A/N: It has been ages since I even thought about this story but somebody something said the other day made me remember about the epilogue. For a while I was content in leaving it as it was since it cleared up all of the major plot points, especially once I started 'The Denarian Renegade' and got wrapped up in that. However, one point didn't really get covered up so, without further ado, here's the epilogue.

International Confederation of Wizards

Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea

The British Ambassador eyed the large council room around him, his haughty gaze flickering past the other Ambassadors as the spoke softly with either their aides or one another. A soft murmuring filled the air and the British Ambassador could hear the underlying tension in many of there voices. He knew that Delacour was a good friend to some and didn't doubt that there were other ambassadors who had at one point of another made contact with Potter and the Order.

His eyes automatically swivelled to the American and Australian ambassadors speaking together in quiet whispers and his eyes narrowed, wondering what they were planning now. Still, he reasoned with himself, American could overtly side with Australia unless they too wished to be caught up in the looming war and, if they did anyway, then the Dark Lord would surely crush them with his mighty power and loyal allies.

His eyes were drawn to the Bulgarian and Italian ambassadors, both men giving him respectful nods. They at least had the sense to know when they where the greater power lied in the world. They would serve the Dark Lord well. Suddenly a loud, boisterous laugh filled the air and the British Ambassador peered to his left, looking at the new, replacement ambassador of France. A vicious, derisive smirk threatened to cross over his carefully schooled expression. The new French ambassador was a pawn and easily manipulated. Should the Dark Lord's plan come into full fruition and those senile old mugwumps were to meet with tragic accidents, the British Ambassador knew that the French wizard was somebody he could use to the Dark Lord's advantage.

Suddenly the great gold-gilded doors of the assembly flew creaked open. The British Ambassador's head spun around, his heart thumping with excitement as the room went deathly quiet. They were all expecting to see Gabrielle Delacour with look of defeat on her face, the British Ambassador was especially looking forward to watching that French bitch suffer, but it was only a guard.

The guard broke into a quick run and covered the distance between the doors and the Mugwump podium in a matter of seconds. He handed the Supreme Mugwump a note and the British Ambassador watched as the old, wearied man took it and peered over it. The British Ambassador's eyes narrowed and suspicion bloomed in his mind as the Supreme Mugwump visible started and then showed the note to his colleagues. As the ancient wizards talked amongst themselves in soft whispers, the British Ambassador saw one of them glancing at him and frowned. There was a cold feeling as if somebody stepped on his grave and although he had no divination skills, he somehow knew that something bad was about to happen.

The Supreme Mugwump muttered something to the guard, who gave a quick nod and a perfect military salute before leaving the hall just as quickly as he had come. The British Ambassador had no time to think about it as the doors creaked open again and Gabrielle Delacour walked in. The French witch was dressed in expensive robes of scarlet of gold silk, her hair wound in an intricate pattern. The British Ambassador eagerly leaned forward, wanting to see the look of defeat and humiliation on her face, but he blinked as she remained passive and unreadable. There was something behind her blue eyes, though, a look of triumph, and the British Ambassador frowned, shooting looks at Bulgarian and Italian Ambassador's, who had also noticed.

"Ladies/gentlemen of the respected institution of the International Confederation of Wizards," Gabrielle began, her clear voice echoing into the furthest reaches of the hall. Her pretty blue eyes flashed with hidden knowledge as she continued. "Before you decide my fate, there is news that I must tell you, recent occurrences that you must be made aware of."

"How is this relevant to your crimes?" The British Ambassador scoffed loudly and dismissed her with a wave of his hand. "Honoured Mugwumps, there is nothing that she has to tell us that is worth hearing."

"But you are wrong, Mr British Ambassador," Gabrielle said with a secretive smile and her eyes bore into his own until he could feel the very truth of the statement. "It is very relevant because it will show that I have committed no crime."

"You have…" The Supreme Mugwump started and then stopped. He let loose a series of hacking coughs and shook his head wearily. A glass of water on the podium slowly levitated forward and was caught in the ancient wizard's grasp. He took a small sip and gave a deep, rattling sigh. When he continued, his voice was weak and wearied. "You have admitted charges of espionage and associating with an extremist group that opposes the rightful government of the British Isles."

"On the contrary," Gabrielle said, straightening her back with obvious pride. "My actions have supported the legitimate government of Britain for over fifteen years, even if you cannot see it at this present moment."

"Please explain how supporting a known terrorist has helped the Dark Lord," The British Ambassador said coldly, leaning forward on his table to deliver the witch a piercing glare. "Because I, for the life of me, can not see how you have supported us."

"Perhaps I am not the best one to tell you," Gabrielle said slowly and a full-blown grin crossed her face. She took a step backwards and, in a loud and clear voice, called out "Respected Ambassadors, may I present to you Harry Potter, Commander of the Order of Phoenix."

The entire International Confederation of Wizards was deadly silent as a broad-shouldered man walked into the room. He had dark-hair, streaked with offsets of grey and was dressed in immaculate robes of the highest quality. His green eyes glittered behind a pair of spectacles and there was a polite, benign smile on his face as he surveyed the room. He was surrounded by a squad of guards, all who eyed him carefully as they watched his every move, just waiting for the man to do something wrong, yet he ignored them.

"Good afternoon…or is it evening here?" He greeted politely, his commanding voice penetrating the deepest, darkest places of the hall.

"What is this?" The British Ambassador whispered coldly. A mixture of fear, anger, bewilderment and betrayal shot through him and he gripped the edge of his seat. Cold, vicious anger won over and his voice got progressively louder and louder. "No, I know what this is…this is a travesty, an outrageous travesty! What is he doing here? Why have your guards not arrested him?"

"Mr Potter wishes to address the Confederation," The Supreme Mugwump said softly. "We have decided to allow it."

"I assure you, old man, when Lord Voldemort hears of this; his anger will know no boundaries…" The British Ambassador all but snarled.

"I may have to disagree with you on that point," Harry broke in politely. There was a benign smile on his face but cold triumph flickers in his eyes as he continued. "The last time I checked, the dead weren't able to feel emotions unless they were ghosts- and I assure you Mr Ambassador, I was very methodical when I destroyed Lord Voldemort a little over two hours ago. There is no….ghost."

"What?" The British Ambassador whispered even as a loud buzz of whispers broke out over the hall. Anger was quickly replaced by a terrible fear and shock flooded over his body. What was Potter saying? Was there a chance…no, it couldn't be true, it just couldn't!

Harry raised his hands and the muttering died down as he took a step forward to address the entire hall.

"Wizards and Witches of the International Confederation of Wizards," He began in a loud, resonating voice. "I come forward today to bring you the news that the Order of Phoenix has taken rightful leadership of the British Isles, and that Lord Voldemort's government has been disbanded. Earlier today, I led a small task force to seize back the power that had been taken from us over twenty years ago."

"You're lying," the British Ambassador said unsteadily, shaking his head in a slow motion of denial. "The Dark Lord is all-powerful- he is immortal!"

Harry ignored him and continued.

"Many of Lord Voldemort's loyal Aurors have surrendered," Harry continued, ignoring the British Ambassador. "His most dangerous and strongest supporters are being arrested as we speak, pending further investigation into alleged war crimes."

"This is not possible," British Ambassador muttered and scanned the crowd of ambassadors for a supporter, somebody, anybody! But the Bulgarian Ambassador was avoiding his eyes and the Italian Ambassador just stared at Harry with a strained expression on his face. A moment later, the British Ambassador turned back only to find that Potter's green gaze was rested upon him.

"It is possible, Mr Ambassador," Harry said quietly and the entire audience could hear the stark truth behind his words. "What's more, it is reality."

"No!" British Ambassador whispered once more as Harry turned back to the crowd, who hung on his every word.

"As a representative of the new British government, I wish to initiate an immediate cease-fire with the respected nation of Australia," Harry continued. The British Ambassador noticed that the Australian Ambassadors chubby tanned face was beginning to creep out with a beaming smile. "We will, of course, investigate Lord Voldemort's most heinous claims against the Australian Magical Parliament- however, in light of new evidence; we doubt that England will continue its level of aggression towards its dear friends."

"And speaking of friends," Harry said, turning to the Bulgarian and Italian Ambassadors, who were both eying him with barely constrained anger and hatred. The Bulgarian Ambassador in particular looked as if he wanted to kill Harry right there, right now. "As the Minister of the new government in power, I convey to the nations of Bulgaria and Italy our continued friendship. Lord Voldemort's government expressed sentiments of close friendship and brotherhood towards our nations and although we may be re-examining this relationship in the near future, we hope that our nations can still remain close and that we can count on your support, After all, it's what Lord Voldemort would have wanted- or so I assume. Not even I can raise the dead."

The Bulgarian Ambassador seemed close to frothing at the mouth while the Italian Ambassador looked nauseous, as if he had just eaten something that really didn't agree with him. Both Ambassadors ducked their head's as Harry's gaze washed over them, before Harry turned back to the Supreme Mugwump with a devious little smile on his face.

"Now for my last order of business here," Harry said slowly, rubbing his hands together. His gaze flickered back to the British Ambassador, who swallowed nervously as the reality of the situation began to dawn on him. "For my second act as Minister of the British Isles, I hereby terminate the current Ambassador representing our peace-loving nation and replace him with former French ambassador, Gabrielle Delacour."

Gabrielle, looking entirely too pleased with herself, bowed amongst the silence of the hall. Every ambassador there knew that they were witnessing something for the history books, the end of an era and the start of a new.

"Gabrielle has been a loyal supporter of the Order of Phoenix for some time now and therefore, is knowledgeable in our wide array of policies," Harry finished, walking over to stand behind Gabrielle. He placed his hands on her shoulders and gave her a gentle smile. "I can think of no-one else who would be better suited for the job."

"You do realise that Ms Delacour has been accused, and has admitted, to charges of espionage against…well, against your very own nation," The Supreme Mugwump wheezed slowly.

"After careful review of the evidence and data collected by the previous administration, I find that there is very little that actually discredits Gabrielle here," Harry answered and smiled softly, looking very pleased with himself. "Therefore, the Ministry of Magic will have no other choice but to drop the accusations and issue a sincere apology to Ms Delacour. We do hope that the experience hasn't been too traumatising."

"But the speech…she admitted it!" The Italian Ambassador spokes up amidst the mutterings of the hall, an outraged expression on his face. But the man shuffled on his feet and looked away as Harry's piercing gaze swung towards him.

"As I said," Harry said slowly, his smile dimming and his voice becoming firm. "We will not continue on with the accusations. This is an internal affair, Mr Ambassador, and I urge you to respect our…No, my decision."

The Italian Ambassador looked abashed and he quickly nodded his head. There was a relatively loud cheer from some of the ambassadors as several of them broke out into thunderous applause. Gabrielle straightened and her beautiful smile grew even wider. Pride, triumph and the elated feeling of success filled her, strengthened her. All that she had worked and dreamed for these past years were quickly becoming a reality at such a pace that it astonished even her.

The large hall quietened as one of the mugwumps raised his hand, a stern expression in his wrinkled face. The Supreme Mugwump frowned but didn't look too surprised as he studied Harry carefully. Harry stared back and for a moment, the two men simply gazed at each other before the Supreme Mugwump gave a little nod.

"Very well, Mr Potter," he said slowly and his words carried out into history. "I shall recognise the legitimacy of your government – for now. Therefore, I recognise your decision to appoint an ambassador of your own choosing. Ms Delacour, please step up to your table. Mr British Ambassador, I thank you for the services rendered here and I wish you well in your next chosen career."

"You can't let him do this!" The British Ambassador managed a weak cry of protest on his lips as Harry strode over and took hold of him by his arm. His gaze shot around the hall, desperately seeking some form of support, but nobody answered him and he finally sagged, losing all of his poise and pompousness. His entire world had just been shattered within the span of two minutes.

"Ambassadors, Supreme Mugwumps, have a pleasant night," Harry said and with a polite bow of his head, he strode out of the room with the former Ambassador in tow.

The guards followed him, leaving a room that suddenly roared up with yells and chaos. Ambassadors were speaking furiously with each other, some in happiness and excitement and others in politely worded anger and fury. The Bulgarian and Italian Ambassadors were speaking with one another in low voices, their faces grim, while the Australian and American Ambassadors were chatting amiably, both wearing beaming smiles on their face.

At her new table, Gabrielle observed the surroundings with a soft victorious smile on her beautiful face. She held back the surge of elation that threatened to overwhelm her and composed herself before she took a deep breath and let her voice carry its way through the hall.

"I believe that this is Confederation of Wizards, not a gathering of excited Quidditch fans," she called out loudly and the noise died down. Ambassador's and Mugwumps alike turned to her as she took another deep breath and placed a confident smile on her face. "Now, as the new British Ambassador and with the Supreme Mugwumps permission, I would like to address the confederation of some sudden…changes…in our foreign policy…."