I've had this idea for quite a while now, what would happen if Naruto was raised by a father, and what if that father was Kyuubi? Kyuubi may be slightly OOC, and I will try to have one to none OC's in my story, and I hope you enjoy this. There will be pairings later, just not now.

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Kyuubi fox form

Chapter --1

The Fourth Hokage stood upon Gamabunta, beginning a chain of signs. In front of him was the great demon fox known to man as Kyuubi. His nine tails lashed about, killing the multiple Konoha ninja's that were brave enough to face such a fearsome beast. The people died in waves, one after another, noticing this, the Fourth tried to complete the signs faster, once he had completed the sign, he held his hands up to the beast in front of him.

"Kyuubi! You shall not destroy Konoha!" He shouted from atop his giant frog. Kyuubi simply laughed at him, continuing with his destruction. The fourth then had a bright light coming out of him, and Kyuubi's soul could be seen, coming out of his body, which quickly became nothingness, and it entered an infants child, that was in a small ritual circle.

The Fourth fell down from exhaustion, that Jutsu, cost more than chakra overload though, once used it would cause him to die shortly after the sealing. The fourth staggered over to the child wrapped in the blankets now, and stroked his hair. He had a smile form on his face when the child's face showed one of joy and affection.

"Arashi, you will never be forgotten, and I will make sure that your child here will be treated nicely as well." Sarutobi said as he walked over to the dying man.

"Don't let anyone know he's my son…" Arashi said as he fell to the ground, breathing heavily. "He might have assassination attempts on him…" He coughed a few times, blood beginning to draw from his mouth. "Tell him, when you think… the… the time… is right…" He said, his eyes beginning to become lifeless.

"Arashi… I'm sorry… I should have done the sacrifice, then this child would be raised with a father…" Sarutobi said, looking truly sad. Arashi simply held his hand up to silence the man.

"The seal… I provided one last thing for Kyuubi and the boy alike to enjoy…" Arashi said, chuckling lightly, which caused him to cough up more blood. "In time, my child will have a Father, one that will be better than me…"

Sarutobi could feel the tears rising in his eyes as he saw the one in front of him slowly losing his life. He wiped them away and asked one last question from the dying man, "What shall his name be?"

Arashi didn't move for a little bit, and Sarutobi thought he was dead, but finally a little breath could be heard saying, "Na…ru…to…" Arashi passed away on that spot. Several Konoha ninja's entered the ritual circle to retrieve his body for burial, and Sarutobi went forth to grab the child that was lying on the small crib that held him.

He grabbed the baby and held him in the air. "So, you're Naruto… I hope the village will come to accept you in time. You're a hero, but the villagers I fear may see you as a demon… only time will tell…" Sarutobi lowered the child down and wondered out loud, "I wonder what Arashi meant when he said the seal would provide Kyuubi and Naruto one last thing to enjoy…"

(4 years later…)

The child ran literally for hi life. Behind him at least twenty people were chasing him around the town, trying to hurt him with various things they could find. The boy had spiked blond hair and sky blue eyes. He wore a black shirt, and some shorts, which had multiple pockets, built in them.

Right now, the child was frightened, the people behind him screamed in anger as they charged at him. A little before, Naruto had simply walked out of his apartment, and was greeted by almost twenty people, they all held multiple things, that could easily pierce through Naruto's skin. He saw this, and ran as fast as his short legs could possibly take him.

"Get back here brat!"

"You demon! You should have died when you were born!"

"You don't deserve to live!"

All these things the people yelled at him, causing him more pain and suffering to his emotional mind. He was only five years old, what had he done wrong? Naruto ran into a corner, which had no way out. He stared blankly as he finally figured that his life was already coming to an end. In a cry of mix emotions he cried, "I don't want to die!"

The people that pinned him in the corner snorted, and began to walk forward to the boy. Naruto backed up, tears falling out from his blue eyes. He lost his breath when one of the people kicked him – hard – in the chest. Naruto coughed up blood, and fell to the ground. His wails of pain were not heard within the crowd, and finally he fell unconscious.

"Is it dead yet?"

"We can always do it again to make sure, eh?" The others laughed in agreement, and looked down at the bloody person in front of them. Suddenly, red chakra filled the air in front of them, making them all fall hard on their butt.

"Finally, I can come out and play…" The voice said, the red chakra swirled around some more, beginning to startle the men. The chakra suddenly twisted over next to Naruto, and began to form a shape of a man. Once the chakra had completed the shape, it quickly retreated equally into Naruto, and the man now standing next to Naruto's body.

"What is this?" The person said. He wore a long black robe, that covered his entire body, and he had red hair that reached down to his shoulders. The only feature that truly scared the men standing before him was his red silted eyes.

"K… Ky… Kyuubi?" A man stuttered as he looked at the tall figure towering over him.

Kyuubi smirked and kill the man by slashing his claws at him. Blood flew in the air, and Kyuubi happily let it fly onto his face. The taste of blood made him want more, so he continued to slaughter more around him. He began to laugh. This was his true purpose! As soon as it began, it quickly ended…

"Now, I need to shift into fox-mode and continue with the destruction of Konoha…" He muttered as he began a series of complex hand signs. He quickly felt a very huge burning sensation, and moved his hands away from each other, they were burnt badly. "What the hell?" He asked himself as he tried once again, getting the same results.

"God fucking DAMN!" He shouted, finally something began to speak within its mind…

(In Kyuubi's mind…)

"Kyuubi, you have finally awoken from when I sealed you."

"Who're you?" Kyuubi asked, not caring about the cold glance at him.

"I'm the one that sealed Naruto inside of you, Arashi."

"Oh really? Well, I have to say, that was one pretty damn good seal you made, but since I was freed, I guess it served no purpose did it?"

Arashi laughed at Kyuubi, who obviously became pissed off. Before Kyuubi could yell at him he said, "The seal was made so you could purposely get out Kyuubi… Since I died sealing you in my only son, I decided, why not give him a father? So, I figured you could do the job for me. I have given you things that you haven't had in your past life…love, happiness, a child you care for… something a lot would want to achieve."

Kyuubi looked stunned, but shook it off and said, "What if I refuse and just kill the kid?" He asked. Arashi gave him a cold glare.

"If you kill my son out of hate and greed, you will die along side him. If he dies because you hired someone, you will die with him. The only exception to this is if I deem his death as something that even you had no clue about, or could not prevent."

Kyuubi was shocked to say the least. Finally he asked, "Why can't I turn into my fox form anymore? You know, I LIKED having nine tails, and sharp claws, and teeth that could destroy half of the world!"

"You can only gain power if you're defending the one you love." Arashi stated calmly and confidently.

"I'm a demon, I cannot, even if I could, I would never want such a worthless ability!" He shouted back at the man.

"Like I said, you can now have a huge array of emotions that you previously didn't have. Also, there are some other important things. First of all, you two share a mental bond, meaning you can communicate with each other using your minds. Secondly, only you can hear me, think of it as I sealed myself inside of you to seal you inside of him. Lastly, Don't kill anymore people, I only allowed you to do that because they nearly killed my son…."

Kyuubi sighed and said, "I seriously hate you and all you puny little humans…" Kyuubi suddenly felt dozy, and fell on the ground of his mind.

(Corner Naruto is in.)

Kyuubi got up, he wasn't in a particularly good mood, but he figured, since he had no choice, he shouldn't make a huge deal out of it. He looked to the boy and picked him up, somehow knowing the exact way back to his apartment. He left the bodies for the flies, they, he though, deserved it.

Once they entered the apartment, Kyuubi put Naruto down on his bed, and he walked back into the main room. Once there, he sat on the couch in the corner of the room. Arashi? You there?

Right here. Now what do you want? Arashi asked, somewhat irritated.

So, what should I do when the brat wakes up? Should I suddenly say, 'hi, I'm some guy you've never met before, and I'm going to be your new father! I hope you enjoy my company!'

Arashi let out a long laugh. He collected himself and said, I really think he won't mind all that much. He was kicked out of the foster home when he was only three, and no one ever wants to be around him. Arashi's tone became that of sadness. Even the children began to adopt their parents' behavior and stay away from him…

How do you know this? Kyuubi asked, a little interested in how he had known all the information he had not known in the boy he had been sealed in for four years.

I can read his memories, lots of sad ones in there I tell you…

Kyuubi looked to Naruto's room and sighed. Poor kid, I guess I won't be compared to anyone when I 'adopt' him as my child. Kyuubi thought for a moment, and then asked, what should I be called?

What should you be called? Arashi asked, not getting what Kyuubi was saying.

I should have a new name; I'm pretty damn sure no one in Konoha is going to want to be around Naruto if his fathers name is Kyuubi… Although it's the sexiest name in the world.

We should call you… Arashi though for a moment and said, Koga!

Koga? Kyuubi asked, making sure he had the name right.

Yes it is perfect!

Whatever…. So, you shall now call me Koga. Kyuubi announced triumphantly

Ok Koga, I'm going to go rest inside your mind… also, mind cleaning this place up? It's really a dump in here, I'll be damned if I find another one your stupid memories of hunting a rabbit down when you were just a little kit, and also if—

Kyuubi cut off his communication with Arashi and sighed. He removed his black robe, and saw his current attire. "Now, if I didn't look scary before, this would surely scare away that poor helpless soul…" He muttered. He wore torn blue pants, and had battle scars all over his visible chest. He quickly decided to wear his robe for now.

He turned his head over to a new sound in the room. The young blond boy looked up to meet the red ones of a guest in his house.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked kindly as he stared at the person before him, but on the inside he was beginning to fear yet another beating. He knew he could not last mentally if something like that happened once again.

"I'm Koga, I saw those people beating on you, and so I came and helped you out." Koga said clearly. Naruto nodded and walked over but froze when he saw the red silted eyes. Koga noticed this and said, "Don't worry, my eyes may be scary, but don't worry, I… don't bite…" He said as he patted the couch on his left side.

Naruto walked over quickly and said, "Thank you for saving me sir, I was sure I was going to die there…"

"Koga lifted his head and saw Naruto staring off at nothing, he snapped in the child's face to gain his attention again. "You're Naruto right? Well, I was wondering…" Koga spaced off for a second or two, then finally said, "I'm going to adopt you as my son."

Naruto looked completely shocked at first, then tears filled the brim of his eyes. He looked up at him soon to be father, and cried out, "Thank you! I've always wanted a father!" He hugged Koga tightly and Koga had a strange sensation flowing through him.

Arashi, what is this feeling? Koga asked, slightly confused.

It is called happiness, you're happy.

Damn, another worthless emotion got pass my defenses…

Koga zoned back into the real world and looked back down on the child who was crying into his shirt, Koga patted his head, and thought of what a father would do in this moment.

Koga! Hug him back! Arashi yelled in his mind. Koga listened, and embraced the child, the funny sensation in him never going away, he had to admit, it did feel good.

"So Naruto, do you know where I can officially adopt you?" Koga asked. Naruto took hold of his hand, and ran straight out of the door holding the man in Black. They went through town, getting many strange glances, and Koga simply glared right back at them, making them back off. Finally they reached the Hokage tower, where Sarutobi was working.

They entered through the front doors, where the ANBU was looking at them probably wondering who that other guy was. Naruto finally reached the top with his newfound father in tow, and burst into the Hokage's office, which scared the old man half to death. When he looked up he smiled as he saw Naruto, but a frown formed when he saw the other person.

"Hokage-sama! This man saved me from these mean villagers that were about to beat me, but when he arrived, he helped me out in my apartment and also one more thing!" Naruto blurted out.

"And what is that?" The Hokage asked, used to Naruto usually bursting in his office for things like this.

"He said he would adopt me!"

The Hokage widened his eyes in surprise, but quickly stopped. That man must be the one that killed those people the ANBU found… "So, why do you want to adopt this child here?"

Koga pleased that he could enter the conversation began saying, "Well…" What the hell should I say?

Just make something up you idiot! Arashi said from within his mind.

"Um, I found this kid being beaten on, so I decided to assist him. I took him home, and asked him if he wanted me to adopt him… So… uh, I could protect him some more, and he agreed… AND that is why we're here." Koga mentally patted himself on the back.

There are too many holes in that story he was telling… "Naruto, could you please leave the room for a minute?" The Hokage kindly asked. Naruto nodded, and left the room with a huge smile on his face. Sarutobi turned back towards the other person and said, "Who are you?"

"Like I said, I'm Koga…"

No, tell him the truth, only him though, not the kid… Arashi said, speaking up in Koga's mind.

"Ok, if you really want to know who I am, then I shall tell you…" Koga bowed down to the person in front of him with a sadistic glare on his face, and said, "Kyuubi, at your service…"

The Hokage nearly swallowed the pipe he was currently smoking, but had enough time to quickly pull it out. So that explains the red eyes… "You're the demon? The one that killed Arashi?"

"Killed? I beg to differ… He now constantly bugs me endlessly in my mind, and won't even allow me to get out so I can completely destroy this village!" Koga nearly shouted, but kept his voice low enough so no one else could hear it.

"Arashi is alive?" The Hokage asked in an almost gleeful voice.

"Well, if you consider him basically being sealed inside of me, then yeah, he's still alive… He prevents me from becoming an all-powerful demon… He also prevents me from killing anyone…"

"Is there any possible way I can speak with Arashi?" Sarutobi asked.

Form these hand signs Koga… Arashi said within Koga's mind. Koga quickly did the signs, and felt his body go limp…

"Sarutobi! Long time no see!" Arashi said from Koga's body, his eyes now blue.

"Arashi… Is it really you?" Sarutobi asked as his eyes began to form tears.

"Yes… Listen, I don't have much time before this Jutsu ends, but please do as I say. Firstly, Let this guy adopt Naruto, I have made sure he would not harm the child. Secondly, file his name in the archives as Uzumaki Koga. Thirdly, don't tell Naruto that Koga is Kyubi…"

"I understand Arashi…" Sarutobi said as he wiped away a few tears.

Koga's body went limp once more, and the demon looked back up, his red eyes showing once again. "So, did he tell you everything?" Koga asked.

"Yes, you shall be known as Uzumaki Koga, please, protect the child, I don't want to see him get harmed anymore. Also about the twenty or so people you killed… since their intention was clearly to kill the boy, I will allow this to slide only once."

"Thanks Old man!" Koga said as he turned around to go pick up his now adopted child.

"One more thing…" Sarutobi said from behind.

"And what is that Hokage?" Koga said as he sighed and turned around.

"Make sure you make Naruto go to the ninja academy, it is starting in two years for him, so do help him prepare. I doubt many have helped him with his skills."

"I'll be sure to do that Hokage." Koga turned back around and walked out to door. Once out he looked down to his adopted son. Smiling he said, "So, do you want to go out to eat… son?"


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