Legendary Warriors

Rating: PG/T

Pairing: Tai/Sora, Matt/Mimi, TK/Kari, Ken/Yolei, Kouji/Zoe and more to come...

Note: I do not own digimon or any of its characters. The only thing I own is Spiritmon, and few more upcoming new digimon.


A glance of the world of digital could bring a smile to a face of a child. A world called Digital World and its living beings, Digital Monsters.

There was once a legend that the world was protected by five guardians and ten warriors. The ten warriors were believed to be dead, for they have sacrificed themselves for the sake of protecting the Digital World. The world was then protected by only five guardians.

Azulongmon, The Guardian of The Eastern Hemisphere, The Blue Dragon.

Zhuqiaomon, The Guardian of The Southern Hemisphere, The Red Bird.

Baihumon, The Guardian of The Western Hemisphere, The White Tiger.

Ebonwumon, The Guardian of the Northern Hemisphere, The Black Tortoise.

And Fanglongmon, The Leader of All Guardians and the Guardian of The Center Hemisphere.

All digimon will reincarnate themselves when they died as digieggs. As for the ten warriors, they are different. They will not be reincarnated as digimon, the will be reincarnate into something more superior, human.

Yet time must be given until they're completely reborn. As they are born, their fate was given to be the protector of the digital world. They either have to fight or die for the safety of the digital world.

Digital world was in danger even before the ten warriors could be completely found. The guardians create a being specially created by them named Genai. Genai was then assigned to choose nine children and digimon to be chosen asthe new protectors of the digital world, they are called the digidestined. All eight of them possessed nine crests that symbolize the power of the digital world. Courage, Friendship, Love, Knowledge, Sincerity, Reliability, Hope, Light and Kindness.

These digidestined had successfully saved the Digital World. The guardians believe that there will be no need to awaken the warriors, for they had the perfect protector as their replacement.

Then the Digital World begun to become even worse, and the guardians decide to add more digidestined to be able to completely win from the force of evil in the Digital World. They added three more digidestined. The results were satisfying, as Digital World wasonce again saved and protected by the digidestined.

The guardians were relieved, the warriors were in no need to be awakened or found anymore, for they had new protectors.

Yet, they're terribly wrong. Another source of power was then awaken, which was before believed to be destroyed. The most evil and mischief enemy digital world ever face, and was the reason why the ten warriors were killed centuries ago and almost did succeeded in destroying the Digital World into million pieces. The guardians still believe in the power of the digidestined to the defeat it. Until one of the reincarnation of the legendary warriors appear before them and speak to them of the dangerous capability of the evil that even the digidestined were unable to stop alone. They will also need to have the help of the ten legendary warriors.

The Warrior of Fire

The Warrior of Water

The Warrior of Wind

The Warrior of Earth

The Warrior of Wood

The Warrior of Steel

The Warrior of Ice

The Warrior of Thunder

The Warrior of Light

and The Warrior of Dark

And they're already reborn, all of them as human children in the human world, Japan.

"This is mad, I never agree on this," protested Baihumon angrily.

Zhuqiamon also snarled furiously, "Are you saying that all of our hard work and sacrifices are for nothing?"

"It's not for nothing my brothers," said Ebonwumon patiently, "We did gave our sacrifices to save the digital world."

"Ebonwumon is right," started Azulongmon, "We give our power to the digidestined and digitamers so they will be able to protect the digital world."

"Well I don't see them to be useful right now," hissed Zhuqiamon, "Now there's another new enemy, and it'll be impossible for any of these children to able to defeat it! If we have our power, we sure are able to destroy that enemy."

"Just take their digivices back and let us have our power back!" growled Baihumon.

"My brothers, please stop this nonsense now!" cried Fanglongmon.

All the four of them then start to stand in silence while looking their leader.

"Now," started Fanglongmon wisely, "I know this is hard, and this may be our only choice, in order to save the world we have been protecting and also the sake of our live. The very first ruler of the digital world, who was known as Lucemon, was indeed stronger than me. He turned evil right after that, wanting to own everything that he had to protect. Thanks to those legendary warriors, they had sacrificed their life to destroy Lucemon."

"We're also able to destroy that mad digimon," snarled Baihumon, "All five of us are able to beat him by combining our strength together!"

"Hush, Baihumon!" said Azulongmon, "Mind your manner of speaking in front of our leader. Don't let your selfishness get the better of you."

"Don't you dare order me what to do," growled Baihumon furiously.

"Please," plead Fanglongmon with patient, "I understand all of your feeling, but fighting with one another like this will not solve any of these problems!"

Ebonwumon nodded, "We have no other choice. We have to awaken the entire legendary warriors."

"I disagree!" shouted Zhuqiamon, "To have all the ten of them in power is the same thing as the end of all of us. Their powers are stronger than the five of us combined together! One day they will turn against us and who knows that they will somehow end up like that bastard Lucemon!"

"They will not," said Azulongmon, "They are born as human children. They will have enough love towards other human and possibly us, digimon."

Zhuqiamon glared at Azulongmon, "You do realize that Lucemon was the angel of light! If light can turn dark because of the hunger of power, it's not like if these human children's love can't turn into hate with the same reason!"

"True," nodded Fanglongmon, "But unlike Lucemon who I had my suspicious of his dark self even in a very beginning, I have no single feeling of suspiciousness to any of these legendary warriors. They're pure and full of love, I assure you of that. Yes, they may have the darkness in their heart, but that's what makes them human and very much fitted to be the protector of this world. Their light and dark power are equal, unlike us who owned most on light power. Our new enemy cannot be defeated without the equal power of light and darkness."

"If they're that strong, why aren't they the one who are supposed to protect this digimon world in the beginning?" asked Baihumon in fury.

"Because both you and Zhuqiamon disagree on waking them even in a very beginning remember?" answered Ebonwumon.

"What makes you think that we will agree now?" glared Zhuqiamon.

"Like what we have discussed," said Azulongmon, "We have no other choice."

Baihumon and Zhuqiamon then looked at each other. Then they grumbled and mumbled angrily together and finally…

"Fine!" roared Baihumon

"Just wake those stuck up warriors, just make sure they do their job!" cried Zhuqiamon.

Fanglongmon nodded, "Very well then," he then looked at the door behind him, "You may come in now."

All the four guardians' attentions were then move towards the door as it begun to open. As the door spread open, a figure begun to appear as he walk in front of them with grace.

"Let me introduce you, Spiritmon, The Warrior of Steel," said Fanglongmon.

The four guardians stared in disbelief at the new comer. The digimon was dressed in silver cloak, covering his eyes and the whole form of his body except his two arms. Metallic silver were covering his mouth, chest, and arms as armors, with digital world's wording designed all over it like a spell.

"Are you saying…" started Baihumon, "That you've found one of the legendary warriors?"

"Correction my friend," said Fanglongmon, "It's he who had approached me. It seems that he was the only one from all of the legendary warriors with his past memory still in place."

"Correct," Spiritmon nodded, "And it disappoints me that not any of you decide to approach any of us."

"We're terribly sorry," said Ebonwumon.

"No need for that," said Spiritmon, "It seems that you guardian decide to learn things the hard way. I wouldn't say that it was a wise thing to do."

Zhuqiamon glared angrily at Spiritmon, "You know very well WHY we did what we did!"

"Yes and it happen to be a ridiculous prejudice, which I found to be quite childish. Even children can act better than any of you," said Spiritmon.

"Who are you to judge us? Are you thinking that you're more superior to any of us?" roared Baihumon.

"Baihumon!" pleaded Azulongmon.

"Never in my life that I found myself to be superior to any kind of digimon. It just upset me on why you guardians choose other children and happens to risk their life for the Digital World safety. Us, warriors are made to risk OUR life for the safety of those digimon and all of the children and adults in the human world. Yet you choose those human who are not fated to be born to die for the sake of being a protector of this Digital World!" growled Spiritmon dangerously.

"Spiritmon huh?" said Zhuqiamon, "Your previous form happen to be AncientWisemon. I know AncientWisemon quite well, and to what I've known, that digimon never did care of what happen within the human world. He only care of what happen to the digital world. So what change?"

Spiritmon looked at Zhuqiamon, "That's true, but I'm no more my previous self. Ever since I was born as a human, my eyes were open to the kindness and love. I happen to love my human family, and because of your foolishness of not waking any of us, I had to sacrifice something I was once blessed on having."

"And what is that? If I may ask," asked Ebonwumon

"My human body," said Spiritmon, "To be able to evolve into a digimon without the power of any of you guardians, I had to released my spirit from my body and send my spirit to this world and never going back to the human world if I'm not being a Spiritmon or my other digimon transformation. That's why I destroy my human body by having a car crashed tome, and make it looks like an accident. I know by doing that I will give sadness and grieve to my parents and my little brother and also to other people who care of me. Yet, I hate to say it but it happens to be the wisest thing to do."

"And why is that?" asked Azulongmon.

Spiritmon then gave a dangerous glare, "Because I happen to be the only person that is able to awaken the rest of the warriors! You do realize that it'll be impossible for the chosen children to be able to defeat our new enemy!"

"We have no idea that this kind of enemy will one day appear!" cried Baihumon, "And it's not like if you know about that too!"

"I did!" cried Spiritmon, "My previous self gave a prophecy remember? Prophecy about the awakening of the evil one. Where that'll be the time where no one can defeat it except for the ten warriors, NOT the chosen children."

"You didn't mention the NOT part in the prophecy," added Ebonwumon.

Fanglongmon then sighed, "I agree of our foolishness, so we decide to give it a shot. We want to see how strong you warriors can be so I allow you to give back the power of the warriors. But for this is just the test. Since you can travel to different timeline, I want to see if you can send SIX of the warriors to the past where that traitor digimon called Lucemon was reborn and decided to take over the digital world, and they will be assigned to destroy him, without their previous memory or your help."

Spiritmon smirked, "Why don't we make it more exiting by sending six of the warriors of my choice in the same age as the first digidestined. I can go to the past where they're on that age so I can assign their mission on that timeline. This will prove you all that no matter how old we are, we will always complete our mission."

"Don't be so cocky!" growled Baihumon.

"Agreed," nodded Azulongmon, "Now, we would like to make a deal out of this test."

"Alright, name it," said Spiritmon.

"If those six digidestined fail, you will sacrifice your spirit to be inserted into the digivice owned by the digidestined, so as the other nine warriors. So the digidestined will use that power to defeat our enemy." Stated Fanglongmon, "But if those six warriors succeed, you may awaken their true power and their past memories, and have my permission to defeat our enemy. And each ten of you may have a request or a wish and we'll do all we can to fulfill it."

Spiritmon smiled and chuckled, "Well it does sound like a win-win for all of you, but I take it. And uh…how about if I make my request now? If those six did not succeed, then you don't have to fulfill it."

Ebonwumon looked at Spiritmon, "And that would be?"

"That the ten of us will not only have the duty to protect the digital world, but also the mission to protect the life of the digidestined and their digimon with our life," stated Spiritmon.

All the guardians stared at him in surprised, Fanglongmon gave a small chuckle, "Then it shall be fulfill if your friends did succeed."

"That's unexpected," grumbled Zhuqiamon, "Why are you so protective with the digidestined?"

Spiritmon gave a light chuckle, "Because it just happen that one of those digidestined is my beloved little brother."

"Is that so?" asked Ebonwumon in amusement, "What a coincidence."

"Well yeah, how do you think I know when did you guys actually start calling the digidestined and not the warriors? A digivice just pop out of my computer and I thought it was you guys trying to call me for duty. But the digivice was not working when I hold it, but it worked when my brother hold it. He went to the digital world straight away." Spiritmon the glared at the guardians, "Do you know how furious am I that time? The fact that it was my brother risking his life and not me, in order to protect these worlds. And if he's in great danger, all I can do is watch and do nothing! This time, I have my power and I will protect him and his friends with all my powers."

"We're sorry for that," said Fanglongmon, "We just choose those children that may have the power of the crest and digivice they're holding. We have no idea that one of them may be your brother."

Spiritmon sighed, "It doesn't matter anymore, at first my brother did something unforgivable because of my death. So everything that happens to him could possibly be my fault too. But, he did change it with an amazing result. He saved the digital world, and I'm proud of him. Yet, I still want to protect him, because no matter what, he's still my little brother. The person Ilove sodearly."

Ebonwumon smiled, "Such a very caring brother. May I ask something before you leave this room?"

"Go on," nodded Spiritmon.

"What is your human name?" asked Ebonwumon.

Spiritmon eyes were wide in surprised, but then smiled and said, "My human name is Osamu Ichijou, but everyone like to call me Sam."


Note: Thanks for reading this, this happen to be my first digimon fic