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Summary: Little Bakura's new at school and makes a new best friend!

Preschool Blues

The pale-gray haired child fidgeted as the grown-up lady introduced him to the class. He was new and he wasn't happy with the whole situation. New people were scary…not that he showed that he was scared. Nope, 'cause big boys don't get scared.

"Everyone, this is Bakura! He's new here so I hope you all will make him feel welcomed," the grown-up lady said as he nudged Bakura in front of her. Bakura glared at the class because he wasn't scared. Nope, he was brave!

"Okay, everyone, it's free time so go on and play!" the grown-up lady said cheerfully.

Bakura edged away from the overly happy teacher and darted to a secluded corner in the class room. He sulked in his little corner staring at his scuffed up sneakers and tugging his red sweater around him tighter. A small kitty plushy, made up of messily sewn together black and blue patches, landed at his feet. Curiously, Bakura picked it up.

Bakura looked up to see where it came from. He saw a loud boy with messy golden hair with another boy with dark brown hair done in a single spike. They were hassling a smaller boy who seemed to be crying.

"Please give it back! Don't hurt it! Joey, stop!" the little boy pleaded the golden-haired boy.

"Only girls play with dolls, you sissy! Right, Tristan?" Joey jeered, nudging his companion.

"Yeah, Ryou! Are you a girl?" Tristan teased. Ryou sniffled.

"N-no! My b-big sister made it for me! It was a present; please give it back!" Ryou cried sadly.

Bakura felt something funny inside. He didn't like that they were picking on Ryou. His hand tightened around the patched kitty as he got up and stormed over to the trio of squabbling kids.

"Hey! Leave him alone!" Bakura snarled, standing in front of Ryou.

Ryou, who had been busy crying his little heart out, was startled when he heard another person step in to help him. Teary eyes were raised to see the back of a boy wearing a bright red hoodie and shorts. Ryou recognized him as Bakura, the little boy Ms. Ladie had introduced.

"Whatcha gonna do about it, new boy?" Joey taunted. Bakura snarled and shoved Joey. Joey fell with a pained yelp.

"Leave him alone! You shouldn't pick on people smaller than you! Only cowards do that," Bakura growled, crimson eyes flashing angrily.

"C'mon, Tristan," Joey muttered, walking away from the two pale boys. Tristan followed loyally.

Bakura smirked triumphantly before turning to face the boy he had just rescued. Bakura felt his breath hitch and a blush began to form across his cheeks. He was looking into the greenest, widest, kindest, chibi eyes he had ever seen.

"…pretty…" Bakura murmured breathlessly. He hadn't realized he said it out loud until he heard Ryou giggle. Bakura gaped in shock before snapping out of his trance.

"Er, um, here," Bakura muttered shoving the raggedy kitty into Ryou's hands. Ryou gasped with glee.

"Scraps!" Ryou cried, hugging the kitty close, "Thank you very much, Bakura! Oh! My name's Ryou!"

Bakura fidgeted and mumbled, "You're welcome…Ryou."

Ryou smiled. Bakura stared. A soft blush began to creep over his cheeks.

Bakura wasn't sure if he liked Ryou or not. Ryou made him feel funny. It was like his tummy was filled with butterflies-- only bigger, like bats! His tummy was filled with butter-bats! Bakura nervously hoped that the butter-bats wouldn't try to come out of his tummy; he thought it might hurt if they did.

"Does this mean you're my friend now?" Bakura asked softly. Ryou beamed.

"Yeah! You're my bestest friend ever! I like you, you're nice! Scraps likes you, too," Ryou chirped happily. Bakura smiled hesitantly.

"Okay," he replied. Ryou giggled and suddenly grabbed onto his hand.

"It's gonna be snack time soon! Sit by me, please?" Ryou asked. Bakura nodded which caused Ryou to squeal happily and proceed to drag Bakura towards the snack table.

The rest of the day went pretty much the same way. Ryou would giggle happily at almost everything Bakura said and Ryou hardly let go of his hand. Having Ryou be with him all the time made his mind go all fuzzy but in a good way. Bakura found that he really liked it when Ryou smiled and laughed and hugged him. Bakura forgot his timidity and acted more like his rowdy self and did everything possible to make Ryou smile and laugh and (hopefully) hug him.

The end of the day came much too soon for the pair of pale-haired boys. They were so enthralled in their playing that it surprised them when the parents came to pick them up. Ryou quickly got over his surprise and clasped Bakura's hand in his own. The two of them walked over to where their mothers were conversing.

"There's my little boy! How was your first day of school?" Bakura's mother asked excitedly. Bakura scowled.

"I'm not little anymore!" Bakura protested loudly making Ryou giggled. Bakura shot him a cheerful smile.

"Looks like you made a new friend," Bakura's mother said brightly, taking Ryou's hand in her own. Bakura pouted and pulled Ryou away from his mother.

"Yeah, this is Ryou, my new best friend!" Bakura said, stressing the 'my' enough so that his mother understood he wasn't going to share Ryou. Ryou's mother laughed.

"My, he is the possessive little boy, isn't he?" she commented. Bakura's mother laughed and agreed. Bakura pouted at being referred as 'little' again. Ryou leaned in and whispered into his ear.

"I don't think you're little…you're bigger than me and stronger, too. You're like my knight in the stories Mommy tells me at bedtime," Ryou whispered happily. Bakura grinned widely at being compared to a heroic knight.

"It's time to leave, Bakura. Say good bye to Ryou," his mother said, interrupting the little ones' conversation. Bakura shifted awkwardly, not really wanting to let go of Ryou yet.

"Um…bye Ryou, bye Scraps," Bakura said sadly. Ryou made his kitty plushy wave goodbye.

"Scraps says bye," Ryou suddenly stood on his tiptoes and quickly gave Bakura a kiss on his cheek. In the background, the two mothers' squeals of 'awwwww, how cute!' bare registered as Bakura's mind went all fuzzy and the butter-bats in his belly acted up again. Ryou pranced towards his mother without a second thought, leaving a dumbstruck Bakura behind.

"Bye, Kura! See you tomorrow!" Ryou said as he and his mother left.

Bakura's face was still a bright shade of red when he and his mother entered their car and started to drive home.

"Mommy?" Bakura called out suddenly.

"Yes, Baku?" his mother replied using a nickname that Bakura didn't very much like. Bakura scrunched up his nose at the name but didn't comment on it.

"Could we…not move anymore?" Bakura asked.

"We'll do our best not to, sweetie. Why don't you want to move?"

"I wanna…I wanna stay with Ryou forever and ever. He said I was his knight; I have to stay here and take care of him," Bakura answered. Bakura's mother smiled.

Bakura was finally showing signs of true childish happiness, something he hadn't since his father died. She wasn't going to make her little boy give up his friend (or sweetheart she added to herself) if she could help it. Her little boy was happy and that was all that mattered.

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