That's right Folks! I'm writing another KH fic. But OMG! It doesn't revolve around Final Fantasy Characters. In fact, it revolves around… (Drum roll) Riku! Riku and Sora! This idea for a fic came to me in two different directions! A fellow RPer at Debeo Memoria will be leaving over the summer to go off to camp (CoughBertCough) and while I was thinking about camp, I thought about a book I read when I was in sixth grade. And then I thought… hey! That would be interesting. I don't remember the book, but I remember the main idea, and some scenes in it that were rather amusing. Well without further introduction… I bring another fic brought to you back the Z.A.G.©

Disclaimer- I do not own Kingdom Hearts. Yeahhh…


Summary- Camp Destiny is a renowned camp who carries out their motto to 'Turn boys into young men.' It has a reputation and is highly recommended. However, when Riku Webster is dropped off for summer camp, the counselors and the other kids are all turned upside down. No one hates camp as much as Riku Webster does, and with his newly found friend Sora, they both plan on escaping the island and returning home. If only the counselors would just see things his way.


In a cabin on Destiny Island, was a man in his late fifties. Inside the logged cabin was decorated with a large oak desk positioned in front of a pair of windows. In the middle of each wall on the sides, stood identical hutches; two leather seats were positioned in front of the desk, while one remained behind it. Through out the cabin, photographs of large groups were either hung on the walls or positioned on the hutches with a few trophies.

This cabin is the office of the camp director on Destiny Island. A summer camp that's primary goal is to 'turns boys into young men.' The summer camp was created many years ago by the camp director's grandfather, and its been passed down though the family. Merlin has been camp director for almost thirty years, having taken over after his father retired.

Merlin was just going through some last minute paper work before the day begun. For today the new campers would be arriving at Destiny Island. Among the masses of paperwork, Merlin found a letter addressed to him from the parents of one of the new campers that would be arriving shortly.

Dear Camp Director,

This is in regards to our son who will be a member of your camp this year. We write to inform you that Riku can be a handful at times. He is not enthusiastic about going to your camp, nor does he believe that he will have fun. However, his school counselors have recommended sending Riku to a camp where he will be surrounded by other kids his age. This will hopefully help him socialize more with other kids, and keep him out of trouble for next year. We apologize in advance for any mishaps our son may cause. Please be sure to inform Riku's counselors about the situation so they will not be put off by his attitude.


Mr. & Mrs. Webster

"A kid who doesn't like camp?" Merlin questioned as if the idea was completely preposterous. He stood up from his seat with the letter in his hand. He moved to his door and opened it before she stepped outside to look at the beautiful camp. "Why… every single boy who has entered this camp, has had an experience of a lifetime. And this one will be no different." The camp director moved back into his cabin and after crumbling up the letter, he tossed it in the trash before going back to his paperwork.

Meanwhile… At the docks in Camp Destiny, a few arrivals were just getting off the plane. All but one looked thrilled about being there.

And that's it for now everyone. Just a taste of it. The next chapter will be much better, and the humor will just begin. Characters will be introduced. So be sure to look for the first chapter. 'Introduction Ceremony.'