Make Believe

By Flash Indie.

All the usual disclaimers apply.

On the rare occasion that she finds herself alone, Starfire likes to play make-believe.

She doesn't pretend to be a beautiful princess, like the girl down the street, because in reality, she doesn't have to. No superheroes or knights in shining armour gallop through her thoughts.

No, she pretends she's normal. She pretends she knows everything about Earth's customs, that when the others discuss Christmas and school and television she knows exactly what they're talking about. Her family's laidback and kind, and they live down the street, in the house with the white picket fence. Mum and Dad joke with other parents before school, and Blackfire will always ask her to cover for her when she sneaks out with boys.

She understands Beast Boy's jokes, Cyborg's car mutterings and can beat them both at all the videogames. Maybe, she and Raven are best friends. They go late night shopping together and have slumber parties and Starfire can tell her all her secrets and Raven can tell Star all of hers.

Sometimes she pretends Robin loves her.

He takes her dancing on Friday nights. They won't get home till Saturday lunch, and her hair will be a mess, her make-up will have run and she'll be looking worse for wear, but he'll still love her. She'll love him too, his laugh, his smile and his eyes. He'll treat her well, and her parents will love him and her sister will be jealous and…

It always hurts when she wakes up.