Disclaimer: I don't own Grey's Anatomy. But when ABC bought it from Shonda they only bought 5 seasons. So if they are on glue and decide not to buy anymore, I will buy them …and then it can be all made for me.

So yeah …my Season 3. I started it . . .and then never touched it again because I was begged to finish Chasing Cars first. And now that's done (which is sad) and I've even thrown in another one. So back to Season 3. However, since my first attempt, I've changed my mind about what is going to happen. Mainly because COD is supposedly on for another 6 episodes. So I am starting over. Well kind of. Leaving in most of what I had, just changing little bits.

I'm also writing this as a script. I've never really tried this before, so I want to give it a shot. As to me, this fanfic is how the show works in my mind. So script makes sense. However, I'm a newb at it, so if it sucks, just let me know and I'll go back to the style that I know I'm damn good at it.

Anyway …on with the show.


Meredith's Voice Over:

As a surgeon, avoidance comes hand in hand with the denial. We avoid facing certain truths (cuts to showing Burke sitting with Cristina watching his handle tremble), we avoid becoming emotionally involved because far too often they leave us (cuts to Izzie sitting on her bed, between Alex and George bawling) and we avoid conversations that we just can't handle (cuts to Meredith looking at Derek and Finn). Basically, surgeons avoid the more complicated bits of life. (cuts to Webber watching Adele who is watching Camille dance with her boyfriend) because surgery is complicated enough.

(Open to Derek, Meredith and Finn, standing at the top of the stairs, just where we left them at the end of last season).

Finn: Meredith? (looking worried and confused)

Derek: Mer? (looking worried and cocky all at once)

Meredith: (tears starting to form) I . . .I can't. I'm sorry. But I (sob) can't.

Finn: Meredith, what are you talking about?

Meredith: Finn

Finn: (cutting her off) Come on, I'll just give you a lift home.

Meredith: I can't. (tears flowing freely now)

(The Chief comes running up the stairs)

Webber: (looking around a little confused) Sorry to interrupt whatever is happening, but Derek, I need you.

Derek: (still looking at Meredith) Why?

Webber: An emergency. Some big name was performing at one of the dancing places downtown. The balcony collapsed. There was quite a few casualties and now we have to fix up the rest.

Derek: (sighing) Fine, Dr. Webber, I will be in the ER within a few minutes.

Webber: Good. The singer, rapper or whatever he is, needs you, massive head injuries. You'll be heading into surgery almost immediately.

Derek: Fine (pauses). I need an intern. (looking right at Meredith)

Webber: Grey can scrub in.

Meredith: I appreciate it, but I'm in no shape (looking panicked). Isn't there anyone else?

Derek: O'Malley and Karev left with Stevens. And Yang is busy with Burke.

Webber: I'll be paging them all back, but you're here now.

Meredith: (looking lost) Okay, I'll go change.

Derek: Mer . . . Dr. Grey, as soon as you're done, please go meet the patient in the ER and get him up for a MRI.

Meredith: I'll get right on that Dr. Shepherd.

(Meredith and the Chief exit, leaving Derek and Finn alone. Scene changes to Cristina standing in Burke's room)

Burke: Cristina . . . (voice sounding shaky and scratchy)

Cristina: Burke, you have to tell Shepherd.

Burke: Cristina . . .

Cristina: You have to tell him. He's Shepherd. He's god damn McDreamy. He can fix this.

Burke: (clears his throat) Cristina (pause to see if she'll let him continue). How's Denny Duquette?

Cristina: (doesn't answer right away). He's dead, Burke. He died from complications after the surgery, we think a blood clot.

Burke: (after a few moments of silence) How's Izzie handling it?

Cristina: She's a mess. The others are with her.

Burke: (staring at his hand) You should be to.

Cristina: Bur . . .

Burke: Go.

(Cristina hurries out of the room, confused and not wanting to upset her injured boyfriend. As she exits we hear her name being paged. Scene cuts to Derek and Finn again)

(Derek stands raking his fingers through his hair, starting to walk towards the elevators to go get changed)

Finn: You're married.

Derek: Finn . . .

Finn: You're married, Derek.

Derek: I know. (with a small, sad laugh)

Finn: What is it between you Shepherd? I've tried to get Meredith to open up, to tell me things. But she's a closed book. Won't let me in to help her heal all the scary and damaged bits.

Derek: (looks a little angry, he doesn't consider Mer scary and damaged) Meredith doesn't talk about herself easily. (Pause) And us . . . we're . . . complicated.

Finn: You're married. She's with me. How complicated can that be?

Derek: Finn, you should talk to her about this.

Finn: No! I'm talking to you about this, Doctor (bitterness in his voice). What is Meredith to you?

Derek: (pauses for a long moment). Everything. (in a quiet voice)

Finn: Everything?

Derek: (taking a deep breath) Well, Dr. Dandridge, as nice as this has been, I have to go save a life. And not of the canine variety, a real life, one that matters. So this conversation is over.

(Derek exits, leaving Finn standing by himself. Neither notice Addison standing off to the side, tears in her eyes after hearing the whole conversation, as her name is paged to report to the ER. Scene cuts to George and Alex, who are at Mer's house sitting outside Izzie's door. You can hear her crying inside.)

(Both their pagers simultaneously go off)

Alex: Shit.

George: (looking at his) It's a 911. We have to go.

Alex: Have these people never heard of giving someone a night off?

George: (through the door) Izzie, we have to go to the hospital. Are you going to be okay?

Izzie: (in a really small voice) Yeah.

George: You sure?

Izzie: Yeah.

(George looks at Alex, shrugs and heads toward the stairs, yelling bye to Izzie)

Alex: (quietly) Izz, call me. If you need anything, just someone to talk to, call me. I'll keep my cell with me all night.

Izzie: Thanks, Alex.

(Alex sadly looks at the closed door and leaves. Scene cuts to Meredith in the MRI room with Derek)

Derek: Meredith, we have to talk.

Meredith: Dr. Shepherd, unless it is about our patient I see nothing to talk about.

Derek: Mer, what happened earlier . . .

Meredith: (cutting him off) Was a mistake. You're married. I'm dating the vet. It shouldn't have happened.

Derek: (smiling in that cute little arrogant way) But it did.

Meredith: It was a mistake.

Derek: Come on, Mer, you don't think that.

Meredith: Dr. Shepherd, right now . . .

Derek: Meredith . . .

Meredith: Derek, not now. I don't want to talk. Maybe we should. Eventually. Right now, I'm not ready. I can't, Derek. I just can't.

Derek: (sad smile) Okay, Mer, we'll talk when you're ready. (Bailey opens the door and enters the room). So Dr. Grey what do you see?

(Meredith mouths thank you to Derek behind Dr. Bailey's back and the two proceed to speak about the surgery. Scene cuts to George running into Callie as he's entering the hospital)

George: Hey.

Callie: Oh, hi. (sounding completely awkward)

George: What happened earlier?

Callie: A lot of stuff, George.

George: No, what happened with you? You kind of disappeared.

Callie: I know.

George: Why? You didn't have to disappear.

Callie: You had Izzie to deal with. And Meredith. They needed you. That whole family thing you have going on. So I left.

George: But Callie, you could have stayed. I wanted you to stay.

Callie: Sorry George, I had other things to do.

(Callie walks away, seemingly mad, leaving a confused George behind her. Scene cuts to Alex, George and Cristina near the nurses desk with Bailey)

Bailey: After all the headaches of the last few hours, and here I am stuck looking at your ugly faces again. How lucky am I? Have a child to go to home, instead I'm stuck here, bossing around my suck-ups. Because some rapper was stupid enough to get his head smashed in.

Cristina: Ummm . . . Dr. Bailey?

Bailey: Sorry. I'm tired. When I'm tired I get annoyed.

Alex: (under his breath) When is she not annoyed?

Bailey: I heard that Karev. How's Stevens?

George: She's locked herself in her bedroom, she said she was okay, but obviously she's not.

Bailey: Okay, we'll try to make this quick so one of you can get home to her. Not that you deserve an easy time, but she needs someone. So assignments. Grey's already upstairs with Shepherd. Karev, you know where you are go find her. O'Malley, Torres is swamped with broken bones, she needs you. And Cristina you're with me in the pit, stitching up these morons.

Cristina: Dr. Bailey, could I please have a surgery? I'm sure there's plenty more to go around.

Bailey: Are you whining? Did I give you permission to whine? (her face softens) Listen Yang, with everything going on with Burke I expect a little bit of distraction, so tonight you're with me. Don't complain, I am trying to be nice here.

Cristina: Yes Dr. Bailey.

(The other interns scatter to their respective places as Cristina follows Bailey into the ER, which is full of injured, bloody people. Cristina smiles. Scene cuts to Alex approaching Addison, who looks heartbroken)

Alex: Well, Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd, you look like you lost your best friend.

Addison: (under her breath) No, just my husband.

Alex: Pardon?

Addison: Never mind, Karev. Come on, we have a patient to see.

Alex: Another exciting night on the vagina squad.

Addison: Karev, drop the attitude. I really don't need it tonight.

(The two enter the hospital room. Scene cuts to Meredith and Derek in the rappers (who isn't an actual famous rapper, just a pretend one) room.

Derek: Mr. Meyer, we've gotten the results back from the MRI. You have an intracranial hematoma.

Patient: And what the hell does that mean?

Meredith: The fluid that surrounds your brain is there to protect it from getting hurt when something happens to your head, however sometimes when the blow is too sudden or too hard, the fluid doesn't do its job. Your brain slid heavily into the inner wall of your skull and basically became bruised. A blood vessel between the skull and brain burst, leading to bleeding in the brain which can lead to build up pressure and compressed brain tissue.

Derek: (giving her that smile of his) Exactly, Dr. Grey. Sometimes it can correct itself, in less severe cases and heal properly. However, your case will require an operation.

Patient: Whatever you say, docs. You seem smart, at least smarter than me. Just get me out of here.

Derek: That's the plan Mr. Meyer. Dr. Grey, could you please go book an OR for as soon as possible?

Meredith: I'm right on that, Dr. Shepherd.

(Meredith and Derek share a look full of longing on Derek's side and a combination of fear and longing on Meredith's. Meredith turns and leaves the room. Both the patient and Derek watch as she leaves)

Patient: Man, that's one hot lady. What I wouldn't give to have a piece of that? Dude, you've hit that, right?

Derek: (looking at the patient in complete shock) I will agree that Dr. Grey is one hot lady, but my sex life and her sex life, that's to be kept private. (Derek turns and starts to leave the room.)

Patient: Well, Shepherd, that's answer enough.

(The patient is laughing at his little discovery. Scene cuts to Meredith sitting in the cafeteria staring at the sandwich in front of her.)

Cristina: (sitting down beside Meredith) What's wrong with you?

Meredith: I'm tired.

Cristina: We all are. But something else is bugging you. Spill.

Meredith: It's the whole Izzie and Denny mess.

Cristina: Seriously? You expect me to believe that?

Meredith: I don't want to talk about it.

Cristina: What did McVet do? I told you that dating a vet was a bad idea.

Meredith: McVet didn't do anything. McVet is perfect.

Cristina: So it wasn't McVet. (pause) Was is McDreamy?

Meredith: Am I that predictable?

Cristina: Yeah.

Meredith: I slept with him.

Cristina: (looking disbelieving but not shocked) You slept with McDreamy?

Meredith: I didn't mean to. He was looking at me.

Cristina: He was looking at you.

Meredith: I ran. And he chased me. I went to hide in one of the exam rooms, but he found me. So I yelled at him. He yelled back. Which by the way, we're getting frighteningly good at doing. And then he kissed me.

Cristina: And you kissed McShithead back?

Meredith: I did. And then I slept with him.

(They sit in silence for a few minutes)

Meredith: I don't know why I did it. I mean, he kissed me. I could have pulled back, I should have pulled back.

Cristina: Burke actually kicked me out of his hospital room tonight. He just told me to go.

Meredith: He has a wife. A wife. And he chose her. Then he kissed me. Just like that. What was he thinking?

Cristina: I'm trying my best. Being the supportive girlfriend that you'd think he'd need at a time like this. It's hard. And then he kicks me out.

Meredith: What was I thinking? I'm trying with Finn, I am. And then this happens. Why can't I stay away from him?

Cristina: He's still mad at me. For falling asleep. First he punishes me with the patients, and now he's the patient so he had to find a new way. He's punishing me.

Meredith: Then he asked what it meant. What it meant! He's the one with the wife. He's the one that should be deciding what it meant.

Cristina: Okay, I admit, I freaked at first, when McDreamy made me go into surgery. McDreamy's an ass for that. But I'm trying now, really trying, and all Burke cares about is Denny.

Meredith: McDreamy is an ass.

Cristina: He kicked me out. Burke kicked me out.

Meredith: (suddenly looking over at Cristina) Is he going to be okay? Are you going to be okay?

Cristina: I don't know. (pause) What's going to happen with the McVet, McDreamy and McBitch saga?

Meredith: I don't know.

Cristina: Dating our bosses was a great idea.

(Scene cuts to Callie and George entering a patients room)

Callie: Dr.O'Malley? (gesturing towards the patient, obviously wanting him to explain the case)

George: Mr. Matthews is a 25 year old male who broke both legs after falling from the broken balcony at the concert. One leg only had a greenstick fracture and has already been set, however his left leg has a comminuted fracture and we will need to go in and set it using pins.

Callie: Do you understand that all, Mr. Matthews?

Patient: Well enough I guess. Will the left leg heal okay? I play basketball and . . . (he trails off looking distressed)

Callie: I can't guarantee anything, but the bone is not too badly crushed so we should be able to repair it with no long term damage. It may bother you occasionally, but you're basketball days shouldn't be over. (turning to George) Can you please go book the OR for later this afternoon?

George: No problem Dr. Torress.

(The two leave the patients room)

George: Callie?

Callie: Yes, George?

George: Want to come over tonight? The gang is getting together in hopes of cheering Izzie up, I'd like you to be there.

Callie: I don't know, George. I don't really want to see Meredith.

George: What? I thought you were past all that. I thought you were trying.

Callie: (sighing) I saw something George, something I'm not one hundred percent certain how to deal with. And I think it would be best if I didn't see her right now.

George: What did you see?

Callie: I can't tell you. At least not yet.

George: Yes you can.

Callie: No George, I can't.

(Callie turns around and storms off for the second time that day)

(Scene cuts and shows everyone in their respective surgeries. Derek is sending Meredith the looks he always sends her during surgeries and every time their eyes meet she looks away. Addison and Alex are performing an emergency C-section for a girl that fell from the balcony, the usual tension in the air. Cristina is stitching up a cut on a man's forehead, but seemingly distracted. George and Callie are operating in complete silence, no words are exchanged. Scene then cuts to Izzie, at home laying in bed with dry eyes, just staring straight ahead, still in her prom dress.)

(Scene cuts to Addison and Alex walking out of the patient's room after telling her that the baby, although premature will be okay)

Addison: Thank you for your help today, Dr. Karev.

Alex: Well, you know how much I love working for the vagina squad. Exactly what I was hoping for when I joined the program.

Addison: (sighing) It's a real shame, Karev.

Alex: What?

Addison: Your attitude. I'm not keeping you around to torture you, I'm keeping you because I actually think you might have some promise in this field. You're good, Alex.

Alex: (looking a little embarrassed) Oh, Dr. Shepherd, don't kid yourself. You keep me around because you're attracted. I'm hot, and you notice.

Addison: Dr. Karev, I'm a married woman.

Alex: It didn't stop you before.

(With that Alex turns and leaves. Scene cuts to Meredith and Derek washing their hands after their sadly unsuccessfully surgery)

Derek: Do you want to come with me to tell the family?

Meredith: If you'd like me to, Dr. Shepherd.

Derek: You know, this whole trying to sound professional thing kind of turns me on.

Meredith: (Glaring at him) Dr. Shepherd.

Derek: (just gives her one of his smiles). Let's go talk to the family. Destroy someone else's lives, instead of our own for a change. You know he thought you were hot? He asked me if I had hit that.

Meredith: I don't even want to imagine your answer.

(Scene cuts to Cristina entering Burke's hospital room)

Cristina: Bailey had me on sutures all day. It was long. Boring.

Burke: What are you doing here?

Cristina: Visiting my boyfriend. What do you think I'm doing here?

Bailey: George mentioned something about getting together for Izzie, shouldn't you be with them?

Cristina: Yes. But I wanted to come say hi, see how you were.

Burke: You didn't have to.

Cristina: Fine then. I'll leave.

(Meredith closing voice over)

The thing with avoidance though, is that it's hard. Avoiding someone, something, some thought, it's not easy. It's exhausting. (Scene cuts to Burke lying in his hospital bed, looking at his trembling hand). It leads to awkward situations that you wish would never happen. (Scene cuts to Derek and Addison, silently preparing for bed.)

Addison: Derek, do you want me to take your suit to the drycleaners tomorrow?

Derek: (thinking of the black panties tucked away in the pocket) No.

Addison: Are you going to take a shower? It's been a long day.

Derek: (thinking of how he still kind of smells like lavender) No.

Addison: (taking a deep breath). Do you think we should talk? I'm getting the sense that maybe we should talk.

Derek: (thinking of how tired he is, and how that talk will go) No.

Addison: (sadly and quietly) Goodnight.

Derek: (sounding relieved) Goodnight.

The worse part of avoidance is that it can't last forever. Eventually whatever it us we're running from catches up. And we end up tired, exhausted, broken. (Scene cuts to showing the five interns laying horizontal in Izzie's bed)

Cristina: So this is it. This is what you guys do.

Meredith: Yep.

Cristina: You just lay here. Together.

George: After a bad day, yep.

Alex: Makes me happy I don't live here. I definitely could not handle this, and with how many bad days Meredith manages to have, this must be constant.

Meredith: (hits Alex) Shut up.

Cristina: Definitely uncalled for comment, Evilspawn.

Alex: Hey, I'm just saying the truth.

(The five fall into silence)

Izzie: (speaking for the first time that night) Thanks guys, for being here. It means a lot to me. Not being alone. (With these she bursts into tears.)

(Screen fades to black).

Wow, that took forever to write. And it's really long. 13 pages on Word. Wow.

I don't know how I feel about this. Because I feel like nothing really happened. However, my first episode is about avoidance so I guess when everyone is avoiding something, nothing would happen. So it works. Trust me when I say …next episode A LOT is going to happen. Like crazy lots. Mind blowing lots. Seriously. The pace will pick up, it really will. This was kind of an epilogue type thing, to introduce where they are all at.

Besides, I have a feeling that the first episode of Season 3 may be very medically concentrated. Something big will happen, like the Code Black, like the shooting, to get people to tune in. And to delay Mer's decision. Now I know mine isn't very suspenseful but I just couldn't really fit that in without making it longer. So I just touched on the medical stuff.

Now for ship warnings . . .this episode didn't touch on it too much so I didn't bother with a warning but I will warn now, so people know where it's going (not that I'm trying to give things away, but I hate not knowing). If you've read any of my other stuff you know I'm all about the Mer/Der. They're my couple. Also, Lexzie, definitely my second fave couple. But Izzie is hurting, big time . . .she can't jump right back in. And Alex and Addie have heat . . .and I'm not sure where that's going to go quite yet. But don't expect a smooth ride for Lexzie, but know that I love them. I think Burke and Cristina are boring, so I'm spicing them up, giving them some angst. As for George . . .I'm torn on him and Callie. Love Callie, don't know if I love her with George, so don't know where it's going. Finally, I also love Addison and Mark. And Mark will be appearing (shirtless, lol).

The only other thing I can say about this episode is . . .I'm going on what Patrick Dempsey said, that Derek has made a decision. Although Meredith is not talking to him (love his flirting though) and he's not actually talking to Addie . . .he has made his decision (hence the flirting and not talking to Addie)

So yeah . . . read, love, review!