Chance has It

Prologue: Mugen went a little too far with a whore. I here 'Virgin.' Fuu has to pretend to be married to Mugen, in the end Fuu is injured and Mugen is falling in love! MugenXFuu


Waking up next to a whore was the way Mugen loved to start his day. He smiled when an old woman walked into the room.

"Good morrow sir. I hope our Virgin suited you last night." She said cleaning up. The word 'Virgin' echoed in his head. He raced up and got dressed. The little whore laid on the ground. He stood in the doorway for a few seconds 'she didn't even act like a Virgin!' At that moment she raised and looked at him. Mugen raced off before he anyone said a word. Down stairs he could hear her little voice yell his name but he just ran.


"Where is he?" Yelled Fuu. They were in a small hut about 3 miles from town. (Sadly) Fuu sent Mugen to get food and money the day before. Jin just sat in the hut quietly. Fuu exited the hut, before even looking up Mugen grabbed Fuu and dragged her back into the hut. After letting go of Fuu Mugen looked out the small window. He seemed nervous.

"Mugen? Are you all right?" Fuu asked looking out the door. She saw a little girl caring what looked like Mugen's sword. Fuu faced Mugen.

"What did you do?" she asked. He didn't answer.

When the girl arrived at the door she knew it was a whore that Mugen…Fuu stepped outside.

"Oh…Um…Is Mugen here?" she said with her small voice. Fuu faked a smile.

"I'm sorry, he's out. I'll take his sword though." Fuu came forward to take it and she backed away.

"Who are you to him." Now Fuu was frustrated. She took a deep breath.

"I'm his wife. And his business is his own." Fuu snatched the sword. The girl looked like she was about to cry. Just to make matters worse Jin walked out of the hut. 'This is too much!' thought Fuu.

"And who is this? Your second husband?" said the little girl.

"No, this is Mugen's good friend Jin." After that she walked away. When she was out of sight Mugen walked out of the hut.

"You! Did you get money like I asked!" she yelled at Mugen. Mugen took out a bag and threw it at Fuu. Then it started to rain. Fuu ran into the hut. Jin passed Mugen and pausing next to him.

"Were going to be here a while." He continued into the hut. Mugen looked at the wet ground. "Damn" he cursed under his breath.

-------------------------------------------------3 days later---------------------------------------------

"Ahhhh! It's still raining and that girl is coming every day!" Fuu yelled. She was right. Mugen had to pretend to 'love' Fuu. They found out about the girl. She was 13 and named Kini. She was caught steeling so; she was thrown into the whorehouse. The first day she came, she asked questions like 'why don't you hold each other?' and 'Are you a virgin?' The second day Fuu was behind the hut. Kini snuck in and tried to get Mugen to run away with her. Now today.

"Why is my life like this?" said Mugen. Just then her little voice came from the hut.

"Hello?" Fuu let her in.

"Sorry, but I have to know if your lying or not!" Fuu looked up confused.

"Kiss each other and I'll leave you alone." Fuu gasped. Mugen just looked at Fuu.

'Hell no!' He thoughts trying to stay quiet.

"Do it or I'll never, ever leave you alone!" Fuu faced Mugen and Mugen faced Fuu. Jin wasn't around so they had an advantage. Mugen made the first move, by moving closer to her. 'Lets get this over with!' He whispered in Fuu's ear. His breath was warm and smelled of sweet pear and sake. Fuu leaned forward and before she knew it, they kissed.

Fuu could not breath and Mugen was stuck (A/N: His feet were twisted in a way.) Kini turned and left sadly. Fuu opened her mouth for air but it was just inviting Mugen. His tongue swarmed her mouth. She had a tingle going down her spine. It was pleasurable but also it hurt. He wrapped his arms around her, doing this Mugen fell on top of Fuu. He untwisted his legs and Fuu bounced back. They both gasped for air. The only sound was of them panting. Fuu crawled to the door and peeked out. She saw Kini walking away, frustrated.

"She's way gone and I think the rain…" She turned around and Mugen stole another Kiss. He grabbed Fuu's nape, pushing her closer. She put her little hand on his chest trying to push him away but he was too strong. She kept her mouth closed. Mugen tried to get Fuu to open her mouth. When all failed he pulled away.

"Come on, I know you want more!" He said, coming in for another Kiss. Fuu swung her arm and slapped Mugen hard. Mugen looked up.

"Bitch!" he yelled. She was already outside walking toward town.

"Bastard!" she yelled back at the hut.

-------------------------------------------------Later that day------------------------------------------

Ok so this is how everyone is sleeping. It goes Fuu then Jin in the middle and Mugen on the other side. The normal order was Jin then Fuu in the middle then Mugen. So Jin knew something was up. Mugen couldn't get Fuu's Flower smelling hair and small soft lips out of his mind. But he knew if he tried to get near her, four eyes would attack him. Then he realized what was happening.

"Damn" he cursed under his breath. 'I just had to push the thought away.'

Fuu couldn't get the smell of Mugen out of her head. (Writers block Gah!)

Fuu sat up. Jin was fast asleep and Mugen was asleep facing the other direction. Fuu crawled over to Mugen. She faced Mugen seeing his eyes were closed. She rested her head in his chest, right under his chin. She fell asleep……….. --"

Right after she fell asleep Mugen opened his eyes from his FAKE sleep. Seeing that it was Fuu, he sighed. He wrapped the sheet over her and then rested rest his hand on her hip. He fell asleep.

-------------------------------------------------The Next Morning------------------------------------

Jin Saw the site and just stood over them. Mugen had his hand on Fuu's Shoulder and his other, tucked under her chin. His top leg was over Fuu. Now Fuu was just laying there with one hand under Mugen's chin and her other pushing his face away. Jin turned and left the hut.

Mugen was the first to wake up. Fuu's hand in his face startled him. But then he just put his chin on top of Fuu's head. He smelled the flowers again and pleasure came to mind. Mugen then realized that it stopped raining and that means Fuu will want to leave today. Knowing that, he had to think of a plan so that this moment would never end. In the process of thinking, he fell back to sleep.

-------------------------------------------------Later that day------------------------------------------

Fuu woke up, opening one eye she saw Mugen. She smiled. She opened her second eye to see a shadow in the doorway. Sitting up, she saw Kini and a tall dude. The dude drew his sword. Fuu Yelped. Mugen opened his eyes. He saw Fuu's terrified face and sat up.

"What's wrong?" he asked turning around to the door. Kini flinched at the site of Mugen and Fuu together.

"If I can't have you. She can't either." The dude walked toward Fuu. Mugen jumped up.

"Bitch! You come near her and I'll kill you!" he said. Kini laughed at him.

"That's what your 'good friend' said." Mugen turned to Fuu.

"Jin!" said Fuu. She headed to the door.

"Oh, Mugen! I hope she can fight." Said Kini. Kini drew a small dagger and tried to stab Fuu, but she dodged it. Kini tried again and cut Fuu's face. Fuu wiped the blood away. Her facial expression was surprised. She looked pissed. She took her small pink dagger and drew it out.

"Bring it!" Mugen was surprised. The dude attacked Mugen. Mugen dodged it and grabbed his sword. Mugen didn't take long to kill off the dude (I name the 'dude' Kogi, congratulation Kogi!) He looked up to see Fuu and Kini dodging each other's attacks. Fuu had some cuts on her hands and face. Mugen stepped forward, before he could do anything Kini stabbed Fuu. Kini grinned and took out the small dagger and stabbed her again. Fuu grunted in pain. Mugen pushed Kini and watched Fuu fall to the ground. He picked her up. Why am I so sad? I'm crying. Mugen felt tears. He could hear Kini laughing.

"That's what you get!" she said laughing. Mugen's eyes were to full of tears to see anything, but he could hear Kini gasp, scream, and then silence. Then Jin's voice came.

"Mugen, she's not dead, but if you continue to just hold her and do nothing she will die." Mugen cleared his eyes and saw her just laying in his arms peacefully. He rested her onto the small bed. Jin walked over. Jin looked unharmed. Kini must have lied. He bends down to her.

"She's not breathing. We must give her air." Jin looked at Mugen.

"What?" Mugen looked confused like he was always.

"Kiss her." Jin said.

"WHAT?" yelled Mugen. Fuu moved a little.

"Kissing passes air through the mouth to the lungs." Jin said. Mugen gasped. Was Jin there when they kissed? He didn't care. He bends down and kissed Fuu. It wasn't the same to kiss a motionless body and still have pleasure out of it. Mugen released from his kiss. Fuu opened her eyes slowly. She looked different. Her face was pale and she was coughing up blood that ended up all over her.

"I don't feel so good." Jin got some bandages.

"You have to take off your clothing." Said Jin. Fuu gasped.

"No way in hell!" she yelled then grunted in pain.

"Here, would you rather Mugen do it?" Jin had a point. Fuu took off her kimono not knowing that Mugen was hiding in the dark part of the hut. She covered up her breasts with one arm and held her kimono over her crotch. (Yes I know I said it.) Jin started to wrap the cloth like bandage around her. She grunted a bit when he touched her wound, and shivered when he touched her skin. When he was done he left the room letting Fuu dress in peace. Fuu did not know that Mugen was in the room. She let her long hair down and hung it over her breasts. (Ha I said it again) Mugen started to stair. He never knew she was so beautiful. He always thought of her as cute but not this hot.

'Wow' He whispered to himself. Fuu giggled a little and put her kimono back on. She slowly laid herself down and then in no time she fell asleep. Mugen then thought. I want Fuu!


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