Ashikarilini Alysa Kalee

Was a brave little girl

But when she was orphaned

Her life was in turmoil

And she wasn't sure were to go

Or what to say

She refused the orphanage and ran away.

Called Lini for short

She was a Khajiit

Covered in tanned spots

From her head to her feet.

Lini lived on the streets

But she din't know why

She didn't ask either

Refusing to cry.

Lini went to Ald-Ruhn

The Manor District to be precise

She "gathered" some things

Under her feeble disguise

And who would suspect?

Such a little one

Running around stealing

Instead of having some fun?

So she taught herself

Everything she thought she should know

Marksman skills were her best

And she let it show.

Because after one day

Scrounging around town

She'd obtained a longbow

Though it was simple and brown.

And she didn't like to kill

She didn't like to fight

But she felt it was needed

When the time was right.

If she was attacked,

Oh yes! would she fight!

Yet that'd never happened

So she hunted at night.

Lini lived out her life

Day by day

Soon she was to know

A Prophecy had come into play

And she was thrown right into the middle

They said she was Chosen

Along with this other Khajiit Ajira

So shocked she stood frozen.

There were angels here

In this strange other world

Yet nothing was to fear

Not yet, she hoped

It seemed that a dark one was coming around

Ajira and Lini

Were supposed to take him down.

It was a crazy task!

How could they,

Two young and lowly Khajiits

Possibly defeat the great Darkness

That was shrouding the land?

But they had to try

So they took Kark's hand

For he was the angel

Immortally young

Handsome as ever

Yet a little bit smug.

Ajira liked him, Lini did too

Who would Kark choose?

What would they do?

They should be concentrating

On the task at hand

Kill the great Darkness

Hopefully Kark had a plan...