The Return

Logan walked into the abandoned church. This had been the place where Magneto had recruited his army of Mutants for that disastrous attack on the Worthington Laboratories Facility on Alcatraz. That night had been the night when he had been forced to kill Jean Grey, no, Phoenix, when Magneto had been given a quadruple dose of the 'Cure'. To kill a loved one….

He sat down on one of the few unbroken pews, thinking. The public availability of the Cure had been cut off by the Government mere days after it had been implemented. The reason behind it was that the source of the Cure, a mutant boy's DNA, had not been completely mapped out before they (Worthington Lab's scientists) could successfully generate it from scratch. Too much of the serum had been used to defend the facility on Alcatraz, and one of Magneto's underlings had been successful in destroying most of the Cure with shockwaves. When the Phoenix had telekinetically wrecked the laboratory facility, the remaining Cure had been destroyed, along with most of the scientists and the machinery which had developed and synthesized it.

Now, as he sat in the silent, empty church, he mused, 'Society once exiled us, now they embrace us.'

That had been very true. Upon discovering that several mutants had fought to defend the Cure, society as a whole had embraced the presence of mutants in their lives. Mutants were no longer ostracized, but were now looked upon as friends. Angel could be seen flying around, often helping rescue teams to save people or scout out hard-to-reach areas. Pyro, despite being an ex-villain, could be seen helping firemen draw fires away from buildings or controlling the spread of forest fires. Nightcrawler, though still treated with some resentment by society, had been busy rescuing miners, cavers, and divers who got stuck in hazardous areas. Hank McCoy was still Secretary to The United Nations, and the list went on and on.

A sudden blur of movement in the church's upper levels caught Logan's attention. He quickly got up and drew out his claws. What was that?

All of a sudden, the sunlight shining in through the stained glass windows dimmed, and then turned into darkness. Logan stepped towards the doors, which had somehow been chained up with heavy-looking manacles. The darkness crept up to him like a diffusing gas. He slashed at it, to find that he was slashing at thin air. The darkness engulfed him, causing him to slash blindly at God-knows-what. Enraged, he shouted, "What the FUCK is going on here!"

A familiar voice answered him, "Tsk. Tsk. Language, Wolverine. Aren't you glad to see me again?"

Logan's blood ran cold. It couldn't be. He had been powerless since Alcatraz, but how?

Logan felt his claws being pulled into mid air by invisible hands, and every one of his adamantium-covered bones were being pulled by the same invisible hands. He heard a chuckle. The darkness lifted, and he saw Magneto, in his costume, standing before him with hands stretched out. At his sides stood two mutants, a cadaverously skinny teenage boy with sunken eyes and a woman that had chains braided into her hair and tied around her wrists. Magneto flicked his wrist, stretching Logan's skeleton like the mythological Greek monster Procrustes did. Smiling, he said, "Nice to see you DIE, Logan."

Logan felt his bones snap, twist and break, finally blacking out. His mangled corpse fell to the floor. Even his healing powers couldn't heal this amount of damage…

Magneto turned to the teenage boy, "Darken the streets. We announce my return tonight."