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You're In.

Do you know how sad a game of tag is?

Do you know how pathetic it is to watch a bunch of kids in their late teens play tag?

And they're giggling hysterically every time someone gets caught, and screaming "You're it!" before sprinting off.

He just doesn't get it.

But then, they're emos.

Haha… yup. Kadaj laughs at emo kids, or sniffs in disdain. No matter how bloody cute they are - Kadaj will still laugh.

Because Kadaj was once an emo.

Hard to believe, from the uber-cool and uber-shmexy god of Goth. Right. Metal music, black leather clothes, no makeup (shock, horror!), but that really is the way it is. His hair was black, for about two months. Then he got sick of being confused with the normal emos, and stripped the dye, so he's back to silver.

He prefers it this way, and he now feels much more superior, and that's the way he likes it. Odd, but there you have it.

He really wonders, though, why emos would have their hair any colour but black.

For instance, there's this one that keeps on grinning and laughing all the time. All the bloody time. And he's got brown hair. Chocolate brown spikes that dangle over an animated face with angelic blue eyes...

He hates happy thoughts. And this boy's face can't help but make anyone feel happy. Or at least positive instead of negative. It irks him mightily.

Worst of all, this kid is making him want to join in. Kadaj, play a common game of tag, when he should be worshipped from afar. There's something really, really screwed about that. He doesn't even know why he's watching the game, why he hasn't simply walked away by now...

Maybe he should go stop the game.

After all, he's carrying his twin-bladed katana with him. A sharp shiny weapon always looks scary and dangerous. That with black leather makes Kadaj a real spiffy figure. He knows it, too.

But there's something in him that doesn't want to scare someone as cute as the adorable chocolate-haired kid. Because he really is uber-cute.

He shrugs and draws the katana anyway. It doesn't really matter. He'll probably never see them again...

And that's when he realises. The slight, blue-eyed kid who can't really be an emo because he's too damned happy has actually snuck around the back of him, and now his arms are wrapped around his torso and Kadaj can't move. And he doesn't even really want to, now...

"Tag," the lovely voice breathes in his ear. "You're in."

Hooo boy. I have to admit, I absolutely ADORED writing this. I think it's just so cute... and so different, the perspective and all. :is all giggly: Well, I'll be going now, off to write more stuffs...


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