Legendary Warriors

Rating: PG/T

Pairing: Tai/Sora, Matt/Mimi, TK/Kari, Ken/Yolei, Kouji/Zoe, Sam/Momoe, Shuu/Jun

Note: I do not own digimon or any of its characters. The only thing I own is Chronosmon, Spiritmon, Hollowmon, Sakuramon, Cyclopmon, Merwomon, Nymphmon, Slithermon and few more upcoming new digimon.

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Chapter 44: Beauty and Power

Shocking dark wave filled up the beach, blinding all eyes miles away around the area.

Daemon was shielding his face from the explosion with both of his arms. The smoke started to surround him and he doubt he would be able to see a thing even if he opened his eyes.

He then felt a wind blowing away the smoke. There was no mistake; the wind came from two of his enemies. He blinked to have a better sight of the now clear sight ahead of him. He then gasped, he was expecting a huge white snake and a black lion digimon, but what he saw was different.

He saw the black lion, yes, but the black lion stood up with armors of gold and Romanized kind-of-like outfit, while holding a golden spear. Then next to him, which was suppose to be the big white snake was a beautiful looking mermaid who was wearing a moon shape mask, covering half of her face. She was also holding a triton and her body was covered with beautiful jewels and silky clothing. She just calmly floated next the armored digimon.

"You transformed?" gasped Daemon.

"Yeah," the mermaid smirked, "Love the new look? I totally love it! And you can call me Tritonmon!" (Image: http // nebuneferu. deviantart. com/ art/ Tritonmon -76340352)

"And you may call me Reichmon," greeted the lion, "As you may know, this is the fusion spirit type of our transformation of the human and beast spirit."

"Yes, I can see that," growled Daemon, "But HOW you transform is a more likely question that I like to be answered."

"Well, to be honest, its thanks to you," said Tritonmon as she start floating to the air, "Remember when we were actually trying to blow each other up? Well, we practically 'accidentally' destroy a rock that kept a boost of energy for our transformation."

Daemon glared at the new transformation of his enemies, he didn't like it one bit. He gave a low growl, cursing himself for feeling like a weakling. He was one of The Seven Demon Lord! No one can stand against him! Especially a bunch humans-turn-into-digimon warriors. He smirked, "Fool, you think that by changing into another one of your fancy transformation you can beat me? Think again!"

Both Tritonmon and Daemon began to stand onto their defense position. Tritonmon looked at her triton, then to Daemon, then to Reichmon, for a particular reason, she felt a bit uneasy.

Reichmon felt her uneasiness when he caught a glimpse of her moving heads that seemed to look around. Then he whispered to her, "What's wrong?"

"Uh… well…" Tritonmon trailed uneasily, she had no idea how to speak out her trouble. It was not that she didn't know what was troubling her, it was the fact that she was a bit afraid of his reaction. She then decided to talk to him telepathically, I… don't know how to use my power…

WHAT? Reichmon mentally cried while looking at her in disbelief, What do you mean you don't know how to use your power?

Well, I just don't okay? Tritonmon glared at him, It's not that I don't know my power, I just don't know HOW to use it…

Reichmon stared at her in confusion, clearly didn't understand the difference between the two problems, Care to elaborate on that?

Okay… well, the thing is… I think I have too much power! I don't know how to control it! I'm guessing this isn't exactly a natural transformation, or maybe the balast gave me too much power for me to control, Tritonmon tone suddenly turned panic. Reichmon eyes were widen in surprised, he noticed the triton was suddenly creating glow that started to get brighter and brighter. She then looked at him, I don't know how to stop it! I think its going to blow!

"How can you not know how to control it?" cried Reichmon, he was in panic that he forgot that he was no more talking with her through his mind.

Daemon who was watching both of his enemies warily, noticed that they were changing each other weird glances. He jumped slightly when Reichmon suddenly snapped at Tritonmon. His eyes were wide at Tritonmon's glowing triton and the fact that the owner wasn't able to control it.

"Wait a minute, what are you two bickering about?" Daemon used all his will not to shake his voice.

"This is just great…" gasped Tritonmon, both of her hands that was holding the triton was trembling, "I can't keep it in any longer!"

Daemon growled in desperation, "Then I will just have to destroy the both of you! DARK SPREADER!" a huge blast of darkness began to attack the two warriors.

"Damn it!" Reichmon gritted his fangs, clearly confused of their current situation as he froze and welcome the blast.

Finally Tritonmon couldn't hold it much longer, "MOON PEARL!" The glow from the Triton turned into a bluish circular that expand and fight against the blast of darkness. The clash resulted once again a huge explosion, bigger than before and capable of destroying anything a mile radius around them.

Screams were heard from the digidestined and warriors who were blown away by an unknown force while riding on top of Birdramon.

"Wha… what happened?" cried TK.

"Everybody hold on tight!" cried Takuya while clinging on Birdramon feathers, watching if the others were not blow over board.

"JUN!" screamed Davis in horror, "No! We have to go back! Jun is…"

"Davis!" Kouji who was still holding Davis hold him even tighter, "They'll be fine!"

Sora looked at her digimon worriedly, "Birdramon!"

"I'll be… okay…" Birdramon struggled desperately with her wings.

From the corner of Tai's eye, he then saw a glimpse of something, "Wha… Lilithmon? Hey guys! Is that Lilithmon? Wait… who is she fighting with?"

Matt looked at the direction Tai was looking, "Hey the others are there too! So Jun was right!"

Lilithmon gasped at the new arrivals, "Another of those…" she then choked on her words as a sword stabbed on her chest. She then glared at her enemy in venom, "Y… you…"

Ophanimon was breathing harshly. Both Ophanimon and Lilithmon had been fighting each other for more then an hour and all they did was hurt each other without capable of giving a lethal or final blow, until now.

"She did it!" cried Tommy as he held on Kari's body. Since the fight between the celestial and the demonic digimon, the others, except for Tommy had been fighting the other demon lord, Leviamon. The situation with Leviamon was also in their advantage. It was either he was outnumbered, or it was the fact that the warrior of wood, metal and thunder that were fighting him was increasing in strength, Momoe and JP digimon powers especially. And it seemed that the reason was obvious, since the leader of the sun was riding on Birdramon not far from them.

Leviamon looked at Lilithmon in horror, "Lilithmon!"

"Where do you think you're looking at?" asked Beetlemon. He then raised his fist and slammed it on Leviamon's head along with the electric force, "THUNDER PUNCH!"

Leviamon easily dodge his punch and dove into the water.

Beetlemon groaned, "Ugh... Wish I am a water type digimon..."

"Not necessarily..." Nymphmon then grown her fingers into the water, "Root Tangle!" Amazingly, she captured Leviamon and wrapped him up as he try to yanked desperately like a trapped crocodile.

Hollowmon smirked, "Seemed like Takuya's presence effect both of your power," he then looked up at Takuya who was riding Birdramon.

"Oh yeah, you said it Sam," cried Beetlemon, "Lets fry this lizard! THUNDER PUNCH!" A direct hit was then given towards the demon lord. Leviamon final scream was heard as he was fried and disappear into pieces of data.

"Why didn't you two think of doing that in the first place?" asked Ken while looking at Leviamon body that turned into data.

"I did… and I'm sure Momoe did too. But do you have any idea how fast he was? Good thing now both Momoe and my energy in full power, thanks to Takuya's presence…" Beetlemon turned into JP, followed by the other two warriors as they turned into their human forms.

Ken looked at JP in confusion, clearly he didn't understand why Takuya presence could effect both of their power. JP chuckle and shrugged, "I'll explain to you later."

Momoe looked at Sam, "Sam… its…" she then looked at the other digidestined and warriors that were flying towards them, "What should we tell them?"

Sam frowned, hiding his eyes with the bang of his hair, "The truth…"

Yolei sobbed at their conversation, the death of her best friend still strike her hard that she doubt she would ever recover. She kneel down and began sobbing continuously. The only comfort she received was the warm embrace from Ken and Hawkmon, as well a soothing hand of her sister that laid on top of her head.

The explosion had deformed the beach into a huge deep hole of disaster. Miracle occurred when the three digimon involved were alive and only badly hurt. The two warriors had turned into their human

"This is not true! How can this possibly be true!" gasped Daemon, he never knew the day would appear where he would panic in a situation like this, "None of this should've happen!" He was beaten up all over the place, and he could barely stand.

Jun was also gasping, she had used all of her power in that transformation, she wished she could finish off her enemy when she had the chance. Now, she couldn't even raise her hand to held up her digivice.

Koichi was in the same position, but worse as he was lying on the ground, fighting with himself to stay conscious.

Daemon began to drag his beaten body away from the warriors.

"He's going away!" cried Jun in panic.

"Damn it…" choked Koichi in frustration as he force himself to raised up.

Daemon chuckled at the warrior, "I'll get you back one day warriors! Mark my word!"

"No… you will not."

And there was a click.

Daemon gasped at the feeling of cold metal on the side of his head. His eyes looked at the corner to find Beelzebumon pointing his riffle at him, "Beelzebumon…?"

Jun and Koichi gaped at the unexpected arrival of another demon lord.

"Wha… what are you doing Beelzebumon?" cried Daemon in panic, "Are… are you betraying us?"

Beelzebumon just looked at him lazily, "Nah, not really… I just do what I feel like doing…"

Jun looked at Koichi, "Wha… what is going on? Is he siding with us?"

Koichi narrowed his eyes suspiciously, Kouji told him that Beelzebumon was 'okay', but he personally didn't witness for himself why. Then again there was a high possibility that Beelzebumon could be on their side, "I… think…"

"You think?" Jun stared at him in disbelief as she looked at their condition worriedly. She didn't like their condition one bit.

"Stop this nonsense Beel…" before Daemon could finish his word Beelzebumon then pulled the trigger and the bullet shot Daemon, turning him into million of data.

Koichi blinked at the sight, then realized how much of energy he had lost as he slowly fell into unconsciousness. His sudden tiredness could also come from relief that Daemon was gone. Though he wasn't sure that fainting in front one of the seven great demon lords was a wise idea. Yet, he was badly beat up that being rational didn't exist in his tire mind.

Jun gasped when Koichi fell, she shouted his name, only to exhaust herself even more. She fell to the ground completely and before the darkness swallow her consciousness, she heard Beelzebumon sighed, "Geez, I will regret doing this… but since I'm not that much of a jerk…"


Chapter 45: Mourning for the Light

"Ophanimon…" whispered Hawkmon as he looked at the sorrowful looking celestial digimon.

Tommy looked at Hawkmon and place his hand lightly on his shoulder, "Come on…"

Hawkmon frowned as he looked at the crying and mourning looks of the warriors and digidestined, "Is there… is there something we could do?"

The warrior of ice looked at what the bird digimon was looking at, then to his digivice. He fisted it tightly, cursing to himself that he had failed to bring back the soul of his friends.

Suddenly he saw a light pink glow from the screen of his digivice, and he gasped.