"Legendary guardian, humph.

I was just a boy, a boy about your age actually.

I wanted to change the world,

But I changed nothing.

That is my story."


There is a story passed down from generation to generation of the Ronso tribe. It is told before blazing campfires on wintry Gagazet nights, or in the midst of the feverish Lucan stadium at the beginning of blitzball tournaments.

It involves a young Ronso, who was exiled into the caves of Gagazet and eventually returned to the tribe in a time of great need, a legendary warrior and champion. Since the origin of this story, the Ronso have sent their sons and daughters into the caves as a coming of age rite. If they do not pass this trial, they are forced to leave the sacred mountain of Yevon and venture out into the world alone.

Kimahri Ronso had yet to face these trials before he decided to pick a fight with Biran, the rising Ronso warrior, devout follower of Yevon, and Kimahri's personal role model. Weak, Kimahri fell to the overwhelming physical strength of his Ronso brother. After the violent sparring match had ended, Kimahri never conceded the fight to Biran, too proud to admit defeat. In anger, and to teach the small upstart a lesson, Biran grasped Kimahri's horn and broke it off. Kimahri was forced into exile by the elder, and maester, Kelk for his arrogance.

As he turned to leave Gagazet forever, Kimahri noticed a dark red spot weaving its way down the sacred mountain.

Auron knew that he had little time left. The adrenaline that had filled his body after his grave injury was now slowly seeping from him into the whirling snowflakes that danced mockingly around his stooped figure. His right eye was blinded from the bloody cleft that ran all the way from his forehead to his upper thigh, and he held his hand to his waist, as if it would somehow stop the blood flow.

Red spots dripped onto the pure, white background of the snow, and swam before his vision. He stumbled, then fell into the icy carpet.

Auron felt a pair of strong arms lift him from the snow and support him. He stood, leaning against his rescuer and coughing blood into the snow. Looking up, he saw the stern face of a dark-furred Ronso.

"Braska…" he managed to choke out. "Braska…has defeated…Sin. The Calm…" Auron nearly crumpled to the ground. The Ronso's mouth curved up, as if it was trying to smile.

"Praise be to Yevon," the Ronso said. Auron smirked and laughed bitterly before collapsing into a coughing fit. Through the red haze of Auron's vision, the Ronso looked concerned, but continued to support him.

"Yevon…hmmphh," Auron said, his voice becoming a bit stronger. He drew himself up to his full height and turned to face the Ronso. "Lord Braska's daughter…Yuna," he said. "It was his last wish that I…but…" Auron looked down at his wounds and laughed bitterly once more.

The Ronso nodded. "Kimahri will go," he said simply.

Auron gave the Ronso a weak smile and nodded in return. "She's in Bevelle," he told Kimahri.

Kimahri nodded again and began to walk down Gagazet, supporting Auron's injured body with his arm. Auron shook his head and shrugged so Kimahri's arm slid from his shoulders. Without the support, Auron collapsed to his knees.

"Go!" Auron ordered in a commanding tone. Kimahri looked slightly distressed, but nodded and followed Auron's orders. He quickly ran down the slopes of Gagazet towards the Calm Lands.

With Braska's final wish accomplished, Auron smiled and shakily drew himself up from the snow. There was one more dying wish he needed to fulfill.