Beads of Tears

By Yami Yuugi

Warnings: Alternate Universe, eventual yaoi of YamixYuugi, language, odd situations, perverted humor, sexy merboys.

Summary: A 19 year feud between sister kingdoms is resolved with the discovery of Atlantis's heir. However, problems arise when a painful transformation brings a supposed human to the murky depths of Atlantis and Atlantica for the resolution. Love is found in the most unsual places.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was raining heavily. Waves were clashing against salt ridden rocks, hitting a mass of growing seaweed. The story was unique in this area. The island off the coast of California rarely had unexplainable weather as this. However, today was different.

The sky was painted in earthen tones, charcoal grays mixed with neutral shades of black. Water fell from the sky, falling in contact with the stirring ocean. Thunder rumbled loudly, echoing through the caverns of the rocky beach. Lightening followed suit, tingeing the sky in a glow of bright aquamarine as the ocean swelled further in progression.

This storm was growling in chaos, almost meeting its peak. But, even during this insane storm, life continued on, especially that of marine life.

Catalina Island was secluded from the mainland of California. Due to this, many mysterious creatures were known to dwell in these waters. Aquamarine water covered the rocky beach, drawing in large amounts of sand. But this wasn't the interesting part of the beach's appearance.

A young maiden floated in the waves, head bobbing up and down as the water broke free across the land. She was a being of unrealistic beauty, beyond that of human attractiveness. Her hair flowed into the swelling sea spray, shining in the brightest gold known to the world. Her skin was akin to the finest porcelain, pearly white as the glow of the moon. However, her eyes were of udder most perfection. Large amethyst jewels illuminated the darkened sky, such an odd color for one's eyes. She had her arms wrapped tightly around her torso, clutching a small bundle into her bosom.

The ocean swirled around her thin body, drenching the small bundle in her arms. A shrill cry broke the dramatic duet of the thunder and lightening. A small infant's wail echoed through the treading waters.

"Sssh… It's okay, little one. The ocean will not harm you, calm yourself." Her voice was alight with life, in a soft melodic tone.

The infant continued to cry, shivering as the ocean spray covered his body.

Once more, she cooed to it. "Sssh… Calm yourself. You are away from the kingdom. You're with me now."

The baby ignored its mother, continuing to cry. The mother continued to hold her baby, rocking him side to side. Her amethyst eyes scanned the horizon before her, searching desperately for a piece of land.

After a few minutes, she managed to find exactly what she needed. A few feet away, there was a small sand dune, water rippling down its edges.

"That's where I must take you." She whispered, gazing down at the infant lovingly.

With great difficulty, the maiden maneuvered herself through the choppy currents, avoiding the excess rain that plummeted upon her thin body.

"Please, let me make it." Her words were filled with mixed emotion: a sense of a mother's undying love for her child.

The ocean appeared calmer to her, gently pushing her towards the small sand dune. Her eyes widened as this happened. She recognized the odd pull of the salt water.

'No, he found me! I can't let him catch my son!'

She pulled away from the steady, comforting current, trudging her exhausted body.

"Just a bit more, Sweetheart, We are almost to freedom, little one."

The small infant simply cooed, calming down from its mother's soothing voice.

Five feet, that was all she needed to force upon her tired body. Closer and closer, her body maneuvered into the steady waves. Her golden hair lay flat upon her shoulders, lifting into the harsh wind. She didn't know how long she had been swimming, nor did she care.

The woman found herself upon the sand dune, arms numb from holding her baby.

"We made it, little one. Now you're safe."

The woman pressed her lips onto the child's forehead, kissing him softly. She held him for a moment longer, observing the violent storms subsiding.

"Your father is quite angry. I'm sorry for having to do this to you, my son. But this is the best for you."

Gently, she placed the boy onto the sand, rubbing his soft cheek.

"This is where we part. May the ocean forever live in your heart."

With this said, the woman dived into the ocean, an aquamarine tail flipping through the calming currents of the water.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Nineteen years; he couldn't believe how long ago it had happened. For years, the small island of Avalon had been quiet, secluded from myths abroad. However, this had changed. The appearance of me people had been discovered. Myths of these mysterious creatures known as mermaids had become the official legend of the island.

Fishermen claimed to find these mer-people basking on rocks off the coast. While others had suggested that they had caught these creatures in their nets. All of these stories were ridiculous. No one had any proof of these marine creatures. It was all a tale to drag in tourists which had increased the population of the city.

This wasn't the only thing that he believed. No, he held many ideas and beliefs of this island as well as its marine life. After all, he had lived here for over sixty-five years.

His name, Sugoroku Mutou, He was one of the eldest local businessmen. He ran a small shop on the city's boardwalk of souvenir shops. He made odd trinkets from seashells and broken, dead pieces of coral. Although, this aging man was known for his extensive knowledge of Duel Monsters rather than his marine-like artwork.

Sugoroku currently sat at the register of his shop, tapping his fingers idly upon the wooden desk. A blank frown marred his face, accentuating the boredom of the slow day. Business had been down that week, especially with that of the town's beloved gamer absent.

The aging store owner gazed up at the stairs of his small a joined apartment on the upper level of his shop. His eyes were half-lidded, showing a sense of loneliness. His grandson was gone again, exploring the pier of Avalon's boardwalk.

"Of all the days I have yearned for company, he has to be out at that pier, gaining more attention." After all, what was to be expected of the town's gift from the ocean itself?

- - - - - - - -

"I'll give ya a Buster Blader for your Dark Magician."

"Nope. I already told you that I won't trade you my favorite card."

"But Yuugi, that isn't fair. You told me that you could get me a Dark Magician!" A small boy with waist-length raven hair said, gazing up at his idol.

Chuckling, the said 'Yuugi' ruffled the boy's hair, amethyst eyes sparkling with mirth. "I'm sorry Mokuba. But my grandpa gave me this card when I first started playing Duel Monsters."

"Fine, but you owe me in the future."

"Sure thing, Kiddo, sure."

Yuugi rested his arms on the railing of the pier, tricolor hair swaying peacefully into the wind. The nineteen-year-old loved this place. He always felt connected to the ocean.

"So what are you gonna do today, Yuugi?"

The teen turned towards Mokuba, smiling slightly. "I'm going to meet Seto at the game shop possibly. But I rather stay here and enjoy this great view."

It was no clue that Yuugi had a silent relationship with Mokuba's brother, Seto. However, this didn't mean that the smaller boy couldn't tease him on a daily basis.

"Are things getting serious between you and Seto?"

A few moments passed by as Yuugi remained unresponsive. He simply leaned onto the railing further, gazing out at the horizon. The sun sparkled softly in his direction, reflecting off of the aquamarine ocean.

Soft flutters of the oceanic breeze wrapped around him, almost comforting the longing of his heart.

"Come to me." It was silent as a hushed whisper, elegant and soft. He wanted to know more of this soothing voice. Maybe he would feel wanted for the first time in his life.

However, a poke in the side drew him away from his daze.


"I said, are things getting serious between you and Seto?"

The elder teen ran his fingers through his hair, gazing away from Mokuba.

"Uhm yeah, I guess so. Uhm, Mokuba, I have to go now. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Before Mokuba had a chance to respond, Yuugi had left him high and dry.


- - - - - - - - - - - - -

He couldn't think straight. His mind was clouded with the dazed thoughts of the melodic voice. Why had it called out to him?

Yuugi shook his head, walking into the local coffee shop. Gallagher's was the infamous hangout of the locals in their late teens.

"Hey, Yuge' bout time dat you showed up." The voice heavily accented, proving this person's years spent in Brooklyn.

"Hey Joey. Sorry that I came in late today."

Joey was a lanky blonde. A street-smart teen raised in the Bronx of New York. He had met Yuugi over six years before. Both became friends almost instantly.

"It's no problem Yuugi. I figured dat you were bed ridden from Kaiba or you was at dat stupid pier."

"Joey!" His face was beet red, increasing in intensity by the second.

Joey simply smirked, leaning heavily onto the counter. "So you want da usual or passion tea lemonade?"

Rolling his eyes, Yuugi placed a few bills onto the counter. "Black tea, sweetened."

"You got it, little buddy!"

"Yeah, right back atcha, skipper," he replied, snickering under is breath.

After getting his tea from the barista, Yuugi sat down by the front counter, talking idly with his best friend.

"So, you've been at da pier again?"

"Yeah, I feel so calm there. It's my place of contentment."

Joey handed a muffin to a customer, replying. "Oh yeah dat to. But that is da best place for fish n' chips."

"You never cease to amaze me. You're always hungry aren't you?"

"Pretty much. Which reminds me, that I am off now, you wanna hang out on a paddle boat or something?"

Yuugi frowned slightly, chewing on a piece of ice. "I don't think that's a good idea. Last time we did this, I almost fell into the ocean."

Pouting pathetically, the blonde begged the smaller teen. "Please Yuugi? I promise I won't let ya fall in."

Eye twitching madly, Yuugi sighed.

"Fine, you win. If I get grounded by grandpa, then it's your fault."

"Sure thing, bud."

The nineteen-year-old followed the blonde out of Gallagher's, walking straight towards the pier.

'Why do I always give into his bizarre plans?'

- - - - - - - - -

It was the early months of summer. The ocean water was barely heating from the scorching sun. Tourists were flocking in by the dozen, swarming the shops and mermaid hunting tours. It was quite packed for the usually quiet island.

Beneath the waves, beyond the horizon, the kingdom of the mer people sat, drifting slightly upon the ocean floor. The usually calm waves had rustled heavily, reflecting that of the mer people's king.

He held the authority of his people, along side of his queen. However, this had changed in the past nineteen years. She had passed away. His name wasn't known to the common people of his kingdom. Everyone knew of him as the king, Poseidon.

The king was well built in appearance, body tanned from the heated waters of the ocean. His hair was made up of the colors that resembled the sun. Bright red and yellow made up his hairstyle, shaped in the form of a starfish. But this wasn't what caused people to fear him in his kingdom. It was the necklace he wore. It resembled a pyramid, inverted. It was made of gold, and held the insignia of the eye of Re in the center. This was the symbol of royalty and power of his kingdom.

Poseidon ran a hand through his hair, eyes locked onto the pyramid around his neck. For the past year his age had gotten in the way of his life. He didn't have much time left as the king. Today was the anniversary of his wife's death as well as his sons. His son… The heir of the ocean kingdom had descended amongst the sea foam, joining his mother in the peace of the ocean's current.

Sighing to himself, he shifted his tail to the side, bubbles forming in the path he had left behind. During this, his thoughts became distracted. A knock descended into his chambers, irritating him.

"Enter," he spoke, natural in his authority and powerful tone.

The doors made of shell opened, revealing a thin man in his early twenties most likely. His hair was a dark brown, trailing down his shoulders. His eyes were a piercing cerulean. This man radiated power of rivalry to that of Poseidon himself.

Both mermen held eye contact for a long moment, both immersing themselves into a battle of dominance and power.

After a moment of prolonged silence, the king spoke. "Mahad what brings to my kingdom?"

Addressed man replied, crossing his arms. "Forgive me for the intrusion, Poseidon. I am merely here in response to my prince's part in the joining of our kingdoms."

The elder of the two fell silent, running his fingers through his hair, deep in thought. Not long after he had done this, he remembered what Mahad was speaking of. The agreement of joining the kingdoms. It involved the joining marriage of the princes from both lands.

"Why have you come now, Mahad? Surely, you know that this agreement is void."

A look of surprise fell upon Mahad's face as he blinked momentarily.

"What do you mean, void?"

"I mean that the joining of our princes' has been void since the night of nineteen years ago. My son passed on the day of his birth."

"The king had no idea. Forgive my sudden behavior. I will inform the price of this, shortly."

With this said, Mahad swam out of the king's chambers, leaving him to his thoughts.

'My son, I'm sorry that you never had a chance of living.' Poseidon thought, leaning heavily onto the rests of his throne.

- - - - - - - - -

"Come on, Yuge'. The boat is still and ya won't fall in, I promise."

Reluctantly, Yuugi stepped into the yellow paddle boat. He sat on the left, holding onto the side with a tight grip. Yuugi held a fear of the ocean ever since he had been a toddler. He suspected that something happened to him at a young age.

Joey sighed, patting his friend on the head. "Calm down, Yuugi."

Nodding silently, Yuugi began to paddle along with Joey.

The boat moved gently across the calm waters of the ocean. Small wakes hit the side of the boat, causing it to shift uneasily. Yuugi's body shook as the boat was hit with many small waves. He felt that he would die at this very moment. As Joey observed this, he lost all thought of watching the waters. His attention fell onto Yuugi.

"Yuge', I'm sorry. Do you wanna go back to the pier now?"

Before Yuugi could respond, a large boat hit the side of their vessel, causing it to tip over. Both teens fell into the depths of the ocean, submerged by the pressure of the paddle boat.

A few moments passed by as Joey surfaced, looking for any sign of Yuugi.

"Yuugi? Can you hear me?" He shouted for ten minutes, never receiving a response.