping back from them. They turned their undivided attention upon her.

"Fools," she muttered, the annoyance growing almost to a breaking point. "All of you. These people who are trying to stop the Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart, they are your leaders? Your superiors?"

The two humans before her nodded. They exchanged a look between themselves, confusion written all over their fragile faces. Finally, Daniel turned back to Illyria.

"What are you talking about it? Will you explain it to us? Do you know why they would want to shut down the law firm?" he asked gently.

Illyria gave a short laugh, putting her back to them.

"Pitifully. Truly, only a select know," she spoke only to herself.

Daniel and Carter did not interrupt her. Finally, she whirled back to them.

"You do not know of the true nature of the war-mongering demons called the Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart? They were present even in my time…weaker than they are now, but the fact remains…"

Both sets of eyes narrowed at her.

"Demons?" Daniel asked. "Illyria, demons aren't real."

Illyria laughed now, longer and harder than she had since she had been bound to the shell Fred. It caused a great fright in Carter and Daniel, who started and backed up a pace. She looked at them, a cold gleam in her eyes.

"The ignorance is shameful. In my glory, even the slime that comprised what would become your ancestors knew of the demons, of the vampires, of the Old Gods. They are what shaped your world, the war between the Dark, Accursed Ones and the Gods. The softer ones of my kind went to their immortal rest without complaint once this dimension had been established. Then…We were left to rule. We made the creatures dance, sing, and die for our amusement. Even the Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart found glory in their measly chaos. The vampires were but lowly servants then, but in this time, they are glorified," she said, her eyes growing lost in a time beyond any that humans knew of.

There was silence for a moment as Daniel and Carter seemed to be digesting this information. They seemed unable to grasp her words. Or unwilling to.

"Could these things really be real?" Carter finally asked.

Daniel shrugged. "As much as my logical mind wants to yell no…it also reminds me that most of the planet thinks that the Stargate is something that would appear in a Sci-Fi movie."

With this, he turned to Illyria.

"Okay, this is a start," he said, bringing the Old One back to the present. "But why would we want to shut Wolfram and Hart down, despite the fact that they are demons?"

"They perpetuate despair, making deals with Dark Ones and bringing them to power. They have caused much misery and destruction in this world, Wesley informed me. And many of your kind worship them, helping them achieve this goal," Illyria answered.

Another several moments of silence. Finally, Carter stood.

"Well, this sounds like a story for the Debriefing room," she said.


Illyria was quickly tiring of the back and forth nature of these humans. She was once again in the drab room with Daniel's fellow warriors Teal'c, O'Neill, and Carter, as well as their leader, Hammond. She was wondering what kept these miserable creatures from going mad, trapped as they were in their small worlds.

"Okay," Daniel said once everyone was settled. Illyria had once again chosen to remain standing. "Illyria, will you please tell Teal'c, Colonel O'Neill, and General Hammond what you told Sam and I in the lab."

Illyria sighed, drifting towards the window that showed the Stargate once more. Keeping her back to the humans, she lazily relived the information. Once she had completed, she turned, finding that O'Neill looked more disbelieving than Daniel and Carter had. She scoffed, too low for their ears to hear.

"Demons?" Hammond asked of his team. "Are you sure she isn't really talking about some kind of aliens?"

Illyria was aware of the meaning of this word. She had heard it many times since she had awoken in this place. She scoffed, louder so as to draw the attention to herself.

"Your kind's stupidity astounds me," she said.

"Hey, hey, hey!" O'Neill said. "We're just trying to figure you out, Smurf."

Illyria's eyes widened, and O'Neill recoiled slightly in his chair.

"Wesley called me that name once…I never had it explained to me," she said.

O'Neill relaxed, a smile drifting onto his face. "Sounds like my kind of guy," he said.

"He was…intoxicated when he did so."

"Still," O'Neill shrugged.

"Can we get back on subject?" Hammond asked. He turned to Illyria. "Okay, so Wolfram and Hart is a law firm that makes deals with demons. And our government knows and was trying to shut them down. I can work with that as a starting point. Can any of this be useful to find your friends? How were they involved with the firm?"

"Angel and Spike were the leaders of a portion of the Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart. They were great champions, vampires with their souls restored, who sought to destroy them from their inner workings," Illyria explained.

This caused all the pairs of eyes around her to widen, except for the one called Teal'c. He alone seemed new to this world and found little shocking, since he had not heard of such things before.

"The friends you want us to find…are vampires?" O'Neill asked incredulously.


The humans stared at one another. Finally, Hammond shook his head.

"Fine…we do have a deal after all. You said they were also trying to stop Wolfram and Hart?"

Illyria nodded, finding this roundabout tedious. She put her back to the group once more, staring at the Stargate.

"So…where do we go from here?" Hammond asked of his team.

Silence enveloped Illyria. She listened as, slowly, each member of the team offered up suggestions that led to nothing. Finally, she whirled on them.

"Contact your superiors. Obviously, they know of the other world," she snapped at them.

They all blinked at her. Finally, Hammond stood.

"Not a bad idea. I'll go call in some favors and see if I can't get to the bottom of those trials. Maybe I can even get someone who knows more about these…vampires and demons to be a bit more open with us."

He moved to exit the room, but paused at the door. He turned to Illyria.

"Meanwhile, Illyria, why don't you share some information on the Goa'uld with my team?"

She smiled, amazed by his sudden cunning. She moved to stand at the head of the table…where Hammond had previously sat.

"I will do as I agreed," she said.

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