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Angel Wings and Tiny Things

Chapter #1

Warren sighed and resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he avoided the advances of his latest admirer. Getting out of his car on the way in to his office he spied Penelope Frost and her friends waiting casually by the entrance to his building pretending they just happened to be passing by. It wouldn't be good for the family image, and therefore the family business, to be rude to her publicly. Especially with her clique watching him ever so carefully, looking for the slightest change in body language to analyze, any weakness to exploit on their never ending quest to increase their own power and wealth. When in the company of close friends Warren often compared the man hunting expeditions of socialites to packs of ravenous dogs. There was a definite pecking order, but the slightest showing of weakness would set one against the other in the blink of an eye. Ever since he was outed as a mutant 5 years ago, during the incident on Alcatraz island, he had been seen as a novelty on the social scene. And if there's one thing the rich and famous love it's to be the first to jump on a trend. Unfortunately the trend was him, and he though normally couldn't deny the appeal of being 'jumped' by beautiful women, they were only looking for bragging rights to their friends. Warren's pride was far to great to allow them that satisfaction.

"Really Warren, you simply must join us in Tahiti next month. New York gets so dull in the Wintertime," Penelope drawled.

"Really Penelope," Her second in command Courtney Collins piped in. "We Should go some where more private like Bali. We can't go to Tahiti, it's too crowded. All the tourists will be staring at him, and he should be able to relax on the beach like everyone else. Wouldn't that be nice Warren, not hide under those heavy coats you always where."

"Unfortunately ladies I have other plans for next month." Warren answered. "I do thank you for the offer though. If you'll excuse me I have to get to an appointment" and with that Warren quickly set to maneuver himself past them and in to the offices of Worthington Industries New York office. Once in his office he shrugged out of his long coat and stretched out his wings as much as the confines of his office allowed working out the kinks from his car ride over. Danny his personal assistant brought in his morning coffee and a copy of yesterdays numbers, ducking underneath one of his wings to set the coffee on the desk.

"I must say you managed to get away from the vultures pretty quickly this morning." Danny greeted him. "I thought they'd keep you occupied for a few more minutes at least, otherwise I would have had your coffee waiting on you desk and spare myself the obstacle course." Around the office Danny was widely speculated to be a mutant, and some of the bigger gossips claimed that was the only reason Warren had hired him in the first place. He was a mutant, but a very low class one. Danny's mutation manifested itself in excellent hearing, and eyesight that nearly matched his own. The only visible physical manifestation of his mutation was that his ears curved to a fine point at the tips that were easily hidden by his thick mop of wavy brown hair. Had Warren not caught him looking out the window of his 36th story office a year after they had started working together and gone to see what he was looking at he likely never would have known. Danny was watching his girl friend at the time leaving a hotel six blocks away arm in arm with another man who kissed her far to passionately to be the cousin she was supposed to be meeting for lunch. Danny was heart broken, so Warren took him to a local pub where they bonded over nachos, beer and women trouble. That was two years ago, and they'd been good friends ever since.

"You should have to work a little harder today, it serves you right for not warning me that they were lurking out there." Warren rebuffed. "Why didn't you call and tell me to go in through back?"

"Anyone who picks up another man's dry cleaning as part of his job description should be allowed to have a little fun at his employers expense."

"Hey, I never asked you to do that. You volunteer after you came in with me that day and met Buffy the girl at the desk. After that you've used every excuse you could just to see her again."

"Well at least I'm out there trying to get laid. You behave as though being a mutants is the equivalent of being a Monk. You go straight home after work every night, and every weekend you go to that weird school in Westchester. You need to come out and have some fun. Look, a few friends and I are going to that new club in district X tonight. Why don't you come with us? I promise you won't be anything close to the weirdest thing there."

Warren laughed, pulling his wings in tight against his back. "I'm sure I wouldn't be, but I can't. I have a lot of work to do, I've got that meeting with the board of directors tomorrow and I've barely started my presentation. Besides, where you may 'try' to get laid, I always do, it's just that I'm far more discerning in my taste in women."

"Ouch," Danny grabbed his heart feigning a wound. "That almost hurt. We can't all be gorgeous billionaire fly-boys. For the average man life is a fishing expedition. The more lines you put out there, the more likely you are to catch a fish." With that, and a jaunty little bow, Danny was out the door to leave Warren to his work.

When Warren Kenneth Worthington III took over the New York office three years ago there was a considerable amount of back lash in the financial community. Few thought that he could handle the challenge being fresh out of university. His father disagreed, and because it was his company no one else had a choice in the matter. His father had seen a change in his son the day of Alcatraz. He had become a strong man who knew what he wanted and went for it. He was no longer that frightened child his father had found in the bathroom so many year ago mutilating himself to remove any evidence of his mutation. His father had seen it clear as day in the eyes of his son when he rescued him from falling to his doom, carrying him to safety. At that moment he knew he had been wrong to try and change him. That night his father apologized. Not just for trying to change him, or for asking of him that which her was not prepared to give. But for Convincing his son that he wasn't enough just as he was, and allowing him to be all he could, different on not. He was the son god gave him and he should have loved him as the gift he was, his own beautiful Angel. No conditions, no demands, no cures.

The board of directors ended up never having a reason to make a legitimate protest. Profits went up almost immediately after Warren's arrival. So long as the money keeps flowing in neither the investors or the board would protest the fact that an under qualified mutant running a huge portion of the company. The one universal truth of business is, and has always been that money talks. So all Warren had to do was find new and more innovative ways of generating it. Thankfully he was up to the challenge.

Angel Wings and Tiny Things Angel Wings and Tiny Things

It was 9am and Rogue was just coming back to bed after a bout of morning sickness. Some how Bobby had managed to sleep through the whole thing. For a moment she thought about waking him just so he could share a little of the suffering she was experiencing, but decided against it. Just watching him there looking so peaceful in bed with the light from the window shining on him reminded her of what they were able to share. Her emotions welled as she gently touched her belly, touching where it would expand in time. She was so thankful that she was able to have this life she never felt possible. As she laid back down in bed her weight caused him to roll towards her and pull her tight against his bare chest. She treasured every touch and vowed at that instant never be unappreciative of every intimate moment they would share together. As she drifted to sleep she dreamed of taking their future child skating and tobogganing just as her parents used to take her and her brother when she was a child. Rogue had a moment of confusion as her sleep addled mind told her that it doesn't snow in the south, and she doesn't have a brother. Abruptly she woke with a start realizing they weren't her dreams and turned to look at Bobby. Back peddling away from him she screamed for help, screeching at the top of her lungs. When she was stopped by the wall behind her she collapsed against it, realizing the cure had worn off.

People were flooding in to the room coming at her. Somewhere in the back of Rogue's mind she could hear Storms voice asking if she was alright and her screaming at Storm not to touch her. All of that faded away to the back ground as for one perfect moment she became intensely aware of a another presence in side her. The beginning of a consciousness that was just the right mix of her and Bobby, and still with a light totally it's own. Then in an instant her whole world came crashing down as she felt her our treacherous body sucking that life force dry. The pain was too much, she passed out as the pounding in her head over came her. The one kindness bestowed upon her by the universe in that moment was that she didn't have to hear Hank's shouts for a crash cart, Bobby's heart had stopped.

Angel Wings and Tiny Things Angel Wings and Tiny Things

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