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This episode takes place on the next day that Meredith and Derek had off. So yes, you do get to see their date, well some of it. You'll see where that goes. Lol.

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Meredith's Opening VO

(Scene opens with Meredith and Derek sitting at a table in a nice restaurant, holding hands and talking over candlelight.) According to the dictionary love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. (Scene cuts to Callie and George at home eating popcorn and watching television together.) This definition is further proof that nine times out of ten the dictionary is stupid. (Scene cuts to Meredith and Derek at the restaurant eating their meals, still smiling.) If love could be summed up into eight tiny words life would be much simpler. (Scene cuts to Addison and Mark at the hospital sharing a silent meal in the cafeteria, neither of them talking.) Love is not the simple, it's complicated. (Scene cuts to the restaurant where Meredith and Derek are sharing a chocolate lava cake, Derek feeding Meredith small bites.) Love isn't always all that tender. (Scene cuts to Cristina and Burke fighting in their apartment over cleanliness.) Love isn't always that passionate. (Scene cuts to Izzie and Alex sitting in the bar together having a drink.) Love can't be defined in eight words. It can't even be defined in one hundred words. (Scene cuts to Derek helping Meredith into her jacket as they leave the restaurant.) Love sucks like that.

(Scene cuts to Meredith and Derek walking hand in hand along the pier where the ferry boats dock.)

Derek: So tonight was . . .

Meredith: (smiling at Derek) Perfect.

Derek: It was. I'm glad you agreed to come.

Meredith: So am I. I really am.

(The two walk in silence, smiling for a few minutes.)

Derek: Mark and I are going out for drinks tomorrow night.

Meredith: (squeezing his hand) Are you?

Derek: (nods his head) Am I being stupid?

Meredith: No Derek. He was your best friend, has been forever. You're not being stupid giving it another shot.

Derek: (in a quiet voice) He slept with my wife.

Meredith: And he was an ass. But he won't be sleeping with your girlfriend.

Derek: (perking up) Girlfriend?

Meredith: Friend. I didn't mean to say girlfriend. I didn't.

Derek: (laughing) Mer, I want us to work. At your pace, no matter how slow it is. I just want us to work.

Meredith: Fine. Girlfriend.

(Derek laughed a little, and pulled her to him with his hand, and gently kissed her. Scene cuts to Addie walking in to her patients room.)

Addison: Mrs. Jackman, I'm just going to give you a quick exam and then we'll have an intern in here to prep you for sugery.

Mrs. Barr: Sounds good, Dr. Montgomery.

Addison: (noticing the good looking man holding the patient's hand) Oh, umm . . .hello. I wasn't aware that your husband had arrived Sarah.

Sarah: (laughing) Oh this is my brother Adam. My husband is still trying to get a flight.

Adam: The joys of emergency c-sections, I assume?

Addison: Happens all the time. (Addie examines the patient) All looks good. Someone will be in soon to prep you.

(Addison turns to walk out the door)

Adam: You didn't mention that your doctor was so hot.

(Addison overhearing this, smiled and walked with a bit more of a saunter. Scene cuts to Izzie saying goodbye to Alex, as he heads out of the bar. She follows close behind but on her way out she runs into Andy who is coming in.)

Izzie: Andy! What are you doing here?

Andy: Well I heard that this is where all the fine doctors came to relax and was hoping to run into my favourite intern.

Izzie: Oh so I'm your favourite?

Andy: I didn't say that I was looking for you.

Izzie: Oh really?

Andy: I was going to see if I could buy you a drink but if you're on your way out…

Izzie: No, no. I can stay. I can definitely stay.

Andy: Good.

(They smile at each other and head towards the bar. Scene cuts to Cristina and Burke, who are seemingly are in the beginning processes of make up sex from their spat. Cristina's pager goes off.)

Cristina: (looking at it) I have to go.

Burke: I didn't think you were on call tonight.

Cristina: I wasn't, but I convinced Meredith to switch shifts with me so she could go out with Derek uninterrupted.

Burke: Why did you do that? I thought I had the night with you.

Cristina: Well you don't. Meredith needs to fix things with Derek, so I gave her time.

Burke: (looking angry) Do you care more about Meredith's love life than you do your own?

Cristina: No, I don't. But I care more about surgery on my career than Meredith does. She'd rather have a night of screaming orgasms with McDreamy. I'd rather have a night of cutting.

Burke: Cristina . . .

Cristina: (pulling a shirt over her head) Besides we're good. Mer and McDreamy aren't good. Give them a break, Burke.

(Cristina pulls on her jacket and heads out the door, not giving Burke any chance to respond to her last statement. Scene cuts to Meredith and Derek, still leaning in the exact same spot on the pier.)

Derek: And he had to go find the girlfriend of the biggest guy in the school to sleep with, because sleeping with a math nerds girlfriend would have been far too easy. He's lucky he had me to protect him.

Meredith: (laughing and squeezing his bicep) And you could protect big, strong Mark?

Derek: Mark wasn't so big and strong back then, he only got big and strong after guys started after him for sleeping with their woman. But I was, I am the charming one. I can work my magic with anyone.

Meredith: (laughing and giving him a quick kiss) Sure you can.

Derek: You don't believe me, do you?

Meredith: (laughing) I believe that's what you think.

Derek: For my girlfriend you don't have very much faith in me,

Meredith: I've been your girlfriend for ten minutes. Give it some time. Maybe you should demonstrate some of that charm on me.

Derek; Maybe I should.

(He leans forward and kisses her, softly but passionately, it last for a few minutes.)

Meredith: Is that how you got the big bully to leave Mark alone?

Derek: (laughing) No, no. I just talked to him. My kisses are only for you. (he wraps his arms around her and pulls her close) I'm happy you're my girlfriend.

Meredith: You are?

Derek: Dating the prettiest most intelligent intern is good for the ego.

Meredith: (hits him and laughs) You're such an idiot.

Derek: (laughs with her and then grows serious, Meredith looks at him, obviously worried about the change in moods) I should have known he'd screw my wife. He screwed everyone's wife. I should have known.

Meredith: (running her hand through his hair) He was your best friend Derek. You had no reason to think he'd do that to you.

Derek: I really should have known, Mer. He slept with other friends' wives, why not mine?

Meredith: Because no one wants to believe it until it happens to them.

Derek: (sighing) It's just . . . he's my brother Meredith. How could he do that to me?

Meredith: That's something you'll have to ask him. But as I said, I'm not going to sleep with him. Ever. Derek, for me it's only you.

Derek: (smiling) It's only you too.

(Derek leans in for a kiss but just as their lips are about to meet Meredith and Derek's phones both ring. They exchange worried looks and both reach down to answer. Scene cuts to Andy and Izzie sitting in the bar together.)

Izzie: So how did a good Canadian boy end up in Seattle?

Andy: I came here on vacation with my family when I was younger and fell in love with the city. So after I was done law school …it just seemed like the place to go.

Izzie: I've never been to Canada, I hear it snows a lot. Is that true? And did you play hockey? I used to date a hockey player. He wasn't from Canada. But I heard everyone there plays hockey.

Andy: (laughing) It did snow quite a bit in Cornwall, that's the city I'm from. And hockey, I must admit I did play hockey. But what about you, how did a model end up becoming a doctor?

Izzie: Oh, so you do recognize me, why didn't you say anything?

Andy: I didn't want to make it into something big.

Izzie: (nodding) Thanks. I grew up in a trailer park. And I always wanted to be a doctor. The modeling thing was just to pay the bills. (nervous laughter) I was poor.

Andy: Nothing wrong with that Izz. That's the past.

Izzie: And now I'm rich.

Andy: (laughing) Definitely nothing wrong with that.

Izzie: (laughing) Is that why you wanted to buy me a drink?

Andy: No. I'm in it for your body, the money is just an added bonus.

(The two laugh. Scene cuts to Addie walking down the hall, Adam her patient's brother walking up beside her.)

Adam: Dr. Montgomery . . .

Addison: Adam, is everything alright?

Adam: Everything, oh yeah, everything is fine. I just wanted to . . . talk.

Addison: (raising one eyebrow) About?

Adam: I don't know . . . stuff.

Addison: Well stuff happens to be my favourite topic of conversation.

Adam: (laughing) Maybe a proper introduction should come first, I'm Adam Gault. I'm a partner at a local marketing firm. 40. Single.

Addison: (laughing and shaking his hand) I'm Addison Montgomery. You obviously know my job. 38. And I'm . . . divorced.

Adam: (noticing her wincing at the word) Recent development?

Addison: Yes but that's a long story.

Adam: Are you new to the area? We've done marketing for the hospital before for fundraising and I've never heard mention of you.

Addison: Yes, and this is also a long story.

Adam: You are full of long stories, aren't you?

Addison: I am. You might want to stay away from me.

Adam: But where's the fun in that?

(Addison gives Adam an intrigued smile. Scene cuts to the hospital entrance where Meredith and Derek are rushing in, holding hands, a shared look of concern on their faces.)

Derek: (taking charge of the situation) Mer, go grab a seat in the waiting room. I'll go see what I can find out.

Meredith: Derek . . .

Derek: Please, Mer. Go sit. I promise to be right back to you as soon as I can.

(Meredith looks into his eyes, hers are teary but his look strong and confident if not a little scared. She silently nods and walks away, after Derek gives her a quick kiss on the cheek. Derek continues to walk forward until he bumps into Bailey.)

Bailey: Derek, you're here. Is she with you?

Derek: She's in the waiting room. Where is she? How is she?

Bailey: Derek, you know I can't tell you that.

Derek: (giving her a confused look) Miranda, I'm your boss.

Bailey: I'm sorry, Derek, but I didn't realize you were on call right now.

Derek: I'm not . . .

Bailey: Than you are not my boss. You are here as a patient's daughters boyfriend or friend, whatever it is you call yourselves now.

Derek: But you called me.

Bailey: I called you for Meredith, not for your dumb ass.

Derek: But Mer's mom deserves the best.

Bailey: And in this case, that's not you. You are far too close to Meredith to be any good here. Ellis Grey does not need you, Derek. But Meredith does.

Derek: But I can . . .

Bailey: You can't Derek. Not this time.

Derek: I just . . . I need to do something.

Bailey: I know, Derek. I know. But right now, in this moment the best thing you can do is go and be with Meredith. She doesn't need to be alone right now.

Derek: What is that supposed to mean?

Bailey: Someone will be out to talk to her.

(Bailey turns around and starts to walk away but Derek just stands there looking slightly confused.)

Bailey: (turning around) What are you still standing there for? Go!

(Derek gives Bailey one last worried look and then leaves quickly, headed to find his girlfriend in the waiting room. Scene cuts to Cristina walking out of an OR and running into Mark.)

Mark: Dr. Yang.

Cristina: (looking at him weird) McSteamy.

Mark: So that's what you interns are calling me? I must say, it does have a certain ring to it.

Cristina: Don't let it go to your head, you're not the only one with a nickname.

Mark: Yes, I understand Derek shares the honour with me.

(Cristina rolls her eyes at him)

Mark: How is it that I haven't had you as my intern yet?

Cristina: I like cases that are actually a matter of life or death.

Mark: Seriously?

Cristina: Seriously.

Mark: You have no idea what you're missing out on with me.

Cristina: Oh I can just imagine.

Mark: (laughing) I'm sure you can. (starts to walk away but stops) Oh, in case you haven't heard, Meredith's mom was brought in.

Cristina: What?

Mark: (shrugging) Don't know details. Heard some nurses gossiping. They were more concerned with the fact Derek is with her in the waiting room than they were with what is actually wrong.

Cristina: That is why I don't like nurses, they're never good for the important stuff.

Mark: Well they are good for some things.

Cristina: Sloan, for once, stop thinking with your pickle.

(Mark laughs and with a disgusted look Cristina turns and walks away, intent on finding Meredith. Scene cuts to Addison standing on the bridge, looking at Derek and Meredith below, she can tell something is wrong but doesn't know what but worries all the same. Adam walks up behind her.)

Adam: Everything okay?

Addison: (putting on a fake smile) Yeah, everything is good. Your sister . . .

Adam: Her husband has arrived and she is doing fine. I was asking about you.

Addison: (face falling just a bit) I'm okay. My fr . . .two of my coworkers have the night off and yet they are in the waiting room. Looking worried. Something must have happened so I'm a little concerned, that's all.

Adam: Oh. (looks down and notices them) Well I guess it's good they have each other at least.

Addison: (sad smile) Yeah, I guess it is.

(Adam gives her a questioning look)

Addison: Another long story.

Adam: Are all these stories connected?

Addison: (laughing) Like you wouldn't believe.

Adam: Well woman of the long stories, how about we grab a drink and you can fill me in?

Addison: Drink sounds nice. Not sure if I'm going to divulge though.

Adam: (smiling) Oh we'll see about that.

(The two smile at each other for a second but soon their eyes are caught by what's going on down below. Chief Webber is approaching the spot where Meredith and Derek are standing. Addison looks worried and Adam places a comforting hand on her back. Scene cuts to below where the Chief takes a seat directly across from where Meredith and Derek are sitting.)

Chief: Meredith, Derek.

Derek: (squeezing Meredith's hand) What's wrong?

Chief: Meredith, would you rather talk somewhere more private?

Meredith: No, no, I need Derek here.

Derek: What's wrong?

Chief: (sighing) Ellis had a stroke. The damage . . .the damage has left her in a coma. I'm so sorry Meredith.

Meredith: (as Derek wraps his arms around her, letting her fall against his chest) Oh my god.

Chief: I'm afraid there's nothing we can do. She's on life support right now, but you're going to have to make a decision, things are not looking good.

(Meredith silently starts to sob into Derek's chest)

Derek: Richard, let me see the scans.

Chief: Derek, I can't let you see them.

Derek: Please, at least let me see them.

Chief: Derek, I know you're not related to her but you're too close to her case, I can't let you . . .

Meredith: Please.

Chief: (sighing) Fine, but Derek, this isn't something that you can help with.

Derek: I need to at least try.

Chief: (nodding his head) I'll leave you two alone for a while. Derek come find me when you're ready to see the scans. Meredith . . .let me know if there's anything you need.

(the Chief walks away and Derek pulls Meredith even closer to him, letting her cry on his shoulder for quite some time. Eventually her tears lessen and he slightly pulls away and reaches for the cell phone on his belt.)

Derek: I'm going to go look at those scans, but I don't want you alone. I'll call your friends and wait here with you until they get here.

Meredith: Derek you don't have to . . .

Derek: (cutting her off, not waiting to find out what he didn't have to do) Yes I do.

(Meredith gives Derek a small grateful smile and rests her head against his shoulder as he starts dialing numbers on his phone. Scene cuts to George and Callie at Meredith's house, still sitting on the couch together.)

Callie: I'm not sure what's worse, them still showing repeats of this show, or you still watching them.

George: It's a good show.

Callie: You could buy it on DVD.

(George is about to open his mouth when the phone rings. He answers it and nods a few times, says that Izzie is out so to try her cell and hangs up.)

George: That was Derek.

Callie: (looking confused) Isn't he supposed to be on a date with Meredith?

George: He was. He is. Meredith's mom had a stroke, they're at the hospital.

Callie: Oh no! Is she going to be okay?

George: Not from the sounds of it. We should go. We have to go. Callie, we should go right? I mean we should be there.

Callie: (looking worried) Of course, George. Move.

(The two jump up and rush towards the door, slipping into shoes and grabbing jackets on the way out the door. Scene cuts to Izzie who is still sitting at Joe's, chatting with Andy.)

Izzie: Meredith didn't want us living with her at all, but she changed her mind because, well I don't quite know why. Maybe I should move out. Now that I'm rich and all. Derek basically lives there now. Maybe George and I should move out, I could get us a big place.

Andy: (laughing) You talk a lot.

Izzie: I know. But do you think I should move out?

Andy: I think you should do what you want. Meredith and Derek don't seem to mind having you and George around. And just because you have money doesn't mean you have to leave.

Izzie: I guess (her phone rings and she stops to pick it up. She nods a couple of times, with a worried expression on her face and hangs up) That was Derek.

Andy: Didn't you say him and Meredith were out tonight?

Izzie: They were. But Mer's mom had a stroke. I have to go. I'm so sorry but I really have to go.

Andy: Do you want me to come with you?

Izzie: No. Thanks for the offer but I think Meredith will just want her family. But thanks.

Andy: (giving her a quick kiss on the cheek) Tell Meredith I hope everything works out and I'll give you a call sometime, if that's okay.

Izzie: That sounds good.

(Izzie rushes out of the bar, after quickly telling Joe what was going on, and Andy watches her leave with a smile. Scene cuts to the four interns, minus Meredith, and Callie running into each other in the hallway.)

Izzie: (looking at her friends) What's going on?

George: Meredith's mom had a stroke.

Cristina: That's what happened?

Alex: Shepherd didn't tell you when he called?

Cristina: Evil Spawn, I'm working. Shepherd paged me so I headed to find him, Sloan told me something was up but didn't know what.

Izzie: This isn't good.

George: It's a stroke. She could be fine. I mean, it's completely possible that she's fine, right?

Izzie: I'm sure everything is good.

Callie: Shepherd wouldn't have called you all if everything was fine. He needs some friend help, something bad is up.

George: You don't know that.

Alex: Unless he's planning on running again.

Izzie: Derek wouldn't do that to her, not again.

Cristina: Not unless he has a death wish he won't.

Izzie: We should go right? Derek's probably wondering where we are. We should go find them.

George: (nodding) Yeah, yeah we should.

(Without saying a word Alex starts to walk away, the others following close behind him, all with worried looks on their faces. Scene cuts to Derek and Meredith still in the waiting area, holding hands tightly. Mark and Addison are approaching from opposite sides.)

Mark: Meredith, I heard about your mom.

Addison: (looking at the three people surrounding her) What's wrong?

Derek: (in a quiet voice) Her mom suffered a severe stroke. She's, she's in a coma and it's not looking good.

Addison: (dropping into the free chair beside Meredith) Oh god, Meredith, I'm so sorry.

Mark: (looking at Derek) Is there anything you can do?

Derek: (shaking his head sadly) Richard doesn't think so. Once her friends get here I'm going to go look at the scans, but . . .(he trailed off)

Meredith: (in a small voice) It's not looking very hopeful.

Derek: (letting go of her hand and putting his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close) Mer, it's going to be okay.

Addison: We're all here for you.

(Derek gives Addison a small smile as Meredith takes the time to look at the people standing around her.)

Meredith: Shouldn't this situation be more than a little awkward for well, all of us?

Mark: (laughing slightly) Crappy things happening tend to bring people together in the strangest ways.

Meredith: The sad thing is, I don't know how crappy this is. Maybe this is a good thing. How horrible am I to even think that?

Derek: (rubbing her back) Mer, after all you've been through, you have every right to think that. No one can blame you.

Addison: (noticing Mark's confused look) Her mother has advanced early-on-set Alzheimer's.

Mark: Oh god, Mer. You really have had it rough.

Derek: (smiling slightly) But things are getting better.

(The four sit in silence for a few minutes, all lost in their own thoughts. Without any of them noticing Adam walks up.)

Adam: Addis . . . Dr. Montgomery?

Addison: Oh, Adam. Is it 8 already?

Adam: (looking awkward) Yeah it is.

Addison: Oh umm . . .

Mark: (reaching out his hand) I'm Dr. Mark Sloan, Addison's . . . friend. And you are?

Adam: Adam Gault.

Addison: His sister came in for a C-section today. And well, we're supposed to go out for drinks tonight.

Mark: (raising one eyebrow) Oh really?

Addison: (shoots him and evil look) And this is Derek and Meredith, my . . . (stumbles over what to say and Meredith gives her a small friendly smile) friends. They're my friends.

Derek: Nice to meet you Adam.

Adam: (noticing Mer's teary look) Is everything okay?

Addison: (looking at Mer and seeing her nod) Her mom was brought in today and things aren't looking great.

Adam: If you need to stay . . .

Meredith: No, no Addie. Go. Have a good time. I have Derek. And everyone else should be here soon. Don't cancel your plans for me.

(Addison looks torn but Derek gives her a small nod so she starts to get up, and gives Meredith a quick kiss on the head.)

Addison: Okay. But if you need anything at all, Derek has my number. Don't be afraid to call me. To talk, to whatever you need.

Meredith: Thanks Addison.

(Addison gives one last shoulder squeeze to Meredith and then walks away with Adam leaving Derek, Meredith and Mark in silence. Scene cuts to a while later, Derek is gone looking at the scans, and Meredith is sitting in silence with the interns.)

Callie: (trying to break up the silence) So tomorrow I have a knee replacement, any one want to scrub in?

Meredith: (in a flat voice) I would but I'll probably have the day off. I imagine taking my mother off life support gets me a day off.

Cristina: There's the Mer we know and love. I'll scrub in Callie, I haven't had a lot of ortho practice.

George: Seriously?

Cristina: You can have cardio. Burke's an ass.

George: What? What did Burke do?

Izzie: (noticing Meredith's silence) Mer, are you okay?

Meredith: Oh I'm fine.

Alex: You're not fine.

Meredith: Why wouldn't I be fine? My boyfriend, who really isn't my boyfriend, more like my kind of boyfriend because I told him I wanted time, is examining my mom. To confirm what I already know, that there's nothing he can do. And the worse part is, I'm glad there's nothing he can do. I want my mother to die. So really, I'm fine.

Cristina: Mer . . .

George: Meredith, there's nothing wrong with wanting your mother to be in peace. She's not herself and if she dies . . .

Meredith: If she dies there will be a huge burden lifted from my shoulders.

Cristina: Meredith . . .

Izzie: Meredith you're just overwhelmed right now, what your feeling is completely normal.

Meredith: Somehow I doubt it.

Alex: My grandma died with Alzheimers. When she was gone, my mom was happy. Really happy. It's normal Mer, it really is.

Meredith: You think?

Cristina: It is in any case Mer. You don't want her to suffer. Whatever your feeling Mer, you're allowed to feel it.

(At that moment, Meredith's eye catches Derek walking back into the area. He looks like he's been crying as he shakes his head no in her direction. She collapses into tears in her seat, and he's there with his arms around her before any of her friends even have a chance to move. Scene cuts to Izzie, George, Callie, Cristina, Alex and Mark still sitting in the waiting room, after Derek had led Meredith away to go see her mom.)

Mark: Is life ever dull here at Seattle Grace?

Izzie: No. We wish it was, but it is never dull.

Alex: Not that that's a bad thing.

George: It is if you're Meredith.

Izzie: Poor Meredith, I can't imagine having to go through that.

Mark: She's strong, she'll be okay.

Cristina: Yeah, now that she has McDreamy, imagine how she'd be taking this if he wasn't around to help her?

Alex: She'd be at Joe's right now, sleeping with the most inappropriate man she can find.

Izzie: Thank god she has Derek.

Mark: With this, Derek would have found a way to be there regardless of the situation. (everyone looks at him) I know Derek. He loves her, he wouldn't have let her handle this one alone. Speaking of Joe's, we should all go. I don't think I'm the only one that could use a drink.

Callie: Best idea you've ever had Sloan.

Cristina: And that's not saying a lot.

(They all shrug and start to head towards the exit door all in silent thoughts. Scene cuts to Meredith standing by her mother's bed, Derek standing in the door way behind her.)

Meredith: Oh god, Mom. I can't . . . I just can't. (breaks into tears)

Derek: (rushing up from behind and wrapping his arms around her) It's okay, Mer, I'm here. Shhh. I'm here.

Meredith: Derek, what am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to do this?

Derek: I don't know, I wish I had an answer for you, but I don't know.

Meredith: I have to kill my mother, my own mother and I have to say when to pull the plug.

Derek: I'd do it for you if I could.

Meredith: (leaning further into him) No this one is all me.

Derek: It's not all you, and it will never be all you again. It's us. But this decision, I can't help you with it, Mer. I can just be there for you.

Meredith: You probably shouldn't be.

Derek: What?

Meredith: I'm a horrible person. A terrible person. Because I'm standing in here, hating what I have to do. And a huge part of me wants to yell thank god, that it's about time that all this is over.

Derek: Meredith, your mom was a strong, powerful, intelligent woman and for the last few years she's been a shell of that. She was suffering. You're allowed to not want your mother suffering anymore.

Meredith: I still feel like a horrible person.

Derek: You're allowed to, but it doesn't mean you are one.

Meredith: I don't have to do it tonight, do I?

Derek: Do it when you're read Meredith. And she won't die alone. You'll be here. I'll be here. I'm sure everyone will want to be here.

Meredith: (shaking her head) I just want us here. And Webber. Us and Webber.

Derek: Than that's who will be here.

Meredith: (whispering) I love you, Derek.

Derek: (smiling in spite of the fact tears are still running down his face) I love you too.

Meredith: Take me home, I just want to go home.

(Derek gently grabbed Meredith's hand, and quietly led her out of the room. People watched as they walked by, but they just kept going.)

Meredith's Closing VO

(Scene cuts to Callie and George playing pool together at Joe's) Than there's the love songs, the ones played over and over again. (Scene cuts to Bailey leaving the hospital, Tucker and William are waiting outside for her) They sing about the love that makes you feel good, happy. (Scene cuts to Mark and Cristina sitting at the bar together)

Mark: So where's Loverboy this evening?

Cristina: Loverboy is a bad Patrick Dempsey movie. Burke is not Loverboy. And he's at home.

Mark: And you aren't because?

Cristina: Because right now alcohol and having you as company is a lot more appealing.

Mark: Wow, he must have really annoyed you.

Cristina: I used to think it was the estrogen, now I blame it entirely on the stupid boy penises.

Mark: (laughing) I think I like you Dr. Yang.

Cristina: Oh, don't even try it. These pants are staying on.

(Mark looks over and sees Addison sitting with Adam. Mark and Addison smile at each other.) Love songs sing about the complicated love that doesn't work out the way you expected. (Scene cuts to Addie and Adam talking.)

Adam: So I've bought you two drinks so far, care to fill me in on the long twisted story of yours.

Addie: I don't think you want to hear it.

Adam: I do.

Addie: You have to understand, I don't want to this to be my story, I wish it wasn't. But it is, so well, no running.

Adam: (smiling) No running.

Addie: (taking a deep breathe) Derek, who you met earlier, used to be my husband. We lived in New York and were miserable. And then I slept with Mark, who was Derek's best friend. So Derek came to Seattle, where he met Meredith, and seemingly fell madly in love with her. I stayed with Mark, until karma caught me in the ass and Mark cheated on me. So I came here, and convinced Derek to work on our marriage, which meant dumping the love of his life. And he did it. And it worked, until prom night when he slept with her. Which somehow led to Mark ending up in Seattle as well. And Derek asking for a divorce, because him and Meredith, well they don't do well not together. And now they're together, and I'm happy for them, I really am. I'm even friends with them. And Mark is here, but I've made it clear I want nothing to do with him. So I'm alone. Very very alone.

Adam: (laughing) And you actually tell guys that story on first dates?

Addie: I blame it on the drinks. And that I feel bad for Meredith right now.

Adam: So you're done with both Derek and Mark?

Addie: You saw Derek with Meredith, I'd have to be done even if I didn't want to be. And I do want to be done. And Mark, well Mark's Mark, so yes I'm done.

Adam: I'm not running.

Addie: I'm impressed.

(Scene cuts to Burke sitting at home alone reading a medical journal) About love that gets confusing without any warning sign. (Scene cuts to Richard standing over Ellis's bedside, playing with the wedding ring on his finger) About love that ends tragically. (Scene cuts to Alex and Izzie sitting at Joe's for the second time that night) About love that keeps trying to come back, even against all odds. (Scene cuts to Derek and Meredith getting ready to climb into bed together.) About love that's there for you when you need it the least and when you need it the most. (Derek climbs into bed but Meredith just stands and looks at him)

Derek: Mer? You okay?

Meredith: Yes. No. I avoid, it's what I do. It's what I've always done. I can't avoid this.

Derek: You can avoid it for the night.

Meredith: Not my mom. This. I can't avoid you. Me. Us.

Derek: Nor should you.

Meredith: It's what I was trying to do Derek. It's what I thought was best. By taking it slow I was avoiding us and what we really meant to each other. And I can't do it anymore.

Derek: What do we really mean to each other?

Meredith: You're it Derek. At the end of everything, you're it. At the end of the day it's you I want to go home with. Even when I'm mad at you, you're the only person I want to talk to. When the time comes for someone to pull the plug on me, I want it to be you.

Derek: That's a little morbid.

Meredith: Derek, beside the point. This is it for me. You can't hurt me again, because I won't be able to get over it. You're it. And I can't take it slow anymore. I can't. Because you could have a stroke and then . . . and then . . . I'd never know what we could be like.

Derek: (pulling her into bed) Meredith, you're it for me too. You're the one I want to go home with, you're the one I want to talk to, you're the one I want to die with. It's you. I won't hurt you again. I won't leave you again. This time it's forever.

Meredith: (nodding through her tears) Good, that's good.

Derek: So do I get sex tonight?

Meredith: No, I just want you to hold me, if that's okay.

(Derek doesn't respond but pulls Meredith tight into his arms.) The writers of love songs understand the complications of love far more than a stupid dictionary. (Meredith pulls out of Derek's arms and turns off the lamp behind her.) That's the kind of love I want to know. (Turning around again, Meredith settles back into Derek's arms and snuggles closely to him.)

Derek: I love you, Mer.

Meredith: I love you back, Der.

That's the kind of love I have.

(Screen fades to black. Grey's Anatomy comes up.)

First, OMG. I updated this fanfic. Trust me, no one is more shocked than me. Lol. It just took forever. I had so much school work (still do) and it ended up giving me major writer's block. But I updated it, I truly did. If anyone even cares now.

Second, that last scene… I have no idea where it came from. No word of a lie. It was supposed to be Meredith talking about her concerns about Ellis and Derek comforting her. And somehow those words came out of her mouth. I don't know why. But I wrote it, and it just seemed to fit. Meredith was trying to get back on even feet with Derek, figure everything out, learn to trust him again and love him again. And then he was there, everywhere, when she needed him the most. And to me that would make any girl spill her feelings. So they just came out of her mouth, and then I didn't want to take them back.

And I partially blame it on the show because how cute are Mer and Der??? What with the crosswords, and the bathtubs, and the talking, and the calling her his girlfriend, and the please, and the begging for sex. I LOVE THEM.

Okay, now about my fanfic . . .going to break it down by character

Meredith: Was feeling iffy about things with Derek and then he was so there when she really needed someone. So she spilled her feelings. As for her feelings about her mom dying …stole them from when she thought her mom might have had cancer, and how I know my mom felt about her dad dying. That it was good to end the suffering.

Derek: What can I say besides that he was so McDreamy in this episode of mine?

Addison: I love Addie, I do. And I think that somewhere along the line in the show she could be amazing friends with both Mer and Der, so I just sped that up a little in this story. She doesn't hate either of them so she's being mature, and she's happy to see them happy. And she has Adam. Hehehe. I love Adam. I don't know who plays Adam (my boyfriend volunteered for the role).

Mark: I want him with Addie, I do. But I'm not done passing him around first. And I know my Mark is not Shonda's Mark at all. But I'm good with that. He's the nice guy/manwhore. And I want this Mark to be friends with Derek again.

Cristina: Hahahaha. Not even touching that subject right now. She's annoyed with Burke. That's all I'm saying.

Burke: Had like what, 2 lines in this episode? Because I can't stand him. And that will be reflected in my writing. Not explaining that further at the moment, just wait and see.

Izzie: Is balancing 2 guys at once, because I think after last years drama she deserves that. So she's having some fun. But overall Alicia loves Alex and Izzie and last weeks episode reminded me of that, so don't worry.

Alex: Had a small roll in this episode. Just because there are so many characters to balance. But I adore him.

George and Callie also had small rolls. Mainly because I'm still unsure of where I'm going with them. I have my ideas, but nothing concrete. Going to play around with it in my head before the next chapter so expect to see more of them.

And I'm sorry I'm killing Ellis. She had to go.

And look for 2 more characters to make exits. Characters that really are in the show, but I'm writing them out of this fic. Not saying who. But if you know me, you might have a general idea.

Anyway as I said . . .I actually have some direction for this now. A lot of direction. My mind is back on track with this fic, thank god. So expect an update a lot quicker than this one came. Seriously. It will come faster. Especially since I have half of December off school, and no new GA. Lots of time to update.

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