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Beads of Tears

Chapter Sixteen

- - - - - - - -

Festivities for the new couple fell into the early hours of the morning. Leaving the people of Atlantica/Atlantis completely exhausted. Songs of praise floated through the celebrations, the royal couple making a grand entrance in the midst. Yami and Yuugi encountered many villagers, each giving the couple a blessing for their future. (Against their desires to be alone in their bedroom.) All the while, toasts in their honor were given, dances descended into the night with rhythmic music. The kingdoms approved of the treaty and the joint agreement of their kingdoms. This moment simply held a historic time frame. Never had both Atlantica and Atlantis joined kingdoms in matters of piece.

This was something that Yuugi learned from his assigned advisor and teacher. Both sister kingdoms fell into a bloody battle that ended with the death of Atlantica's queen. This itself brought concern to Yuugi. The queen had been Yami's mother. The war fell on deaf ears of the villagers as a single merman enabled a second battle not long after the queen's death. A single merman engaged into a single-handed combat amongst Atlantis' King.

Yuugi never understood why his tutor abandoned this subject at the mention of his father. He could handle information involving his family. He had yet to feel completely comfortable with his father. Only one person held any ounce of comfort in this exotic oceanic city. No one understood his thoughts more than the one he had given up everything for. The one who consoled him during his early days of becoming a merman. The one person who now could read his every thought at will. Yami.

The name simply awoke dormant desires in his mind, drawing out the lust and love he felt towards his newly bonded husband. It was amazing how he had fallen into the depths of this man's love and company. The feeling hadn't come easily. It called for complete trust and the emotional and soulful bond they now held internally.

Wisps of wind touched the contours of his mind, brushing away his curiosity concerning anything related to their kingdom. Love and adoration filled his every waking thought, tears beginning to form at the corners of his large violet eyes. The emotions dwelled deeply from his other showed how much he meant to Yami. Their bond ran deeper than physical and spiritual. It fully enveloped their souls with the binding of their minds. Everything fell into stride with their marriage and coronation ceremonies the night before. This day was one of history. The kingdoms were to celebrate further upon Yami and Yuugi's union. A union that would forever hold a permanent date in their history and holidays.

Yet, Yuugi couldn't bring himself to enjoy the continuing festivities. The marriage alone had brought about his true feelings of love for his other. However, with the knowledge of the anniversary for the duo kingdoms' war in the past, he felt edgy. Something stirred the waters of his intuition. The ocean called to him, seeking knowledge upon the intruder that invaded its depths. A lone merman who acquired fear from every merperson within a fifty mile radius.

Yuugi ignored his fearful accusations, gazing out of the window with a timid expression. He lay carelessly in bed, a lone arm draped across his waist, spooning him against a warm tan body. His eyes drifted shut suddenly, a slight headache forming from the countless hours of partying he attended the night before. This was by force. Yami nearly went insane with how many interruptions they encountered during their 'honeymoon.'

Beyond the celebrations, commitment, and happiness, Yuugi knew that he had other matters to attend to. The matters concerning the escaped merman drifted through his mind. He knew little of this man's purpose or appearance. All that was available on this convict was his actions involved in the tearing of Atlantis and Atlantica years before.

Sighing softly, Yuugi pulled himself from Yami's embrace. He sat on the edge of the bed, tail dangling lazily. It was past sunrise by now and he and Yami were to oversee their duties as future kings.

Yuugi knew that this wasn't on his husband's agenda as the man snoozed heavily in their large bed. Yami wouldn't wake for a few more hours. This allowed Yuugi a moment of thoughtful reflection.

With the joining in hands of full commitment of a relationship, the teen felt depressed. He wished that his grandfather could have attended. Seeing as how the man raised him since his diaper days. However, it seemed that no one cared for Yuugi's other guardian. His other caretaker merely held no importance. He was ONLY human.

It was thoughts such as these in which caused Yuugi to rebel on his royal duties. No matter the trouble or the punishment, the nineteen-year-old wanted to see his grandfather.

Thoughts set in stone; he pulled himself off the sponge bed, swimming out of the room with ease. Yami wouldn't wake for hours, leaving him plenty of time to escape for a while.

'This is impossibly easy. Where are all the guards?' Yuugi thought, sneaking behind a statue of an angel fish. The guards roamed the corridors usually twenty-four hours a day. But Yuugi found himself free from the pests as he exited the palace in complete silence.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

He jumped out of the water, sunlight sparkling across his amethyst scales. His small body now tanned from the constant exposure of sunlight and water glistened in contrast with his tricolor hair and tail. His hair defied the laws of gravity, springing to life on its own. Violet eyes opened, gazing upon the small island he had lived on months ago. A smile crossed his soft features as he found refuge on a half-sunken rock.

He rested on the rock, tail fins hidden beneath the water. The sunlight bathed down upon him, causing a sigh to escape through his lips.

He certainly enjoyed this rare act of freedom and of course a chance to indulge in complete silence. Only a flock of seagulls squawked in the sky, a few diving into the ocean for a fishy treat.

Yuugi took this moment to observe his homeland, taking in its appearance as he had in the past. The pier had been resurrected to its complete glory, clock tower dinging dully at the sign of an approaching hour.

The coastline where he had known to be the best 'babe watching' area stood firmly with a set of umbrellas, children building sandcastles, and women bathing in the glory of the sun's rays. It hadn't changed a bit. Everything appeared to hold the same nature. Even with his departure, things hadn't changed. The pier completely rebuilt the beach no longer in disarray.

Nothing had changed. The only difference of course was Yuugi's absence. He mentally cursed at himself for being half merman. He held mixed feelings about his transformation. He adjusted fairly well for losing his legs and becoming a marine creature. Yuugi often felt torn in two for wanting the best of both worlds. He wanted to be human and also to be a merman. Why couldn't he have some mutation where his body enabled him to regenerate his legs for short periods of time?

From this thought the newly crowned prince of Atlantis shook his head, remembering the desires of Ariel in 'Little Mermaid.'

'You cannot always have what you desire. Others come first, Yuugi. Remember that.'

He replayed his own thoughts continuously in order to shrink his greedy desires. Always a boy who wore his heart on his sleeve, simple and yet easy to please. He never held grudges which allowed him end conflicts with ease.

Sitting here on this rock, he knew he defied the rules of both his father and his husband. He wasn't to leave the grounds without an escort. The merman was still at large. The prince couldn't run around as if he owned the kingdom. His freedom and rights ended with his reign among Atlantis.

It was tradition for any bonded couple to have a dominant member of a relationship. With same sex relations common in the joined kingdoms, it was customary for the role of the elder to become the dominant. Seen to have more experience in life and knowledge in use of protecting their relationship and the non-dominating member.

In Yuugi's case, Yami held this role. Already he proved to hold Yuugi and his wellbeing on a pedestal to his own desires. Everything regarding his safety and health relied heavily upon Yami. He only wanted to protect his husband.

This was another reason why Yuugi managed to slip away from his other. He needed to show Yami no matter his role, that he couldn't control his mate's every action with an order. It wasn't a healthy relationship.

Once more, Yuugi pulled himself off the rock, swimming towards the isolated side of Avalon. He hoped to find his grandpa in these parts. Often distracted from running his game shop, the old man usually found refuge in fishing around the isolated part of the island.

Smiling to himself, Yuugi dived into the water, jumping out and diving back in with the grace of a dolphin. He now understood why the smartest marine creature other than mer people enjoyed these strenuous jumps.

'This is great exercise. I can see why these dolphins like this.'

With the flick of his tail he was off in search of his grandpa.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yuugi continued his journey, soon spying the isolated areas of Avalon's beaches. He swam towards the shore, careful to not strand himself on the beach. He buried his tail in the water, making it incognito in case of a human's sudden discovery.

As he did this, Yuugi found himself in the presence of another. He turned his head to the side, water flinging from his golden bangs. Violet eyes widened in recognition of Sugoroku Mutou.

Sugoroku sat on the edge of the beach, fanning away a set of seagulls that wanted his sandwich. Yuugi couldn't help the chuckle that surpassed his lips at this amusing scene.

"Stupid flea bitten gulls get away from my sandwich!"

By now the teen was in hysterics, gaining the attention of Sugoroku with ease.

Plum eyes froze on Yuugi's form, recognition flashing through the old man's vision.

"Yuugi? Is that you?" He attempted to rub his eyes, believing this to be nothing but a mirage.

"Yes it's me, Grandpa."

Grandpa continued to observe Yuugi in a cautious manner.

"Where have you been all this time and why haven't you come home?"

Yuugi rolled his eyes. The man certainly had a memory problem. He was seventy-two years old though.

"I went through my transformation, grandpa. I've been living in the ocean with my 'father' and have learned a few things regarding my parentage and family."

Sugoroku nodded in response, eyes wide with his grandson's sudden intrusion amongst his relaxation.

"You're a merman now. What are you doing here, Yuugi? Isn't it forbidden to be here?"

A nod.

"Yes, however, I am not in the mood to deal with my father and my mate's orders at the moment."


Yuugi smacked himself in the head.

It was going to be a long discussion of his past few months in Atlantis.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yami shifted in his sleep, body chilled from the lack of heat from his mate. His eyes opened slightly, taking in the morning rays of light. He sat up, stretching the kinks from his back and limbs. The mere thoughts concerning his husband and lack of warmth hadn't crossed his sleep hazed mind.

The gears clinked slowly in his mind, eyes darting towards the empty space his lover occupied earlier in the night. He didn't seem distraught from Yuugi's disappearance. He figured the teen was most likely freshening up for the day.

As moments passed, Yami couldn't find this eased belief of Yuugi's disappearance valid. It never took the boy this long in terms of preparation for the day. Hell, he never wanted to get up in the morning. He slept like a plump sea lion in the middle of the day.

Groaning in annoyance, Yami pulled himself from the tangled sheets of his sponge bed, tail fluttering in terms of waking the muscles in his fins. He needed to find Yuugi before he found danger.

'He's probably exploring something in the palace as usual.'

He couldn't help but roll his eyes at this thought. No matter his age, Yuugi held the curiosity of an overly eager child with little knowledge of anything in the fine arts of Atlantian culture and art.

'I'll find him and we'll settle this missing in action phase he's stuck in.'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

An aquamarine tail flashed brilliantly through the early hours of the sun's reflecting light. Blond hair danced merely in his face, brown eyes narrowed in anger, hatred fueling the depths of his angered soul.

The merman darted through beds of kelp and coral, flocking through schools of angel fish and garibaldi. He scurried with great agility dead set upon his final destination.

He needed entrance into the palace in order to take hostage the one thing he needed to gain rule over Atlantis and Atlantica. He had started the wars in the past. He had caused the run of the Atlantis's queen. He caused her to die in the midst of the war and pulled the heir of Atlantis from the kingdom's grasp.

Yet his plans hadn't worked in the past. The queen, seductively gorgeous, thin and cunning with intelligence marked high in wit. She already managed a getaway. She protected her only child with honor and intention.

How was he to realize that she would give her child to a human?

He scowled, almost hissing in a low aggravated grunt. After years of isolation and entrapment, he roamed the seas once again in search of the heir of Atlantis. The prince's blood would spill into the depths of another war between 'joined kingdoms.'

He licked his lips in anticipation, eyes growing darker by the second. His plans for ending the peace would soon take form.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yuugi leaned heavily against his arms, bearing his weight full force. His tail rested listlessly in the water. His eyes remained impassively, concentration and attention fully upon the man in front of him.

Catching up with current events took longer than either had planned. Yuugi filled his grandfather in upon the recent events of his marriage ceremony, his placement in the kingdom, issues concerning his father, and rights of little freedom he held.

Sugoroku listened carefully eyes widening at most content containing his relations with Yami and future as the King of Atlantis and Atlantica.

Yet the only thing his grandfather fully worried for was his grandson's safety. He wasn't entirely sure why his grandpa worried about his safety this close to land. No one would harm him. Hell, no one even came near this area other than himself, Joey, and Sugoroku.

Sighing softly, Yuugi, smiled at his grandpa.

"Why are you so worried, Grandpa?"

Muted violet eyes gazed fondly at him, pride evident in their twin gaze. "I do not want you to get in trouble with your father and your husband, Yuugi. Plus, there are things out there in these waters that could easily harm you. I don't care how harmless you believe these areas are. Eels and rogue mermen are nearby trust me on this.

Yuugi couldn't help the agitation that coursed through his body. His features knitted in frustration. His eyes narrowed slightly, brows knitted in return. No one believed he was able to control his life outside the palace. He wasn't able to protect himself from predators and rogue mermen.

It was thoughts such as these that made the teen wonder how he was considered capable of running an entire kingdom with the assistance of Yami.

Sighing softly, Yuugi nodded in submission. He realized that arguing with his previous guardian would lead him into nothing other than trouble.

"Okay, Grandpa. But there is still something that I wish to ask."

"What is it, Yuugi?"

Said teen turned away from his grandfather, gazing out at the boardwalk with a deep desire of longing to live there once more. He drove these thoughts away from his mind as he spoke softly. "Was my mother ever able to take human form after her transformation?"

Silence came forward. Sugoroku stared at his grandson, a grim expression covering his features as he ran a finger through his graying beard.

"That is a difficult question for me to answer," he paused continuing further. "Your mother was human. She wasn't half mortal as you are, Yuugi. She was able to take form at will due her bond with your father, Poseidon. It was her one desire since she gave up everything in order to be with him."

There wasn't an answer in his case. Grandpa wasn't knowledgeable in criteria. Yuugi couldn't blame him. Hell, he himself wasn't capable of understanding his rights as the son of the sea and the grand sea king himself.

Pushing stray strands of his bangs from his tanned face, Yuugi turned to the side, staring at the ocean sadly.

"I guess I better head home, Grandpa. I don't want Yami or my father to disrupt the island with hurricanes and storms again."

With a smile, Yuugi pulled himself off the sand dune of wet sand, diving head first into the ocean. His body hummed in relief with his return to the aquatic world. No matter how he loathed it, the ocean always welcomed him with open arms, relieving his small body of fatigue of breathing air.

Slowly he managed to bypass obstacles involving coral, schools of fish, and the ever curious sea lion that dove into the water. Something was drifting in his mind. The ocean's currents increased in movement. Something was brewing from his father's mood.

Yuugi prayed to all he knew that the man hadn't found out about his disappearance.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Yami circled the corridors of the palace blind in fury. His face hardened in agitation. He needed to figure out where the hell his mate was. The link between them had been forced behind a shield, protecting the other's thoughts.

The isolation brought loneliness to the prince's mind. He didn't appreciate his newly bonded mate shutting him out without reasoning. It was HIS responsibility to maintain the well being of his family and kingdom. Well, that is until one of their father's passed on. Whoever lost their father first would hold the ruling between the relationship and authority of the joined kingdoms.

Yami couldn't contain his anger as seen from the cracked statues lining the throne room. His temper flared as did Poseidon. The sea king found out that his son had gone MIA. His anger flared quickly. The ocean spilled in his fury, water stretching and shifting in movement. Currents rose into thick sloshing waves crashing against the coastline.

A storm began to brew with Yuugi's disappearance. It held the same pattern which occurred whenever Yuugi had transformed into his true form months ago. Yet, here it returned at full force.

The Atlantian prince only hoped that Yuugi wouldn't find himself trapped in the midst of his father's rage. Better yet, away from the supposed serial killer merman who was claimed to be lurking outside the gates of Atlantis and Atlantica.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lightening flickered across the clouded sky, thunder rumbling in duet. Water plummeted upon the ocean, stirring the waters into a chaotic frenzy. Waves crashed against the coastline. Palm trees bent under the weight of the furious winds. It was a hurricane brought forth from the sea king. Everyone feared for their safety. This storm held greater fury than its sister storm in the past.

Something irritated the ocean and the mer-people. Yuugi's disappearance drew out a fearful kingdom of villagers dead set upon finding the missing prince.

No one knew if the prince disappeared or had been kidnapped. The mermaids sang to the ocean, praying for the safe return of their newly crowned prince. They wanted unity in such a great time of need.

Their melodious tune echoed through the undersea kingdom, falling upon the ears of every marine creature in the surrounding area.

Even the demented merman who waited for revenge upon Poseidon and Triton.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yuugi darted through a stray kelp bed, ears perking at the pitying melody. His name sung softly by mermaids in hopes of guiding him home.

'God, Yami and my father are probably close to killing me right now. I had to get away for a bit. I needed to see Grandpa…'

Rolling his eyes in annoyance, Yuugi began to swim further, only to find himself stalled by a powerful grasp.

Confused, the teen attempted to turn around, finding himself face-to-face with a pair of brown eyes and wild blond hair.

He managed to scream before his vision doubled, darkening as he collapsed into a heap.

Yuugi's captor smirked in success. His plan already started going down the golden path of success.

"I'll get my power and grants with your safety hanging in the balance, Little Yuugi."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Screams pierced the barriers of sound, echoing through the sea at lightening speed. All ears perked upon the strangled cries of a teenaged boy.

Yami's body froze in mid-movement, eyes widening suddenly. He heard the scream with ease, recognizing whom it belonged to immediately. His overprotective nature took over, releasing the beast of his possessive nature.

"What the hell happened to him?!" Yami screamed, obtaining the attention from his father and his father-in-law.

Both men entered the throne room instantly, grave expressions forming upon their aging faces.

"Yami, calm down." Triton stated, approaching his son cautiously.

The boy found the statement inexcusable as he growled.

"No. Something has happened. Yuugi screamed! I know that was MY Yuugi!"

Poseidon sat down on his throne, eyes narrowed in hate. He was a man with little control in demand of his temper. He sat silently, waiting for the others to finish their emotional outbursts.

"Yami gain control of yourself. Fighting with us isn't going to save Yuugi."

Silence took form, surrounding the prince and the two kings as crimson eyes fell upon Poseidon.

"What's wrong with him? You know where he is, don't you?"

A nod. "Yes, he was taken hostage by the exiled merman."

"Jou got him." Triton filled in.

Tears welled in the prince's eyes as his frustration grew further. His beloved was in the hands of evil and there was little he could do that would result in his safe return.

"Do either of you know what we are going to do?"

Both men nodded, faces grave.

"He is using Yuugi for ransom," Poseidon stated, continuing further. "He wants the unity between our nations to end and wishes for my death."

At these words, Yami fell silent, unsure of his voice. He simply gazed at the kings with a fearful expression.

The answer was simple for all three of them. Unity needed to stay intact. The treaty couldn't break and the peace between Atlantis and Atlantica would remain. Yuugi's safety held the future of Atlantis. He was the only heir left for the king who had long ago fallen out of his prime. His years remaining had declined quickly.

Poseidon would give anything in order to protect his son.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Violet eyes opened slowly, vision taking form. Yuugi's head ached horribly. He felt as if someone had run over his small body with a tractor. Hell, he thought it had been an eighteen wheeler.

Groggily, he attempted to pull himself up, finding himself in the confines of a coral barred jail cell.

Raising a brow, he cocked his head to the side, finding a strange sight in front of him. His eyes widened as he recognized a familiar blond that stood only two yards away.


The blond crinkled his head in dissatisfaction at the name. He smirked at Yuugi's caged form.

"That's Jou to you, half-breed."

Taken back, Yuugi pulled himself up, gazing at his once best friend.

"Well then, Jou, mind telling me why you have me caged in the middle of nowhere? Or what the heck you are doing in the ocean or why you have a tail?"

Jou smirked, circling Yuugi's prison quickly. He gazed at the teen with an evil glint in his eye. "You have heard stories of the merman who ended the peace between Atlantis and Atlantica. A man who brought upon the wars that ended in bloodied aftermaths. A man who killed the queen of Atlantis and attempted to kill the heir to the throne. The man who was confined into permanent exile in the form of a human." His smirk grew wider as he continued. "Forced to lose memory of his actions and would only surface if the heir returned to Atlantis."

Yuugi couldn't help his new reaction. He almost fell over in response to his so-called friend's response.

"You are the one who started those wars! You're the one who killed my mother and forced me into a marriage at will! You made my life a living hell all for the purpose of treachery. I can't believe I called you my friend."

"The truth hurts, doesn't it Yuge'? Well it's only a matter of time before I get what I want and you become the foam of the sea."


Jou groaned, ruffling his blond hair quickly. He sat on a rock, eyeing the teen carefully.

"I will bring devastation upon your kingdom, Yuugi. I will kill the true king himself and his heir."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"You can't be serious, Poseidon. You're going to give your life for Yuugi?"

The king grunted in response, turning towards his fellow friend. "Triton, I cannot allow my kingdom to lose everything it has wanted. This unity is the only thing keeping our kingdoms joined. If Yuugi is killed everything is over. Plus, I cannot lose another member of my family. If that happened, my heart would give out. I rather die with pride instead of heartbreak."

Triton, speechless at his friend's selfless actions brought pride welling through his body. Never in his life had he seen Poseidon act on anything less than selfish terms. Yet with his son's life at stake, he would give up his own life.

Yami only observed silently as he prayed for Yuugi's safe return.

- - - - - - - - - -

Jou smirked as he gazed at the sight before him. Poseidon approached regally in stance, body radiating power and pride. He silently observed his son' contained form. Violet eyes peered lifelessly at him as he stopped in his movement.

Negotiations were met somewhere in between good terms and the bad. Jou watched as the king fell to his death, a sharp piece of coral jutting through his body. Blood hazed into the water, wafting through the aquatic depths.

There was something about this that worried Yuugi as he sat alone with his ex-best friend and his now dead father.

He wanted to scream his lungs out. He wanted to cry. But there was nothing the teen could do. He wanted Yami more than ever. He didn't mind the man's possessive nature. He wanted to find him and feel safe for the first time since his arrival in Atlantis.

Tears streamed down Yuugi's face as he watched his father take his final breath. The king smiled softly at his son as his eyes closed and his body froze in mid-movement.

"How could you do this to me, Joey? How could you betray me after all of these years? I thought we were friends." Yuugi choked.

'Joey' laughed maniacally, turning his attention towards Yuugi.

"Do you realize the reasoning as to why you are caged, Yuugi? Do you realize as to why I don't give a shit about you?" "I am not the same person I was in the past eighteen years of your life. I'm a cold-blooded killer."

Yuugi held back the fury of tears that threatened to fall. He couldn't believe that his only friend betrayed him.

It was then he saw a large shadow shifting in the distance. A large predator approached the area.

"Do you see why I killed your father, Yuugi?" His blood was the key. He has brought about your fate with your death. You are lunch for the approaching shark."

His eyes widened.

A shark swam closer as Joey jetted off in another direction leaving him alone.

It was going to end in the blink of a bloodied scream.

'I can't take this, where the hell is Yami when I need him.'

The shark circled his cage, it's mouth opening quickly in attempts of snapping off Yuugi's tail.

He jumped, averting his attention towards the shark as he sent a mental plea.

Yami! Help me!

- - - - - - - - - - -

Triton turned towards his son, nodding his head in affirmation at Poseidon's death.

Both fell silent in respect for the fallen king. It wasn't fair how he faired. He shouldn't have died for the safety of his son.

Yami sniffed slightly, only to fall back in his chair as the mental gates of his mind opened, the voice of his beloved screaming for help.


He thought quickly, replying to his lover's loud pleas.

Yuugi! Where the hell are you? What's wrong?

Yami! Thank god! Jou killed my father in order to attract a shark. The stupid thing is circling me and I'm trapped in a cage. It's going to kill me. Please save me!

His cries brought tears to the older teen's eyes as he nodded silently. It wasn't fair that his family suffer such tragedy. Why couldn't anyone leave his Yuugi alone?

I'm on my way, Aibou. Stay calm and keep darting away from its mouth. I love you and I promise you, I will save you.

Get here as quickly as possible. I'm not sure how much more I can dodge his attacks.

I'm on my way.

With quick explanation, Yami and Triton exited the palace, fleeing for the area holding Yuugi hostage.

'Hold on Yuugi. I promise you I will save you!'

- - - - - - - - - - -

Yuugi dodged another vicious attack from the shark, his breathing became ragged. This creature was starving for his flesh. He couldn't find any solution to free himself from this thing's grasp. He only hoped that Yami would get him out of this mess.

'Yami please.'

Stay calm, Yuugi. We're going to get you out of this.

Violet eyes widened as the shark circled once more, unaware of the treading forms of Triton and Yami. Triton snuck up behind the shark, smacking the animal in the nose.

The shark retaliated by attempting to bite the king. Yet he wasn't quick enough as the poor animal suffered another punch to the nose.

Quickly the animal darted away, leaving a moment for Yami to free his beloved.

Yami darted towards his captive lover, breaking apart the hinges upon the door with ease. He pulled Yuugi into his arms as both mourned over the loss of their king.

"Yami, thank you."

"I'm just glad you're in one piece, Yuugi. Let's go home."

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Two days passed with the loss of Atlantis's beloved king, Poseidon. The villagers and royalty mourned as the day of the coronation ceremony for the new King of Atlantis to take the throne.

With his father's death, Yuugi became the king of Atlantis and the holder of rights in his relationship with Yami. The coronation had taken place moments after his father's funeral. The sea foam in which held his father's spirit floated away, washing onto the shore of Avalon as Yuugi couldn't help but cry silently over his father's death.

His ceremony took place during the early hours of the evening. The sun began to fade into the night as the crown was placed upon his head.

His father's crown fell onto his head, covering his eyes. Alterations would be needed. He was to rise from the sea and announce his title to the falling sun.

He rose from the depths, water clinging to his gravity defying hair. His crown glistened in the orange-yellow sky.

He turned towards the sun, Yami next to him all the way. He smiled softly from the encouraging smile Yami sent his way. He spoke softly but quickly.

"I hereby announce my title as Atlantis's new king. Sunset is given the power upon my emotions as I now control the ocean. Allow me to take care of the combined kingdoms of Atlantis and Atlantica. I hereby announce my reign as the new king!"

With this statement, Yuugi gained full control of the ocean, enabling it to react to his emotions just as his father did. He held authority of his kingdom and people with a unified power. However, he still held a grudge towards Jou. The man disappeared without a trace.

The day ended, the coronation and the funeral ended as Yuugi snuggled closely to his husband in their large sponge bed.

He could remember the tears that beaded down his father's face at the moment he gazed at his son. Even with his death the man held no fear of expressing his sadness with his death or whenever his family surrounded him.

The man simply held importance to Yuugi and Yami as both hoped to run their kingdom well enough as Poseidon.

- - - - - - -


You don't want to know how I had originally planned the ending of this story. I was going to kill someone other than Poseidon at first. However, at the end, I left it at this. I know it wasn't very good, but I wanted to find closure and end this story in this manner. There will NOT be any continuation to this story other than a possible one shot to show the feelings that Yuugi feels now with running the kingdom and his grudge against Jou. Thank you all for the reviews and hope that this story met your expectations.