Harry Potter and the Dawn of War

Author: James the Lesser/Bunny Man

This is Book #6

I do NOT own these characters, except for the ones I made up. This is the sequel to the Dark Messenger, Other World, and Bad Wish so read those before reading this, search under my Author name to find them.


Chapter 1: Memories

The first day back had been marred by Harry's news of Ron's death. Ginny, even though she had hated him for what he did, cried. Ron was her Brother even after he betrayed her friends and family. Dumbledore informed the other Weasly's, Molly and Arthur asked Dumbledore to ask Harry where the body was and Harry had no idea, he doubted Voldemort would keep it around. Hermione on the other hand wasn't so sure that Harry wasn't telling the truth. "I know you said Voldemort did it but now that I've had time to think about it why would he?"

"Because he thought he was getting me!" Harry and Hermione had been arguing about it for the past few minutes in her room.

"That doesn't make any sense; Voldemort doesn't kill a member just because he is getting another one."

"You weren't there! Ron said something about Voldemort not wanting me to kill him when Voldemort said that he didn't need Ron anymore since I was going to join him!"

"Stop yelling at me Harry, I am staying calm, I just want to know how it really happened."

"I told you how it happened!" Harry throws his hands up in surrender. "I guess I'm sleeping in my bed tonight if you're going to accuse me of murder!"

"No Harry I'm not accusing you of murder I'm saying you're lying. You have not told me everything, I know you are lying about something, and you know what I think about you hurting, killing, someone."

"I'm not lying about that!" Oops, Harry hadn't meant to say that.

"Then what are you lying about Harry?" Hermione wasn't telling Harry the truth either, Luna had told her he was lying about something, what, she wasn't sure.

"I, I'm going to my room." Harry walks out of Hermione's room, Hermione just sits on her bed and watches him walk away, she knew he was lying about something and now he admitted he was, about something. Hermione hoped Harry hadn't killed Ron but he was lying about something and Harry had said he wanted to kill Ron. Hermione after hearing Harry go down the stairs gets up to go after him.

Harry, lying on his bed, pounds on a pillow. "Damn it I didn't kill Ron, why can't she believe me!" Harry punches the pillow again. "Damn it! Ron why did you let Voldemort kill you!" Harry still remembered the good times with Ron, playing Wizard chess, or the time Ron helped him get to the Stone went with him to the Forbidden Forest to see Aragog, he had been a good friend. After Ron had exposed himself as a Death Eater, killed people, Harry wanted to get revenge on Ron and now he couldn't. "He stole that from me!" Harry punches the pillow not hearing the door open. "I was supposed to kill him, Voldemort stole that from me! He stole my revenge, for my parents, for me, Mione…" Harry pounds on the pillow in anger, in rage at Voldemort taking what Harry saw as his right.

"Harry I'm sorry." Harry turns around, throws the pillow at the wall behind Hermione. "Harry I don't think you killed Ron," Not anymore now that she saw what Harry was doing, what he had said, "But you are lying about something."

"I was going to join him ok?" Harry kicks the headboard now that the pillow he had been abusing was on the floor.

"You said that was to trick him, right?"

"I lied ok! I was going to join Voldemort, anything for a family." Harry kicks it again causing it to crack.

"Calm down Harry I didn't mean to make you mad." Hermione stays away; Harry had been hiding something and was letting it out now.

"Damn him!" Harry kicks the headboard again breaking it off the frame and into the wall. "I was so close, my parents were right there but they didn't want to be saved!" Harry kicks the broken headboard again and again wishing it was Voldemort. "I wanted to join him Hermione! But they didn't want to be saved!" Giving the headboard one final kick his foot smashes through it and puts a hole into the wall.

"Harry they weren't supposed to be here and now they are back where they should be."

"They're my parents; I'm supposed to be in their house, not mine. They should be here to protect me, love me, and take care of me." Harry kicks the wall putting another hole in it.

"But they aren't Harry and they won't be will they?" Hermione walks towards Harry but doesn't get to close. "Why didn't you?"

"Why didn't I what?" Harry pulls his foot out of the wall and turns around to look at Hermione.

"Join him." Hermione reaches out towards Harry cautiously as she wasn't sure if his temper had cooled yet.

"My sister stopped me." This confused Hermione, she hadn't seen anyone else there, and Harry didn't have a sister. "She told me they wanted to go back to heaven, why Voldemort kept them in different cages so they wouldn't kill each other." Harry ignores Hermione and kicks the nightstand next to his bed knocking it over.

"Harry you should stop doing that." Hermione picks the pieces of the glass cup off the floor.

"It's my stuff I can do what I want to it." Harry lies down on his bed as he had broken and hit everything in his reach.

"Harry how did your sister stop you? We were the only ones there, no other girls, are you sure you weren't seeing things?"

"I know what I heard, it was her, and she stopped me from joining Voldemort." Harry wanted to, for his parents, but his parents didn't want to live, how could they not want to be with him?

"Doesn't mean she is your sister Harry, Voldemort knows you want a family and could be tricking you." It didn't make sense to Hermione that Voldemort would do that when Harry was going to join him. "He may be trying to hurt you, again, you don't know."

"Every time I get close to having a family I lose it. My parents, my son, maybe my sister, I can get close but never get it." Harry sits up putting his head in his hands running a hand through his hair trying to compose himself.

"Your son?" Hermione puts a hand on her stomach, it wasn't possible, she had taken the potion, the only time without it was when she and Harry were drugged by Ron, was Harry hoping she'd get pregnant? "Harry if you want a family we can have one, after we graduate, and get married, but right now we're too young."

"Not that Mione." Harry didn't go any farther; he looked at the broken head board, the holes in the wall behind it, the nightstand broken on the floor. "Dobby?" Crack

"Yes Mister Harry Potter Sir?" Dobby looks around at the mess. "I is to clean this Mister Harry Potter Sir?" Harry nods. Dobby snaps his fingers, casts a few spells, and the damage is repaired. "Is that all Mister Harry Potter Sir?" Harry nods again and Dobby Apparates away.

"Harry if you want to do something, go somewhere, I'm sure…"

"No, there is nothing to do, they are gone." Harry stands up and hugs Hermione. "Sorry I yelled at you."

"Harry you should have told me the truth to begin with." Hermione hugs him back.

"I didn't want you to think I was weak, I'm supposed to be strong, protect you."

"You need protecting to Harry and I don't think you're weak, you loved your parents and would do anything for them, you would do anything for me, that is a strength not a weakness." Hermione kisses Harry, sitting down on the bed. "Harry are you ok? You kicked the wall pretty hard."

"I'm fine Mione; I shouldn't have yelled at you, I shouldn't act like that I'm almost seventeen." Throwing a fit was not acting like a man something Harry would soon become.

"You had to let it out and you did." Hermione was glad Harry took it out on his bed, and wall, and nightstand, instead of on himself. He told her about trying to drink so much he wouldn't remember anything last year, after he ran away, met Amelia. "Wait, your son, Harry you and Amelia don't have a kid, do you?" Hermione bites her bottom lip worried about the answer.

"No, for a second I thought I did but I don't." Jim thought Harry was his Father but according to Dumbledore he was nothing but a bad memory for Amelia.

"Oh." Hermione lets out a sigh of relief. "Like I said Harry if you want a family we can have one, later."

"Not until Voldemort falls." Harry had already decided that, until Voldemort fell he wouldn't bring anyone else into this world while Voldemort walked on it.

"Harry come back to bed with me ok? I wasn't accusing you of murder but I knew you were lying and you said before you wanted to kill him." Hermione stands up holding a hand out wanting to lead Harry to her room.

"If I had I would have told you Mione. If I had I wouldn't be so mad, but Voldemort stole that from me, and I couldn't kill Wormtail." Harry stands up not taking Hermione's hand. "Mione can I stay here tonight?" Hermione is disappointed, even if they just held each other at night she wanted to be with him.

"If you want to Harry." Harry sees the look on Hermione's face and kicks himself.

"It has nothing to do with you Mione I just want to be alone."

"If you say so Harry." Hermione walks out of the room not saying anything else.

"Good job Harry, push her away, what's next kicking little old ladies in front of cars, drowning puppies?" "Shut up voice!" Harry lies on his bed staring at the ceiling trying to think through all the things in his head failing miserably.

The next morning after a shower Harry shows up at the dining table. "So Harry I saw you were sleeping in your room for a change." Devin is already there, he got up early for a run.

"Be quiet about that Devin they don't know." Harry looks over his shoulder to make sure the Granger's weren't there.

"They're asleep Harry, as are Ginny and Monica."

"What about Hermione?"

"She's in the shower." Devin takes a bite out of his eggs.

"And how do you know this?" As far as Harry knew Devin wasn't psychic, an empath yes, but not psychic.

"She's mad at you and when she gets mad she lets the water beat it out of her." Devin could feel the other's feelings, like Luna could. Now that he was able to show his emotions he was able to use his powers like he use to. "Why I am staying single I don't have to deal with fights."

"What about Luna?" As Harry sits down a plate appears with eggs, bacon, and toast.

"She is a friend, someone who knows what it's like to deal with the same shit."

"She wants to be more Devin, you should let her, when me and Mione aren't fighting it's great to have someone there." Although Harry wasn't sure if they were fighting, he had just said the wrong things at the wrong time.

"I doubt it Harry she is to good for me." Devin may be able to show his feelings again but it didn't mean he would feel better about himself.

"Don't say that Devin, why do you think she helped you last year? Or this year was trying to get close to you all the time?"

"Because Harry." It was the best Devin could come up with. "I'm done; I'm going back to my room."

"Is Mione still in the shower?" Harry had made Devin feel uncomfortable and figured he would go see Hermione, if she wasn't busy.

"Yeah, give her a few minutes she's still mad at you and walking in on her changing probably won't help you." Devin gets up and walks away while Harry eats his breakfast and gets a plate for Hermione.

"Mione?" Harry knocks on the door. "I'm coming in." Harry walks in and sees Hermione on her bed reading a book. "I brought you breakfast."

"Ok Harry, glad you're willing to see me again." Hermione says it in a monotone voice.

"I know you're mad at me…"

"Damn right Harry you lie to me, ignore me, of course I'm mad." Hermione crosses her arms and stares at Harry as he sets the plate of food on the bed. "You wouldn't even stay with me last night."

"I'm sorry; I don't know what else to say with out making this worse." Harry walks over to the door. "I'll leave you alone if you want me to, I don't want to but if you are still mad at me I'll leave you alone."

"I'm still mad at you Harry but it doesn't mean I want to be alone." Hermione grabs the plate and starts to eat. "Thanks Harry, breakfast in bed is always a good way to make a girl feel better."

"So you like to take a hot shower when you're mad huh?"

"How did you know that?" Hermione sets her fork down.

"Devin told me." Harry smiles at the look on Hermione's face. "He picked up on your emotions, how I knew you were awake."

"How does that explain him knowing I was taking a shower?"

"Not sure, must be something to do with his powers."

"He's been using them? You weren't hurt were you Harry?" Hermione starts to get up knocking her plate off her lap. "Oh crap I didn't think…" In her hurry to make sure Harry was alright she hadn't thought of the plate.

"I don't mean like that, he is an empath, able to sense other people's emotions."

"I know what an empath is Harry." Crack

"Miss Hermione Granger Ma'am must be more careful." Dobby cleans the mess up instantly. Crack

"Dobby's right you should be more careful Miss Hermione Granger Ma'am." Harry sticks his tongue out at Hermione.

"Why does he call me that? He doesn't call Ginny 'Miss Ginny Weasly Ma'am', or Devin 'Mister Devin Stark Sir', he only does the long names with you and me." Hermione sits back on her bed wishing she had finished the eggs, they were really good.

"Well I am the owner of the house and you are my girlfriend so I guess he sees you as the Mistress of the house or something." Harry walks over and sits on the bed next to Hermione. "Maybe later we could make that official." Harry grabs Hermione's hand.

"Of course Harry, later." Hermione leans over and kisses Harry. "I'm not mad at you anymore." Hermione smiles at Harry. "I still want to know how Devin knew I was in the shower."

"If he starts to hit on you I'll kick him out of here."

"Harry don't I think it's good for him to start feeling like that…" Harry interrupts Hermione with a laugh. "Prat."

"I told him to go for Luna but he says he wants to stay single so he doesn't fight like we do."

"Maybe he needs to see the good side of a relationship."

"I don't think I'd feel comfortable with letting him watch us, unless he uses his powers to do that already."

"I didn't mean that, stop acting like such a prat, and I hope he doesn't, or can't." Although some people couldn't control their powers, there was a Wizard who made himself blind after he gained new powers and one of them was seeing through objects, including skin and he couldn't stand seeing the organs of people working all the time. "Maybe I should ask him and talk to him about Luna, she likes him a lot."

"I don't know Mione he pretty much ran out of the kitchen when I started talking about Luna."

"Cause he likes her so much and doesn't want to admit it," Hermione adds quickly, "It's a woman's thing." Harry shrugs his shoulders he didn't get it.

"Well maybe you can, later, right now I want to make up for being such a 'prat' as you put it." Harry goes and kisses Hermione, rubbing her thing when there is a knock on the door.

"Hermione, you got a letter." It was her Mother.

"Come in Mom." Harry runs to a chair and sits in it as far away from Hermione as possible trying to act innocent.

"Oh you two, I just thought, well Harry you got a letter to but I left it on the table." Penelope looks at her daughter, then at Harry, hoping they hadn't been together last night.

"Thanks Mrs. Granger, I brought Hermione breakfast since she hadn't come down for breakfast, although, you or Mr. Granger hadn't either." It was the truth, one of the few times, if Harry and Hermione could help it, that it would be.

"We were up late last night working on something, how nice of you though Harry." Penelope walks out of the room leaving the door open hoping it would keep the two teens decent.

"What does it say?" Harry gets up and goes over to the bed sitting on it.

"It's from Dumbledore, he wants me to make sure I keep up my training, and keep an eye on you." She hands the letter to Harry. "No secrets Harry." Dumbledore had said in the letter not to let Harry see it but after the year of fighting she had with Harry because she had to keep secrets from Harry she wasn't going to keep any from him again.

"Wow, wonder what he sent me." Harry gets off the bed after finishing the letter. "I'll be right back." Harry leaves Hermione in her bedroom and comes back a minute later with another letter.

"What did he want?"

"He says the Order has a spy in it so he wants you and me to escort Ginny to her house." Hermione takes the letter from Harry.

"Is he serious? You can't be walking around in the day like that, especially at the Weasly's, he's begging for an attack."

"No he isn't Mione, if I make a Portkey to her house she can get the things she left there like Dumbledore wants us to and I can go and get some of the things the Weasly's want, like pictures and things." Harry hadn't been back there since his 4th year, it would be strange knowing that Ron wouldn't be there anymore, that this could be the last time going to the Burrow.

"How does he know you can make a Portkey?" Hermione doesn't remember Harry telling him and after they got back from Voldemort they had spent nearly every moment together.

"He knows Mione, probably how he knows about everything else that goes on." Harry takes the letter back from Hermione. "I'll go get Ginny and ask her if she wants to leave today." Before Harry gets up Hermione grabs his arm.

"If she's still in her room I should be the one to get her, incase, you know." Hermione wasn't as uncomfortable about it as Harry was but she had walked in on them before and didn't want to do it again.

"Good thinking, I'll go downstairs and find Devin, the more with us the better." Harry and Hermione leave her room going in opposite directions.

"Devin?" Harry knocks on his door. "You in there?"

"Yes, what do you want Harry?" Harry walks in and finds Devin in the Lotus position meditating.

"Me and the others are going to Ginny's house to get some things and I thought the more of us that went the better incase we're attacked." Devin breaks the Lotus position and gets off the floor. "If you wanted to that is, you don't have to come if you don't want to."

"I will, probably the last chance to get out of here until we go back to school." Devin looks at Harry. "Glad you made up." Devin and Harry walk to the foyer of the house and see Hermione with Ginny and Monica.

"She said she wanted to go as soon as possible." Hermione walks over to Harry. "Are you sure you can do this?" She whispers this in Harry's ear so no one else hears it. "Before you were there when you had to visualize the area the Portkey was going to both ways, yourself and then the Common Room, what about this?"

"I remember enough about the house to make it their Mione, remember Gnoming the garden and the kitchen were Mrs. Weasly would…" Harry stops as he starts to remember the good times with Ron, when he was still new to magic, how fascinated he was with all the things the Weasly's did with magic. "Well are we all ready?"

"How are we getting there? Is the Order taking us?" Ginny was nervous about going back home and worried that she would forget something because she was so nervous making her worry more.

"I am, watch." Harry pulls a book out and makes it into a Portkey. "Everyone put a hand on it and wait." It would activate the second the last person Harry had made the Portkey for touched it and it did when Devin was the last one to touch it.

Landing in the garden of the Weasly home several Gnomes run away from the group of teens. "They sure seem to have taken over, Mom would have hated that." Ginny sees the Gnomes scurry into holes all around the garden. "Did Dumbledore send you the Portkey?"

"No, I made it." And it cost Harry some of his energy, he, unlike Dumbledore, was tired after making one advanced Portkey. "Well we are supposed to get your things, the Twins things, and your parent's things, lets get going I don't want to be here to long." The longer they were there the higher the chance of an attack.

"This way Monica." Ginny takes Monica to her old room to help get her clothes and pictures.

"I guess I'll start here." Harry had never seen Mister and Misses Weasly's room before and isn't surprised to find what was in it. Dozens of pictures of the other Weasly's, young ones, old ones, dozens of them. Harry and Hermione start to collect the pictures and put them on the bed when Devin brings up a good point.

"How are we going to get all these back to your house?" They hadn't brought any boxes or anything to carry them in.

"Well, uh, Mione can make something, right?" Harry looks at her hoping she had an idea.

"Harry didn't you bring your bottomless pouch?" Hermione had hers and had made one for Ginny and Monica.

"Oh yeah." Harry reaches to his side, he almost never went anywhere without it.

"Do you have one Devin?" Devin shakes his head. "Well I can make one for you if you want one, they really are handy, all the things you can carry at once is amazing."

"Uh, sure Hermione, but I don't have any bags or anything on me to make into one." Harry wasn't sure but he thought Devin was blushing.

"No problem Devin I'm a witch." Hermione smiles at him and makes a pouch using magic then uses the spell to make it bottomless. "Here you Devin, start in the first room upstairs on the right, but be careful the Twins had a lot of tricks that might hurt."

"Ok, thank you Hermione." Devin leaves Harry and Hermione in the older Weasly's room.

"If I didn't know better I'd say he has a crush on you Mione." Hermione stares at him like Harry had lost it. "Hey I know what it's like to have feelings for you that involve more then being friends."

"You're seeing more then is there Harry." Hermione goes over to a drawer and pulls it open. "This must be Mrs. Weasly's things, Harry you go through Mr. Weasly's things, I don't think you'd want to go through Molly's bloomers."

"Don't you think we are old enough to call them Molly and Arthur?"

"I guess, I am an adult now and you will be soon." Hermione starts putting things away as Harry goes through Mr. Weasly's things finding his goody drawer.

"Wow, that's an old phone." Harry reaches in and finds the drawer was magical and seemed to be bottomless. "This is a, hmm, not sure what that is." Harry starts to put more things away when he finds a grey box with a lock on it. "What could he have that he needs locked?" Harry looks over his shoulder at Hermione who was busy grabbing Molly's things and putting them in her pouch. "Reducto." Harry blasts the locks off and uses his Seeker skills to catch the lock before it falls in the floor. Opening the grey box Harry finds something that he agreed should be locked up, a gun. "What is Arthur doing with one of these?" Harry knew Arthur had a thing for Muggle items, but they were mostly batteries and light bulbs not something like this.

"What's wrong Harry?" Hermione looks over and sees Harry had stopped.

"Nothing, just found something that would get Arthur in trouble with Molly." Hermione laughs thinking it is a porn magazine or some other Muggle Porn. Harry puts the gun in his pouch trying not to think about it.

"I think I got everything." Hermione closes the drawer on the cabinet. "Now for the pictures." She starts grabbing them and looks at all the different moments in Weasly history; even the old ones that were black and white you could see the red in their hair. "I think this is Ron." Hermione shows the picture to Harry. It is off a young kid being picked on by two look alike boys, it was a Wizard picture so the pictures moved.

"Probably, sure they would want it?" Harry was friends with Ron but now, after all that Ron had done, Harry wouldn't want the picture.

"Probably, he is, was, their son." Hermione puts it in her pouch and gets a few more while Harry finishes Arthur's cabinet of clothes and Muggle items. "Lets go see if Devin needs help." Hermione closes her pouch and waits for Harry to put a couple more pictures in his pouch.

"Ok, I guess." Harry had made a decision about something while picking up Arthur's things, he wouldn't tell, couldn't tell, Hermione about it but he had to do it. "Devin you done?"

"What does it look like!" Devin was fighting a pair of pillows that were attacking him. "I can't get my wand, help!"

"Reducto!" Harry blasts one pillow making the second one go after him. "Mione!" Harry puts his arms up as the pillow attacks him.

"Reducio." Mione shrinks the pillow to the size of a tea bag. "Told you to be careful Devin, the Twins were known for their tricks."

"Yeah well how was I supposed to know that included attacking pillows?" Devin checks himself for any injuries, finding none he goes back to the drawer that the attacking pillows came out of. Taking his wand out he uses magic to open the drawer, nothing comes out. "I should be able to take it from here."

"We'll help Devin; we got done with the other room." Hermione and Harry help clean the Twin's room and with three people doing it the room is empty quickly. "Hmm, we were able to clean two rooms before Monica and Ginny cleaned Ginny's, what could she have?" Hermione had been in the room before and Ginny didn't have a lot.

"They took a break, Ginny was sad because this will probably be her last time in her home, Monica cheered her up." Devin had felt it earlier but was distracted by attacking pillows.

"Well we can help her." Hermione leaves the Twin's room and goes to Ginny's room. "You need any help?" Hermione opens the door and finds Ginny on her bed.

"She needs time, she missed her room." Monica was sitting on the floor watching Ginny.

"I'm sorry I'm holding everyone up." Ginny sits up on her bed. "Harry, thank you for helping me get my things, get my family's things, we can go when you're ready." Ginny turns to Monica. "Could you go up to the attic? We have a poltergeist up there, probably wondering where we've been, maybe you could tell him to find another place to haunt."

"Ok Ginny." Monica leaves the room and goes up to the attic.

"Really going to miss this place." Harry said it to himself but Ginny thought he was asking a question.

"Of course, it's my childhood home; I hope I can move back when the War's over." Ginny gets off her bed and grabs the bottomless pouch Hermione had made her.

"There isn't a war going on Ginny it's just, I don't know, something." Harry didn't want to think of it as a war, wars were bloody, people died by the thousands in wars; Harry didn't want that to happen, especially since he blamed himself for Voldemort coming back.

"Ready?" Monica had come back down from talking to the poltergeist who decided to stay in the Weasly home.

"I am, you?" Harry looks at Ginny who nods. "Ok, the Portkey is in the kitchen." The group goes down to the kitchen and find the book missing. "Oh crap, get your wands out." Everyone does looking around waiting for the attack.

"Harry make another one quick!" Hermione was starting to panic which meant she was starting to forget spells, hexes, curses, like every other time she was in a panic. "Whoever is there come out!" Hermione fires a spell towards the door blasting it open scaring a Gnome.

"Calm down Hermione." Harry was in leader mode and was ready for a fight. "Devin take the door with Monica, Ginny and Hermione take the stairs, I'm going to the living room."

"Harry don't do anything dangerous." Hermione bites her bottom lip in worry.

"I won't." "Its not there." The voice had come back. "Where is it, and who took it?" Harry whispers it so his friends don't hear. "Those Gnomes sure are trouble makers aren't they?" "Thanks." Harry turns around from the living room and gets to the door Hermione had hit with a spell. "Everyone follow me." The group walk out of the Burrow slowly and find several Gnomes running around.

"What are you doing Harry? We shouldn't be out in the open like this." Hermione's hand was shaking with nerves; she wouldn't be able to hit the broadside of a Hippogriff let alone a Death Eater.

"Whichever one of you too the book please give it back or I'll burn the whole garden." Three Gnomes come out dragging the book. "Thank you, why did you do that?"

"Harry they're Gnomes they can't talk." Ginny had dealt with them for years. "But they do look rather skinny."

"They were probably starving; you haven't worked on the garden for how long now?" Harry looks at the Gnomes. "I'm sorry we aren't staying, you should find another garden or something, and we have to go." Harry takes the book and holds it out for the others. "Come on before we're seen." The group touches the book and goes back to Harry's house.

Less then a minute later four Death Eaters appear. "Ok the alarms were triggered they should be in the house." The leader looks at the door seeing it had been blasted with a spell. "Probably had to break in."

"But the doors are out here so it was hit from inside." He may not have been the leader but he was the smartest of the group.

"Good point, ok, well, if they are in there burn the place down, if anyone comes out kill them." The four Death Eaters get their wands out and set fire to the Burrow. "Nothing, I was hoping for some screaming, maybe someone to come out and beg for help, oh well." The four apparate away leaving a pile of ash, the magical fires had burned hotter then any normal Muggle fire.

Back at Harry's house they went into the Library to sort things out. "Well Ginny what do you want to keep here?" Monica holds her hand; Ginny had missed her home and was emotional with all the things from it in front of her.

"Some of the pictures, and my clothes, and, I', sorry." Ginny wipes a tear from her eye.

"It's ok Ginny; I need to check on something, I'll be right back." Harry leaves the Library and goes to his room. Opening his pouch he goes through until he finds what he is looking for and hides it under his bed. Going back Harry hears something smash against the wall.

"I hate him!" Ginny had thrown a picture of Ron. "Sorry Harry, I'll clean it up, I didn't mean to…"

"It's ok Ginny, Dobby," Crack, "Could you clean this up?"

"Yes Mister Harry Potter Sir." Dobby snaps his fingers and the picture, frame, and glass is back to normal. Crack, Dobby goes back to whatever it was he was doing.

"I could have done that." Harry picks the picture up, it looks fairly new, had to be from the summer before their 5th year, Harry puts the picture down feeling anger rise inside of him.

"Ginny what do you want us to do with your parent's things?" Hermione opens her pouch and pulls some things out.

"I don't know, I guess, I would put them in one bag, think Dumbledore will take the stuff to them?" Ginny picks the sweater Hermione had pulled out. "My Mom, she made this for Percy when he was younger, he never would wear it though." Ginny puts the sweater on top of the other things Hermione had pulled out.

"I don't know Ginny; I could ask him, write him anyways."

"No Harry, no Owls, why do you think Dumbledore sent the letters directly to us instead of sending Owls?" Hermione knew security had been tight before but now with a traitor in the Order it was air tight.

"Well how am I supposed to talk to Dumbledore?" Harry didn't like this, being cut off from Dumbledore; it wasn't good for him and his friends if someone ever attacked his house.

"I could send him a letter, I think, let me see something, I'll be right back." Hermione goes up to her room and comes back with a book. "I think I know how to send a letter directly to Dumbledore but it is tricky."

"Mione where did you get that?" Harry had never seen the book Hermione had, not in the Library at school or at any book store.

"Dumbledore gave it to me, from his private collection, you can read it if you want." Hermione flips through the pages until she finds the right spell. "I don't know if I can do this spell, it is, well Harry look." Hermione shows him the page and he tries to read it but can't, it isn't in any language he knew of.

"Do you know what language this is?" Harry turns the page and finds the next spell is in English.

"It is protected Harry, Dumbledore didn't want me attempting the spell, must be dangerous." Extremely if Dumbledore put a confusing charm on it.

"Well take the spell off." Harry hands the book back to Hermione.

"I don't know how Harry, if it is a Confundus Spell anyone would be able to take it off so it must be something different, more powerful." Hermione gets her wand out and taps the page, nothing.

"Let me try something Mione." Harry gets the book back and takes his wand out. "Difido." The words swirl on the page and get in line showing the spell in English. "Dumbledore knew you would think like that Mione but sometimes the easiest defense is one that people won't consider. You didn't think he would use something as simple as a Confundus Spell so you didn't even try to take it off."

"Give it back then." Hermione a little miffed that Harry had figured it out reads the spell. "It's still tricky, and if you do it wrong the letter could go to the wrong person." Hermione bites her lower lip in worry; if a letter went to someone like a Death Eater it could spell trouble for them.

"Then do it right, what do we ask, just 'What do we do with the Weasly's things'?"

"I guess, let me get something to write on." Hermione goes and gets a piece of parchment and a quill. "That should do it, Harry do you want to send the letter?" Hermione did not want to mess this up; even if it was a simple letter anything coming from the house might be able to be tracked to it.

"You were always the best in our class." Harry had been doing better but that was with a large boost of power coming from the newly returned Voldemort and reading a lot when he was bored since he couldn't do his normal things, practice for Quidditch, and playing chess with Ron.

"Ok, Pastol Libre." The letter disappears. "Now we wait and see if Dumbledore got it." A minute later a letter appears in Hermione's lap.

Put everything Ginny does not want to keep in one bag and send it to me, I will make sure her parents and siblings get their items.

"It worked! Ok Ginny, we'll let you sort through and get what you want then help send the rest to Dumbledore." Ginny seemed to smile as she started going through the pictures telling Monica about each one.

"What's going on in here?" Penelope had heard something in the Library and finds all the teens in it.

"Oh we just helped Ginny get her things from home."

"And how did you get to her home?" Penelope crosses her arms staring at Hermione.

"Uh, Portkey." Hermione lowers her head, she hadn't told her parents, she didn't think to, they weren't gone long and it wasn't like they were going to a Death Eater's meeting.

"And when were you planning on telling me or your Father?"

"She's an adult she can go where she wants to." Devin of all people had stood up for Hermione. "So put that concern somewhere else, nothing happened, we're fine."

"You listen here mister…" Devin stood up and got in Penelope's face.

"You listen, I am an adult, Monica is an adult, Hermione is an adult, the only ones here who aren't over seventeen are Harry and Ginny and you aren't they're parents! You are living in Harry's house and he will be an adult soon so don't think you can tell us what to do!"

"Devin stop that!" Hermione gets between Devin and Penelope. "She's my Mother she's supposed to worry about me no matter how old I get, right Mom?" Hermione turns towards Penelope. "I didn't tell you because there wasn't any reason to, we went to Ginny's house and got her things, that's all." Hermione turns back to Devin. "You," She jabs a finger in his chest, "Don't yell at my Mother especially when she is right, I should have told her even if I am an adult." Devin goes around Hermione and Penelope and goes to his room.

"Wow, what was that about?" Monica couldn't remember a time that Devin had yelled at anyone, after the attack back at home he had always been careful to control his emotions.

"I don't know, maybe you should talk to him later, after all you are his sister." Ginny and the others, except for Penelope and Tom, knew that wasn't true but Monica treated Devin like her Brother.

"Later, I need to help you, when was this one taken?" Monica picks a picture up getting the story from Ginny.

After an hour of going through and picking what she wanted to keep Ginny had put everything else in a bottomless pouch. "Hermione if you could send it to Dumbledore, I don't want to risk doing the spell and messing it up." More then half her family's things were in that pouch, the Twin's unfinished tricks and treats, her Mother's sowing and knitting materials, her Father's many Muggle items, she didn't want them to be lost.

"Pastol Libre." Hermione had crossed her fingers hoping she wouldn't mess the spell up either. "I hope that worked because I'm too tired to do it again." The spell took almost as much energy as making a Portkey and doing it twice in an hour had drained Hermione. They teens wait until a letter appears in Hermione's lap.

Thank you, I am glad you got around the spell to learn this one Hermione, your training has worked.

"No need to tell him I figured it out Mione." Harry takes the letter and puts it in his pocket. "I'm still a little tired from making that Portkey, I knew making complex Portkeys took more energy then regular Portkeys but I am really feeling out of it."

"I'll go with you Harry, we can take a nap." Monica and Ginny start to laugh getting stares from Hermione and Ginny.

"Oh so you two are really going to be alone in a bed and sleep? You might sleep after making yourselves even more tired." Monica sticks her tongue out at Hermione and Harry.

"Sure, that's always fun, right Harry?" Harry nods but really was tired. Hermione and Harry go to Harry's room since it was the closest and take a nap, holding on to each other.