A/N: Okay, so this is my idea of a REALLY erotic lemon that popped in my mind when I was about to go to sleep one night.
I borrowed the idea from another lemon I read when I was about ten, when I first got into fanfiction.
Except that one was a TidusLulu one, and that coupling seriously frightens me.

Wow, this is my first rated M fanfic, too. God, I hope this isn't crappy...

Summary: The scene in Macalania after you fightBrother'smachina cannonwhere you go with either Rikku, Lulu, Auron or Kimahri on the jet bike. What if Yuna stood behind and rode with Tidus?

This is going to be a series of lemons BTW. One in every chapter.
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Chapter 1: Touches


I didn't understand why Wakka had to be such a bitch about Rikku's heritage.
Yuna was half Al Bhed, she was wonderful. Rikku was an Al Bhed and she was fun to be around.
Nothing wrong with either of them. So why did Wakka have to storm off like that, when all Rikku wanted to do was make nice?

From what I've known from hanging out with Wakka, he was a total drama-setter.
And from the looks of it, none of my fellow gaurdians--including me--wanted to have to deal with his childish tantrums.
So why bother?

After Auron's insisting, Tromell went off to the temple without Yuna, as we told him we'd meet him there. We needed her White Magic and Aeons anyway in case something went wrong.
Well...something did go wrong. But not in the perspective I would have thought. But we'll get to that in a second.

"Rikku," Auron called to her, nudging an upside down Al Bhed machina jet bike over with the toe of his leather boot. "Will this thing work?"

"Sure!" Rikku piped up enthusiastically, completely forgetting her anger towards Wakka.

Rikku toyed with the machina for about half a minute, then did the same with the other two.
I walked over to one of the bikes, claiming it as my own. Three females, three males.
One male was assigned to drive a bike with one female at his back.

When Rikku saw me, she remarked jokingly,

"Sure you can drive that?"

"Better than Kimahri!" I rolled my eyes as Kimahri had already sped off on his bike with Lulu behind him(because Rikku's arms weren't long enough to stretch around him).

Yuna, who had been quiet the entire time, fiddling with the dangling tassles on her obi sash(she appeared to be contemplating something), paced towards me casually, silently claiming me as her driver. Rikku shrugged and sat behind Auron who was already straddling the seat. Auron revved up the bike and they raced off to catch up with Kimahri and Lulu.

"Ready?" I asked her with a smile when she was behind me, her arms wrapped securely around my waist.

"Yes," Yuna nodded returning the smile. I twisted the handle on the jet bike, and we skated foward smoothly on the slippery ice.

We were already way behind Auron, Rikku, Lulu and Kimahri. But I didn't care. I wanted to keep this ride going for as long as possible. It felt nice having Yuna so close to me.

...Almost too close. It was when we were in the middle of a conversation about arranging a time to go to the Moonflow at night to see the water lilies that things started to get strange...and unbelievably hot.

My mind started to wander, because when we went over a bump in the ice, Yuna was pushed closer to me, and instead of concentrating on the road and what Yuna was saying, I found myself focusing on the feel of her large breasts pressed against my back.

"Tidus?" She tapped my side with her the tip of her manicured nail. "...You're not even listening to what I'm saying are you?"

"Oh, yeah, um, what were you saying about the Luca?" I stuttered, trying to remember.

"I was talking about the Moonflow," Yuna persisted, and I could almost feel her amused smirk burning into my back. "But you're obviously much more interestedin my breasts, right?"

That surprised me. When did Yuna get so blunt? And how did she know?

"Woah, what do you mean-" That's when I heard the ruffling of fabric, instantly recognizing the tiny clink of her jewlery as her hands moved. I didn't even have to turn around to know that she had lowered her kimono top and was now pressing her breasts, braless(for she had lowered that along with her top) into my back.
Her hardened nipples, erect from the cold, dug through the fabric of my cropped shirt.
I froze.

Talk about sexual tension.

"Do you like that?" Yuna whispered in my ear, then blew into it softly.

I couldn't tell if I was more shocked or aroused by her out-of-character sexiness.
When her breasts pushed even further into my back, then I decided I was the latter.

I only dignified her question with a moan from deep in the back of my throat, my hands slipping from the handlebars of the jet bike and falling to my sides, causing the bike to hault right under a bridge of ice.
...Now I finally figured out what she was thinking about before we got on the bike. And it was anything but innocent.

Strands of Yuna's silk-like hair blew into my face from the biting wind as she ran her tongue around my ear, then ever so softly bit the lobe.
Her hands found their way to the suspenders securing my yellow shirt to my shoulders, where she unclasped them before she pulled off my shirt swiftly. ...And I let her.
She licked a path from my neck down my back in small laps until she reached the waistband of my shorts.

I didn't have any idea why she was doing this, but I wasn't complaining.
Yuna never seemed like this before. I always found her attractive, but I never knew she was this...good.

Raising her head back up to suck on the skin of my neck, she glided her fingers to the button of my shorts.
After she unbuttoned them and ran the zipper down all the way, she reached down and stroked her hand along inside until she found a very visible bulge poking up in the air tent-like.
She pushed my shorts and boxers both down until they were bunched around my knees, leaving me almost completely exposed to the freezing cold air around us.

Carefully, so she wouldn't fall, I leaned back into her, relishing in the feel of her naked upper half rubbing against my back. It only turned me on all the more.
Yuna hiked her skirt up until it was high enough around her hips for her to wrap her booted legs around my waist. Slowly, I tipped my head back, until I was staring into her two-colored eyes.
She flashed me a sexy half-smile before she leaned down and kissed me on the lips, our tongues rubbing together in a dance of pure passion(okay, and maybe partly lust).

She blushed a rosy pink, half from the cold, half from arousal, and halfbecause she was touching me so intamately(wait, that's three halves...)then slowly slid her hand down my chest, to my torso, and between my legs.
Her tongue slid back and forth around in my mouth and mine darted out to play with hers again. Again, I found myself wondering how she got so good at this. I've never felt better than this in my entire life.

Without warning, her hand grabbed onto my erection and slowly, she started to pump her hand, the other one sliding down to cup my balls, and her teeth sunk into my bottom lip.


With each movement of her hand, she grinded her breasts into my back further.
She let out quiet little moans into my mouth, her hand beginning to move faster.

Seriously, howdid she get this good? This is like, the sex you pay for in Zanarkand! Not the kind you get for free from a Besaidian summoner.

Yuna was my one key to relaxation. Whenever I felt down, like after I found out about my father, she was there to cheer me up with just her smile.
I've always had feelings for her, but this is a side of her that I've never seen before. ...One that I could get used to.

Right now, I wanted nothing more than to touch the soft creamy white mounds that were causing a great heated friction by rubbing themselves into my back.
I removed my glove from my right hand and ran it up her her thigh, which was digging into my right side as our bodies pressed against each other.
But my arm could only bend back so far, so I could only reach halfway up her thigh, then went back down again.

She withdrew her tongue from my mouth briefly to kiss and nibble on my neck and shoulder, before she traced a path back up to my mouth, her lips swollen from the rough kisses she was planting upon me.

Unable to hold back any longer, I released, painting Yuna's hand in white sticky fluid.
Smiling triumphantly, Yuna raised her hand, letting drops of it drip onto my chest and slide down my torso, then raised her hand to her mouth to suck on it until every bit of it dissapeared.

She turned me around so I was facing her, then she crawled onto my lap, kissing me again, and it felt much better when we were facing each other. She ground her crotch against me until I could feel her soaking wetness seeping through her panties.

Finally, I was able to raise my hands to carress her breasts, groping them within my hands and massaging them with tenderness.
She moaned loudly into my mouth,gasping as my hands glided up her hitched up skirt to touch her most private spot.

I sucked on one of her breasts as her fingers tangled within my hair.
Finally, she uttered breathlessly,


I looked up at her then, her eyelids were closed and she was panting heavily her lips slightly parted.
Wrapping my arms around her waist, I kissed her tenderly along her neck, shoulders and collarbones until she relaxed. Then I kissed her on the lips, passionately.

"That felt nice," I said after we broke apart. "I needed that."

"Me, too," she bit her lip and let her head roll forward onto my shoulder, exhausted.

It was then I realized that Yuna had a lot more stress built up on her than I did.
I mean, I was her just her gaurdian. She was the actual one in charge of getting to Zanarkandunharmed and then fighing Sin, while assuring citizens that everything was going to be fine. She knew she was doing a good thing, though, and then after that, she could relax all she wanted to. She had a future all her own...and hopefully I was involved in it.

I would have liked to stay out there in the freezing cold just like that, as long as I was with her.
But we did have to catch up. All of them--including Wakka--were probably waiting at the temple for us, because we had spent a good extra twenty five minutes out here.

"We need to go, Yuna," I whispered against her ear, then we shared one last passionate kiss, letting our tongues linger together.

"Okay," She agreed, and I found my yellow shirt on the back of the jet bike, reached behind Yuna and grabbed it yanking it over my shoulders and tucking the left sleeve into my metallic armgaurd. I pulled my boxers and shorts up, redid the buttons and zippers, clipped my suspenders back over my shoulders, ran my fingers through my hair and then I was presentable.

Yuna was just snapping her bra strap into position and retying her obi when I revved up the bike and we sped off to the temple, Yuna still clutching tightly onto my waist and pressing herself into my back, but other than that, no funny business.

Once we neared the temple, we found Auron, Rikku, Kimahri, Lulu and Wakka all standing around near the door, staring at us.
Yuna hopped off first and immediately, her skirt fell down, which she had forgot to fix from when she pushed it up to her hips.
Rikku and Lulu noticed that.

"Uh...hey guys. Sorry we're late," I tried to say casually. But luckily, Yuna was the better liar.

"We got held up by a fiend.Tidus got really hurt," Yuna stood next to me. "So we had to stay behind so I could...heal him."

I almost let out a chuckle. Her fingers discreetly crawled up the back of my shirt and ran over my muscles, tickling them with her touch.

"Sex," Rikku sneezed. And no one caught that except me and Yuna. Yuna gave Rikku a look that could make even Lord Mika flinch.

"Hush," Yuna sneezed back.

"Come on, let's get inside, you two sound like you're catching a cold," Lulu ushered Rikku and everyone else inside, but Yuna stayed behind with me for a brief moment.

"Our little secret?" She winked. I approached her.

"Safe with me," I smiled.

She stood on tip-toe and whispered into my ear. "Meet me in my room later tonight," And she added a sexkitten purr for effect. "For some...overtime." She licked my earlobe suggestively.

Then she kissed me fervently on the mouth, nipping my upper lip before walking to catch up with everyone else.
I grinned, then followed after the rest of them.

Overtime...how could I say no?

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