Chance has it

Prologue: Mugen went a little too far with a whore. I here 'Virgin.' Fuu has to pretend to be married to Mugen, in the end Fuu is injured and Mugen is falling in love! MugenXFuu


The shadows came closer. It seemed there were four. Mugen looked around and grabbed his sward, not knowing how to use it. He walked up to the shadow till he could see a giant with Fuu over his shoulder and then a skinny blond boy smiling at him and last a girl with short brown hair and big brown eyes. He had a bandage around her hand.

"I found you Mugen! Where's your friend." Said the girl. Mugen felt angry.

He came closer to her griping the sward tighter.

"Ah! Don't come any closer or she'll get it. I knew she wasn't your wife, maybe your girlfriend but never your wife. Even if she was I would have killed her. And I still might unless you corporate." Mugen let out a sigh trying to hid his fear of Fuu dieing.

"I'm sorry lady I don't know you. As you know I forgot all my memory and she's the only one I know." He felt something hit his head. He saw Fuu crying and he felt a small peace of memory. He remembered how to fight.

"Is that so?" she yelled out. The giant dropped Fuu, not even thinking of her, she hit the ground with a thud. Mugen's stomach dropped. He wanted to run to her and comfort her. She woke up and in pain screamed out. Mugen ran toward her but the giant threw him against a tree. 'No what do I do?' thought Mugen.

"Hey, didn't I kill you?" came a voice. Mugen and everyone turned. Fuu was still crying. Jin stood there yawning. He picked up his katana and charged the giant. Then the blond boy pushed Jin away and drew his sward.

"Your mine, beautiful boy." He winked to Jin. Mugen and Jin let out a ewww sound.

"Your all ruined my plan, so she'll pay for it. She grabbed Fuu's face and dragged her to a tree. Jin tried to go get her but the blond boy stopped him. Jin did his moves (AN: he also remembered how to fight) but the blond boy blocked them all. Mugen did the same with the giant but again he could not hit him. The giant had an ax as big as Mugen's head.

"As you can see you can't attack them, because they took your memory." Said Kini. She then laughed.

"And know I'll take hers." she grabbed Fuu's jawbone. Fuu tried to get her off but Kini had a really good grip.

"No stop! She's the only one that can make me happy." Mugen yelled out. Kini dropped her and smiled. "Fine. I took a little this time. I'll see you soon Mugen." The giant and blond hair man walked away with Kini following them. There was a long silence then Fuu rustled to her feet. She started crying.

"Who am I?" She wept. Mugen didn't know what to do. They stood in silence.

"Your name is Fuu." She looked up to see Jin smiling. Then she turned to Mugen. She then showed her hand. "I know you! You said you would love to have sex with me!" she yelled out. Mugen's face turned bright red.

"What!!!???" yelled Mugen.

"Yep!" she said happy.

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