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In you and I, there's a new land, Angels in flight, I need more affection than you know My sanctuary, my sanctuary, Where fears and lies melt away, Music in time, I need more affection than you know What's left of me, What's left of me now?

Roxas turned, hitting his alarm clock so that it shut off, taking the music with it. He wanted to pull the covers back over his head but he knew he couldn't. It was the first day back to school after all. Great.

He threw his legs over the side of the bed, standing. Time to get dressed. He pulled off his pajamas and began putting of his school uniform. The white short sleeved collar shirt seemed a little too formal for school but he couldn't protest; it hadn't worked in the past. As he pulled on his black pants and guided the brown belt through the loops he wondered what school would be like this year. Probably the same as last year. Now came the tricky part. He picked up the red tie, not sure how to put it on. It had been a few weeks since he had actually had to wear one. He eventually got it on with ease. His hands had apparently memorized how to put it on.

He walked out of his room and into the rest of his house. No sign of parents. There was never any sign of parents and he had no idea why. His friends had parents, why didn't he? He shook his thoughts away and headed towards the refrigerator. He pulled out two things, a plate wrapped in saran wrap and a bento box wrapped in black cloth. His next two meals. He unwrapped the plate and put it in the microwave for a minute. He had made it last night because he didn't want to wake up and earlier than he had to.

When he pulled the meal of eggs and bacon out it was steaming. A good sign. He sat down at the small kitchen table with one chair, ready to eat. His house sure was depressing. He needed to get a pet sometime soon. Something to make it less quiet. After he had finished his meal he washed the plate and wiped it off with a towel.

A knocking was heard at the door. "Coming!" Roxas shouted, picking up the bento box by the knot in the cloth and tucked it safely into his backpack. He pulled the backpack onto his back even though it was more like a suitcase with straps. He went to the entry way and slipped on his loafer-like shoes, then opened the door.

"Man, what took you so long?" Hayner asked, looking out of character in his school uniform that matched Roxas's.

"You only knocked for a minute." Roxas replied, glad that his lonely air was being lifted. The two walked on, chatting about this and that.

"Hey!" Both of them looked up to see Olette and Pence standing and waiting for them a few yards ahead. The two boys had just entered the Station Heights.

Now the four of them walked together, everyone not ready to go back to school except for Olette. She was ready to show off their independent study report. It wasn't long before they reached the school, students milling around it, not sure if they wanted to go in or not. But the first bell rang and whether they wanted to or not the students went into the school, then into their classes.

The Usual Spot gang was in the same class they were in last year. Good thing they were a year below Seifer, they would've died. But sadly now, they had to address him as Seifer-senpai.

"Time to present your independent study reports. Who wants to go first?" Kimimatsu-sensei asked. She had been their teacher since they had started high school. She was a pretty young woman, about twenty five. Her brown hair was normally worn down with a barrette in it that matched the day's dress. Today was a pink theme.

"We do!" Olette volunteered.

"No Olette!" The three boys complained in unison.

But it was too late. They stood and went to the front of the class, each talking not too enthusiastically except for Olette who was excited about it. They sat down and stared at random objects while the others presented their reports.

Now it was lunchtime, the perfect time. Roxas took out his bento box from his backpack and unwrapped the cloth from it, sticking the cloth back into his bag. The four had pushed their desks together to form a table upon which they ate. He also had a milk carton he had purchased a few minutes ago from one of the vending machines on campus.

"A store bought meal again Roxas?" Olette asked, looking at his meal.

"They're the easiest…" Roxas replied, taking a bite of the tamagoyaki.

"Who wants to go to the Usual Spot for ice cream after school?" Hayner asked, his mind already on the next time he was going to eat.

"I'm in." Pence said as Olette nodded.

"Sorry but I have to go look for a pet after school…" Roxas said, sad to turn down his friends.

"That's okay. You'll join us next time, right?" Hayner asked and was answered with a nod.

"Look. It's already cloudy." Pence noted, looking out the window.

"It was clear this morning!" Hayner protested, as if it were the weather's fault he hadn't brought an umbrella.

"It's not like the clouds can obey you, Hayner." Pence laughed. He was joined by Roxas and Olette while Hayner fumed.

After school Roxas waved a good bye to his friends outside of the school and began to head towards the local pet shop. It was out of the way, not seen by many of the inhabitants of Twilight Town even though they knew it was there.

Maybe he would get a dog. Or a bird. Not a cat though. Sure it would be tough potty training a puppy but a cat would need to explore and if he let it out and it didn't come back his munny would've gone to waste. He walked into the pet shop, greeted by many sounds of animals. As he explored the shelves of animals he couldn't figure out which one he wanted.

"What're you looking for?" The owner of the store came over to him.

"I'm just trying to find a pet that won't make me so lonely…" Roxas replied, looking into a cage of gerbils.

"You'd want a dog then. What about a cat? Or maybe a rabbit…" This went on for about two hours, Roxas learning all the weird things about birds and fish and cuddly things about rabbits. He left the shop, loaded down with pamphlets all stuffed into a plastic bag. He had at least one of every kind of animal in that store. Apparently today wasn't the day to get a pet.

He walked towards the Usual Spot, wondering if anyone was still there. Probably not, he guessed. They all had times they had to be home, dictated by their parents. Olette was probably trying on some new outfit for her mother, Pence probably stuck in front of the TV with his dad, and Hayner playing video games in his room because he was grounded for back talking his mother. Roxas looked down, saddened. A pang of loneliness hit his heart.

He walked into the Usual Spot, and as he guessed, no one was there. There was however a melted ice cream with a note next to it.

"Thanks, guys…even though it's melted." He tucked the sticky note away in his pocket. Just then he heard a roll of thunder. "Oh no!" He went outside just as it started raining. Great. He didn't even own an umbrella.

In a shadow of the Back Alley sat a hunched over figure, a hobo probably. Twilight Town didn't have many of those. In fact, it was rare that they ever saw one. The man was dressed in a black cloak, his hood up to ward off the rain. Red hair poked out from under the hood.

Roxas, dressed in a black cloak that looked like his own, turned to smile at him. But in an instant Roxas was gone, leaving only Axel with a few Dusks.

"Roxas!" No one answered.

"Roxas!" Still nothing.

"ROXAS!" He roared, suddenly awake, and drenched with rain. He looked up, and there, standing before him, was the object of his dream. The one and only Roxas. And he was looking down at the Organization member with an odd look.

"W-who are you?" Roxas asked, not caring about the rain or how wet he was getting.

Axel's heart skipped a beat. Or at least it would, if he had one. Standing and staring at him was what he had yearned for the most in the past year. Before he knew it, he had stood and walked over to the boy, embracing him.

"Roxas…I found you…" Axel was ready to put his head into the blonde hair he saw before him.

"…." Roxas was silent for a moment. Wasn't this kind of finding a stray dog? The dog was happy to see you, licked your face, and you took it home because it had no tags? "Want to be my pet?"

Senpai: Honorific used for an upperclassman by a lower classman. "Good morning, Seifer-senpai."

Tamagoyaki: Sweet omelet usually found in Makunouchi bento.