You Killed Him!


Sequel to 'Hidden Pain'. Eiri and Shuichi have been married for one year. They're on their way to their anniversary get away but what happens when they get seperated at the airport and Eiri gets a mysterious phone call?

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Just to let anyone who would actually think otherwise know, I do NOT own any of the Gravitation characters. They all belong to the creator of the wonderful manga/anime series...not me...I'm not that

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"blah" talking

'blah' thinking

blah emphasize that word

blah flashbacks, dreams, or writing

-blah- Someone doing something (example: -gasp!-)

--blah-- something happening (such as the ringing of a phone)

---------blah----------- scene change

Ok well hello again to everyone who read 'Hidden Pain' and hello to those of you who haven't. I haven't finished the entired story yet so updates will not be once every two or three days with this one. I'll try to get up a chapter a week but I dont' know how well that will work. But yeah I'm sure you don't want to read a long boring author's note so I'll get on to the first chapter. Ejoy! (ps- Sorry if I don't spell their names right.)

Chapter 1: Disappearance

"Yukiiii! Are you ready?" Shuichi asked excitedly.

"yeah yeah I'm comin." the novelist mumbled, picking up their suitcases. It was their anniversary weekend and they were starting out on their surprise destination that Ryuichi and Tatshya had planned for them. (scary thought, I know. lol)

"C'mon Yuki! We're gonna miss our flight! Hurry up!" the singer yelled as he jumped up and down, too hyper to stay still.

-sigh- "If you'd shut up and get in the car we'd get there sooner." Eiri said, instantly causing the hyper singer to stop jumping and get in the car.

They arrived at the airport three hours before their flight thanks to Shuichi's urging and impatience and thanks to Eiri's illegally fast driving. (-cough-)

Once they got through all of the baggage check and security, they had about another two hours wait. So they sat and waited...and waited some more...then waited some more. After about half an hour of just waiting with Shuichi sleeping on his shoulder, Eiri remembered a letter that his younger brother had given to him but told him not to read until the plane ride. Thinking it was close enough to the plane ride, he pulled it out of his pocket, trying not to disturb his sleeping husband. (After all how often are they together and Shuichi is actually quiet, eh? lol) Unfortunately for him, his efforts were wasted once opened the letter because the first sentence was instructing them both to read it.

-sigh- "Shu...wake up." he said, gently shaking the pop star.

"Unn...five more minutes Yuki..." Shuichi mumbled sleepily.

"Get up or I'm going back home."

"I'm up! I'm up!"


"Is it our flight time yet?"

"Not yet. We've got about another hour and a half."

"Then why'd you wake me up?"

"Tatshuya wanted us both to read this and I dont' want to have to read it twice." Eiri said showing the letter to Shu.


And so began the out-loud reading of the three page letter that explained just what his brother and Ryuichi had planned for them.

About half way through the letter, Shuichi noticed a big bright sign in the gift shop, advertising a one day sale on any Nittle Grasper merchandise. 'That wasn't there before was it?...O well! It's my lucky day!' he thought as he crept away towards the shop.

"...Hope you guys enjoy this and we'll see you in a week." Eiri finished reading. "Oh joyous. So there's our whole week planned for u-..Shu?" He asked lookin up from the letter only to realize he'd been reading out loud to...the air...(that's gotta be embarrassing haha)


As Shuichi entered the shop, he noticed the sign pointed to the back of the store. Once he got to the back he came to a door that normally would've most likely let to storage. 'This sale must be an exception.' He htought, for on the door was a sign that read Nittle Grasper sale in here!" So, Shuichi walked in,but as soon as he stepped inside, the door closed and someone grabbed him from behind, putting an odd smelling cloth to his face. This was all he kenw before the darkness of unconciousness overtook him.

--------------Back With Eiri----------------

'Damn where'd he run off to?' Eiri thought as he exited the nearest gift shop where he thought Shuichi might have gone.

--riiiing!-- --riiiing!--

"Where the hell are you?" Eiri answered his cellphone thinking it was his husband calling.

"...Eiri Uesegi I presume?"

"Who's this?"

A small laugh was heard on the other end before, "This is...O I guess you can just say I'm the one who has your precious Shu-chan."


End Chapter One

There ya go Gosen the Saiya-Jin! I posted the first chapter. XD lol. Anyone who was waiting for me to start post the sequel can thank her for persuading me to go ahead and put up the first chapter. Once again I apologize to everyone for any mispelling of their names. Um...yeah...ok..I'll try to type up the second chapter next week and get it up here. Ok..I guess that's all I gotta say soo...Please Review! O, I'd really prefer not to get flames, but constructive criticism is accepted. And of course Nice reviews are great! XD Well! till my next chapter! See ya!