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Koga speaking in Kyuubi mode


(Just outside the front gates of Konoha.)

It was a beautiful day, the trees were being tugged at by the light wind, the birds were chirping, and the singing that would kill anyone was going on…wait…

"WEEEEEE are the Champions! My FRIENDS!" Naruto was singing out loud.

Sasuke and Sakura traded glances, Naruto always seemed to act like an idiot, but they had to admit, when he got right down to it, he was a deadly opponent.

How can that village stand having this kid there? The bridge builder thought to himself as he went over to walk by Kakashi, hoping the older Jounin would stop it somehow.

"So, what's your name?" Kakashi asked the man to his left. He pulled out a small orange book at the same time, beginning to skim the pages.

The build builder composed himself and coughed saying, "I am the Super Bridge builder called Tazuna!"

"Hehe…" Kakashi let out a slight giggle. I can't wait until-.

"Hey um, your name was Kakashi wasn't it? You just asked me to introduce myself to you, but instead you just sorta… got too engrossed in that book…" Tazuna thought for a little bit before asking, "So, what's the book about?"

Kakashi looked over at the man and asked, "What? I was ignoring you, and you shouldn't be so rude to interrupt me while I'm reading such a romantic heart breaking story of-."

Tazuna simply sighed and tuned Kakashi out. I'm stuck with three kids, and a guy who completely ignores me… This will be so much fun…

"Hey… Naruto…" Sasuke noticed Naruto was ignoring him, and continued to scream out that annoying song. "Naruto… hey…" Ok, screw this…

He looked up at Sakura and whispered, "Hey, care to get him to be quiet?"

Sakura nodded and muttered, "Yeah, I'm going crazy just listening to him…

They both looked around until Sakura spotted a small puddle along their path. She quickly pointed it out to Sasuke, and he nodded back at her. Sasuke very slowly approached Naruto from the back and pushed him down into the puddle.

"Whoa! Hey what the hell was that for you…" Naruto stopped mid speech hearing some groaning coming up from the small body of water below him. "Um, I may not be that smart, but I don't believe puddles can groan…" He looked up at his two friends for an answer, but they simply shook their head in a negative matter.

Kakashi quickly stepped forward and said; "Now children, lets continue forward, and forget about some uninteresting groaning puddle." He shot all his students a knowing look, and they all nodded.

The Puddle groaned, so that means it was a Ninja under Genjutsu… But who are they after, the Bridge Builder, or us? Sakura thought to herself, she was hoping both Sasuke and Naruto had the same chain of thoughts.

Sasuke had the almost exact chain of thoughts as Sakura, but Naruto's was more similar to, I wonder if I could have boiled that water and cooked Ramen on it… I wonder if it would have screamed… hehe that would be sweet…

Suddenly from behind Naruto heard some slight noise. He turned around to see two chains heading for his sensei. "Kakashi-sensei! Behind you!" He shouted, but before Kakashi could dodge it, the chains wrapped around him and tore him to pieces.

"KAKASHI-SENSEI!" Sakura screamed that time; Sasuke simply froze in spot, but quickly snapped out of it and grabbed a Kunai from his pouch. Sakura quickly did the same when the shock wore off, though tears were evident that they might fall from Naruto and Sakura's face.

Sasuke breathed quickly in and out and said to his teammates, "Everyone, form a circle around the Bridge Builder, and do not let anything pass you!"

Tazuna, though annoyed that the children were just calling him 'bridge builder', was happy that they quickly got over their fear and shock to surround him. It's because of me their sensei is now dead… He quickly shook the guilt away. Not now, I have to live this!

The three children scanned over their area that they were covering, when they noticed nothing, they'd do it once again. Suddenly Sasuke saw slight movement in the bush to his right and he shouted, "One enemy spotted, you two stay here just in case there's more!"

Sasuke quickly shot at the spot where he saw movement, and to his surprise he saw a claw shot right at him. He quickly dodged it however and continued forward to attack the person.

"Kid, get out of the way! You're no match for us!" A man shouted as he came from a bush on the opposite side of Sasuke. He jumped straight at Sasuke, Suddenly another man closer to Sasuke jumped out, their claws were connected with a long sharp chain, and it began to circle Sasuke.

What the! Sasuke quickly jumped up, and did a few hand seals and shouted, "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!"

Flames purged right below Sasuke, and a smirk crossed his face. Suddenly though both men jump up from the flames completely unharmed. Suddenly they both phased right through Sasuke, Crap! It was a distraction!

He turned around in time to quickly throw a Kunai at the chain pinning it against a tree. He then grabbed did hand seal once again and shouted, "Katon: Goukakuuu no jutsu!"

The two identical enemies didn't bother to look at each other to know that they were screwed unless if the detached their chain. Once they detached, they both jumped away from the fireball.

"Idiot child! Do you really think you can take both of us?" The one to Sasuke's left shouted.

Before the other could agree, Naruto jumped at him from his position and kicked him right in the face. "Here, I think this will even the odds!" He shouted over to Sasuke.

Sasuke wanted to argue, but his friend was right, this would even the odds, and he couldn't feel anyone else nearby. "Ok Naruto! Just don't get hurt!"

"How much faith do you have in me?" Naruto asked, pretending to sulk. He quickly snapped out of it however, when the person he kicked got back up. Naruto proceed to use what Koga taught him best: Taijutsu. He would get several solid blows at the guy, then just evade the claw he had.

The man he was fighting grew aggravated and shouted, "Alright, enough fooling around!" He quickly slashed his claw faster than Naruto expected it to, and it slices his Kunai pouch and his leg.

"Arg!" Naruto fell to one knee, and as the guy was going to finish it he shouted to Sakura, "Hey Sakura, throw me a Kunai!"

She quickly nodded and grabbed one out of her pouch and threw it right towards him. "Don't get hurt anymore Naruto!" She shouted to him.

"Don't worry Sakura!" He shouted as he grabbed the Kunai and intercepted the blow that was about to hit him.

The man gave Naruto an evil smile before he jumped away. "Heh, too bad for you that my claws are poisoned." The man let a chuckle escape his lips and he charged once again.

"Heh," Naruto mimicked the guys' voice, "Too bad for you that I'm immune to such a weak poison."

The smile that was on the enemies face vanished, and he tried to stab Naruto, but Naruto simply kneed him, and punched him right in the face, sending the guy back a few feet, and knocking him out for the time being.

"That was too easy…" Naruto complained as he turned over to see how Sasuke was doing.

Sasuke and the other of the two enemies were still fighting, but it was obvious who had the upper hand. "You're very… weak… for lack of words." Sasuke muttered as he dodged yet another slash from the guy. "Not even worth using Sharingan with you…"

"An Uchiha eh?" The man said, "Heh, I didn't think there were any of you left when your clan destroyed itself." Bad move… The man found himself knocked to the ground and stomped on. Sasuke was above him with a Kunai and a fierce look in his eyes.

"At least we're better than you." He stated before he knocked the guy out by throwing him at a nearby tree.

The three children afterwards grouped together.

"So… With Kakashi… gone… what do you suggest we do?" Naruto asked, his happy mood was replaced with a voice of seriousness.

Tazuna, sensing that it was safe to go near the children, quietly listened in on their conversation. When their conversation lead to why the Ninja were there and after them, he began to sweat. Oh hell… I hope they don't suspect me…

"Tazuna," Sasuke spoke aloud, "we know that they're after you… care to explain why?"

Guess I can't hide it any longer… He sighed and muttered, "It is because… where I come from, there is this man… He has destroyed our once balanced economy and all hope we ever held. We were stuck thinking there was nothing to do until… The idea of making a bridge to the mainland came up… Few of us agreed that if it was completely, we wouldn't be poor anymore."

He paused for a short bit. "Gatou, the evil man I mentioned before, didn't like the idea of this happening, and threatened us with death. So we gathered all the money we had and came to Konoha, praying that it was enough to get a strong enough team to defend us."

"Sadly enough… I don't think this is even good enough… My Grandson will have to live under the rule of some horrible man now…"

He was stopped mid way by Sasuke who muttered, "Well, we're only a team of Genin, if this is the group they send to warn you, then we'll be no match for the group that is sent to kill you…"

"But we can't leave him and his village to suffer like this! It… just isn't right…" Sakura murmured.

Both looked at Naruto for his opinion. "Naruto?" Sasuke asked after a little bit.

Naruto looked up, and said, "We should go on… It's not right for the future Hokage to turn down this." After a moment of thought he added, "And besides, I can do this with, or without you guys."

Naruto coughed several times after what he said, and a little blood left his mouth. "Naruto! Are you alright?" Sakura asked as she went over to her friend's side.

"Yeah… I just got a little overconfident… The poison was a little stronger than I would be liked it to be." Naruto muttered. "Don't worry, with 'his' help I can still overcome this, it is just going to mean that I will not be at my full strength for a while…"

Suddenly a swift motion could be seen behind Tazuna. All the Genin's looked over to where the bodies of their enemies were just a bit ago, and realized that they had gotten up and had enough time to kill the person they were sent after.

Tazuna closed his eyes and awaited the pain, but none came. He opened to see the one man he thought had just died holding both of the Ninja's now unconscious. "Kakashi?" He whispered.

"Yo!" He said as he quickly tied both enemy ninja's to a tree nearby. "I heard you tell your story, and all my students voiced their opinions." He looked at the three and said, "Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, good work out there… much better than many previous Genin teams."

"Thank you sensei!" They all always enjoyed it when their sensei rarely praised them.

He turned back to Tazuna and said, "You… You should know that a team like us cannot handle what is to come. We're merely a Genin team, nothing more."

"I… I was hoping I was going to be given an actual group of skilled ninja's…" He muttered.

Naruto jumped up and down shouted, "Hey! I will not turn down this man's request even if it kills me! As future Hokage I have to protect this man unless our mission is completed, only then may I come back!" Naruto quieted down and muttered, "It's not like anyone would miss me if I died anyways…"

Only Kakashi caught that, but he wouldn't pursue it now. "Ok, I have an idea." He looked at all the Genin's and Tazuna. "I'll send back Pakkun, and he'll get assistance for us."

"Pakkun?" Sakura and Naruto both asked questionably.

"Observe." Kakashi said. He quickly bit his finger and did a few hand seals and hit the ground. Suddenly a large amount of smoke appeared, and when it cleared up… "Pakkun, I need you to go get help for us, here." He handed the thing in the smoke a small message.

"Got it Kakashi." It said as it walked out of the smoke.

Everyone was a little shocked by what they saw. "A dog?" Naruto asked, unsure of himself.

Sasuke and Sakura both simply nodded. Tazuna muttered, "I'll never get use to this ninja stuff…"

Pakkun ran away from the group heading towards Konoha, while Kakashi went to the side with Naruto. "Naruto, are you going to be alright?"

"What? About the poison? Yeah Kakashi, I'll be fine… It shouldn't hinder my performance too badly." Naruto put up a grin.

Kakashi nodded and went over to Tazuna. He pulled out his small book and said, "Shall we continue?"

Everyone nodded and followed behind their leader.

(Much later, on a boat heading towards their destination.)

The fog was heavy over the water that morning. It was very tough to see anywhere, and some could argue that, it was actually a good thing, this way, the enemy wouldn't be able to spot you crossing over.

"Whoa! It's huge!" Naruto aid quietly.

Tazuna swelled up with pride, "Yeah it is, soon she'll be finished, and we can begin to reconstruct our economy."

Kakashi nodded along, although it looked more like he was just nodded along with his book instead of the man next to him. Sasuke and Sakura both sat on opposite sides of Naruto. The person steering the boat had to agree, that he had never seen such strangely dressed children.

"Ok, just drop us off here." Tazuna said to the man steering the boat, who nodded in agreement.

Once the boat hit land all the Ninja on it quickly examined the area before allowing their escort to come off and follow them. "Sakura, Sasuke, stay near Tazuna… Naruto, come up here with me."

Naruto with a questioned look went up to Kakashi. "What do you need sensei?"

"Naruto, I know for a fact that your hearing is better than mine. Back when we were fighting those two, you heard the chain flying that was about hit me… Did you notice that you were the only to react to that?"

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, so?"

Kakashi sighed and said, "Naruto, I need you to listen for any signs of danger."

"Alright Kakashi-sensei." Naruto said.

I guess having Kyuubi sealed in him will be a good thing for this mission… his enhanced hearing skill is pretty useful for any ninja. Kakashi thought to himself.

After a while of this, Naruto heard shifting behind him. "Huh?" He turned to see a huge Sword being thrown at them, "GET DOWN!"

Sasuke quickly grabbed Sakura and Tazuna and forced them down with him, and Kakashi grabbed Naruto and jumped down. Once they all got up they looked at the sword and saw a man perched atop it.

"What the hell do you think you're doing! That could have killed us!" Naruto shouted to the man as he raised himself off the ground.

"You're after the bridge builder I assume?" Kakashi asked.

The man atop the sword smile, though it wasn't visible to the people he did it at since it was covered in bandages. He wore no shirt, and his pants were a strange camouflage color. "Heh, what makes you guess that?"

"The fact that you're trying to kill us pretty much gave it away…." Sasuke muttered.

"Can't we talk you out of this?" Sakura pleaded.

The man seem to think for a moment before saying, "Hand over the dumb bridge builder, and I'll not injure you guys too badly."

Kakashi got in front of all his students and said, "You'll have to face me before you can even get near enough to injure any of them"

The man laughed and said, "You're Kakashi right? The Copycat Ninja? Yeah, you're no match for me."

"I'd like to find that out myself…." Kakashi said as he lifted his headband, revealing his Sharingan eye. He turned around to his three students and said, "Protect Tazuna, don't let this man get near him." Kakashi then looked forward and said, "Zabuza, you won't be able to hurt anyone here…"

"So you know my name?" Zabuza let out a fake sigh, "Then I don't have to bother to introduce myself." He suddenly ran out to the small pond in the small clearing they were currently in. "Come after me if you dare!"

Shortly after he said that a dense fog filled the area. "Come get me if you can!"

The three children and Tazuna saw Kakashi charge out into the fog, and waited for something to happen. After about ten minutes of intense silence, the fog cleared up to show Kakashi caught in a water trap by Zabuza.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto shouted as he went forward.

"Naruto! NO!" Kakashi shouted.

Naruto looked towards his sensei, and noticed he was looking above him, and he looked up to noticed a wrapped blade coming down upon him. "What the fuck!" He shouted as he tried to jump away, but at that instant pain went throughout his entire body. "What… is… this…" He couldn't move, No… This must be Kyuubi's chakra finishing off the rest of the poison in my system… "It… hurts…"

Before he could even jump out of the way, the blade plowed its way through his chest, and Naruto gasped his last breath.

"NARUTO!" That voice! He knew it instantly…

"Dad…" He looked up and smiled, though blood went freely out of his mouth.

He suddenly heard another person shout his name. It wasn't Sasuke or Sakura… someone he knew… but who? Good bye… everyone…

"Good job Kisame." Zabuza said smirking.

Kisame nodded and said, "Heh, I even brought a few guest to come die as well."

Zabuza made a water clone hold the cage Kakashi was in as he and Kisame side by side, looked forward towards the rest of their prey…


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