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Seeley straightened his tie and smoothed back his hair; he checked his pocket for the third time to see if the box was still there. It was their third wedding anniversary and he had purchased the diamond necklace the week before with Angela's help. He knew it would look beautiful against his wife's slender neck and he had an ulterior motive that was a surprise. His wife, he was amazed at how far their lives had come and how much he still loved her, sometimes it felt as though they had been on one long honeymoon. They had dinner reservations at Wong Foos and although they were getting dressed up the night was supposed to be low key, although he was sure Sid would have something fabulous ready for them. He was sure some of the gang was going to show up to surprise them but he was trying to act like he didn't know. Angela and Temperance had been whispering all week. He also knew she had bought him the Rolex he had spotted when they were on a case in Chicago a few months back, he had seen the box hidden in her drawer. It was an accident that he found out so he was going to try to act surprised and in truth he wasn't disappointed that there were no surprises this evening, life with Temperance had enough surprises on a regular basis to keep him satisfied. He gave him self one more look and went in search of his wife.

Temperance was putting her shoes on in the living room and he watched her for a moment, so unaware of her own beauty even now that she was always shocked when he told her how amazing she looked. She seemed distracted, lost in thought and he knew she was checking off lists in her head to make sure everything was handled. They had moved into this house a few months after they got married and although they both loved it, it was a bit of a drive into the city.

"We have to leave soon or we'll be late for our reservation." She looked up at him smiling.

"We have a reputation for being the late couple, since I met you I don't think I've been anywhere on time except our wedding and that was only because Angela kept us apart." He came over and kissed her, moving his lips slowly down her neck he felt the chills rise on her arms.

"As you know there is always one acceptable reason for being late. I don't know what it is, whenever you get dressed up to go out I just want to take your clothes off." He began nibbling along her collar bone.

"Which is precisely why we're always late." She gasped softly as his tongue traced her ear, in awe that he could still have this effect on her. She thought the attraction between them would fade but he could still touch her and within moments have the heat between them become all consuming.

She whispered later into his ear and moved a step away from him and smiled, knowing they would be going to the front door and not the bedroom. "Are Jack and Angela meeting us for a drink?"

"Yes, the wedding is in 27 days and she can't stop talking about it. That's one of the reasons we have to go, you know they're going to be there on time, they always manage to be on time."

Seeley looked at her appreciatively, "hmmm, too bad for them."

She laughed and took his hand, "come on Seeley, we have to go." She had his gift already tucked in her purse and was a little nervous about giving it to him, hoping he wanted it as much as he had said he did.


At the restaurant Seeley acted surprised when they entered and the rest of their friends were there. Zach and his girlfriend Kelly, Jack and Angela and Russ and Terri were all already seated. He was a little surprised to see Russ and Terri, since their wedding and the birth of their son they didn't get out much anymore. They also had the girls from her first marriage which gave them three to look after and between the soccer and dance lessons he wondered how Russ ever knew where he was heading. Dinner went well and the conversations of wedding plans, children, schedules and spouses left no room for talk of work. They had finished eating and were resting before desert when Seeley took out the box and handed it to Temperance. She opened it carefully and was momentarily taken aback by the beautiful necklace, laughing softly she removed it and handed it to him to put on her.

Angela looked questioningly at her friend, "why are you blushing over a diamond necklace?"

She shot a glance a Seeley and he answered for her. "Because I told my beautiful wife that I wanted her to sit for a painting and she refused and stated she would only sit for a painting if she was nude and dripping in diamonds, so I'm just trying to accommodate her."

"What a totally awesome idea." Jack's eyes were bright and the rest of the table sat in shock.

Russ finally spoke, "you all keep forgetting that she's my sister, could we change the subject to something that does not involve her being naked?"

She was bright red now, "Seeley you know I am not letting someone do a nude painting of me. No matter how many diamonds you buy."

Angela piped up, "Bren, I think I have an acceptable alternative for you but we'll have to talk about it later, and Jack, you can wipe that look right off your face because it's not going to happen." They were all laughing then and Temperance handed Seeley the box.

He tipped it in his hands, pretending not to know the obvious shape of the long slender box. As he went to tear the paper she moved her hands to her lap, not wanting him to see how nervous she was as he opened it. Angela had her camera poised and Seeley tried to prepare himself to look surprised. When he snapped open the lid he froze, his eyes wide, his mouth hanging open. The seconds ticked by and his brain reeled, trying to take in the full meaning of the gift. Everyone at the table was staring at him, at them. He stared at Temperance, tears welling in his eyes and she nodded at him and smiled. He leaned over and kissed her, pausing to wipe at the tears that were now moving down his face.

"Man I've bought some nice Rolexes but I've never had one move me to tears. Which model is it?" Jack was laughing until Seeley turned to box around and showed them. There was no watch in the box at all, just a white plastic strip from a pregnancy test with a plus sign on it. Everyone started cheering and talking at the same time. It was a joyous but confusing few moments. When the group finally settled he turned to her.

"I know you did this, but when did you decide?" He suddenly realized that she had to have been planning this for months. He had kept his word and never brought it up to her again so he wasn't aware she had been thinking about it. Every now and then he would see her with Parker or a child at a scene and she would get a certain look but he thought it was just wishful thinking on his part.

"I stopped the shots four months ago and decided if it was meant to be for us, then it would happen. I know I told you that if I ever changed my mind I would let you know but I didn't want to get your hopes up. I didn't even know if I could get pregnant, they told me it would be three months before the rest of the hormone was out of my system and then it could take up to a year, so I thought I had a little more time."

He kissed her again, pushing her back into the seat as her arms came around his neck.

"Okay you two, that's how this all got started, now break it up before we get kicked out of here." Russ was laughing as he spoke, "beside I want you to get up so I can hug my sister and tell her congratulations properly. I'm going to be an uncle." They stood and exchanged hugs before settling back down and ordering desert.

Seeley looked over at his wife, beaming with excitement. "That touch of flu you had on and off a few weeks ago suddenly makes sense, and you haven't been drinking but I thought it was due to the flu and it just didn't sit well with your stomach. I can't believe it, we're going to have a baby. When are we due?"

"April, I think it will be the second week of April. I waited to go for the ultra sound until after you knew so you could go with me for the first one. We have an appointment Monday at one."

"I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world." He started to laugh then, recalling his earlier thoughts on how there would be no surprises this evening and how completely wrong he had been.


Jordan Elizabeth Booth was born on April 9th, just as her mother had predicted. She would be told all her life that she was the spitting image of her mother, a compliment that she would grow to both love and hate to hear. She was joined eighteen months later by her brother Alexander and two years after that by her sister Hannah. It was a busy household but it was filled with love.

It was a few weeks after Hannah was born that Temperance was sitting in the rocker with her daughter at her breast thinking about her life. She loved these quiet moments with them when they were new and still breast feeding. Alex was down for his nap and she could hear Seeley talking to Jordan in the kitchen over a sandwich because Jordan had decided she was now too old to take a nap. In the distance there were cartoons playing, she could smell the morning coffee, lingering faintly in the air, baby powder and Hannah's new baby scent and a trace of Seeley from when he had come in to kiss her when she sat to feed the baby. In that moment it hit her, somewhere along the way, she had found her way home.


And they all lived happily ever after.


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